fishintechnician Shimano Curado - story and suggestion fishintechnician Shimano Curado - story and suggestion
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    fishintechnician Shimano Curado - story and suggestion
from Harumph #11038 #11038  
5/17/2012 8:19:09 AM


 First the story:

Over 10 yrs ago I purchased a bunch of Chronarh 100s. Great reels and most of them are still in use today. Good investment for the money.

Over the years I have dabbled in lower cost reels for quantity sake.

I purchased a couple Curados with the free Wiley-X sunglasses promotion. Great glasses. Reels not so much.

The Curando is certainly not a Chronarch. Adjustment is a pain. I could sync my Chronarch in seconds after a bait change. The Curados just wouldn't
work well with some baits and techniques.

Both of the Curados did last more than a season before performance really dropped off.

I bought a couple Abu Garcia Revos to take their place and the Curados went into the backup bin.

I have the say the Revos are nice but still don't stand up to the Chronarchs.

Then one of my good friends gave me a suggestion for my Curados.

Boca Bearings ABEC 7

These are replacement bearings for the spool and tension knob under the handle.

Priced at 18.95 ea I decided to take a shot and try them out.

Replaced the bearing in both of my Curados which are now several years old and as I noted have been sitting in the backup bin.

Both reels now work better than new. Lure change and adjustment is a breeze and both reels are now back in the starting lineup.

I think if I were to purchase new Curados I would order the ABEC-7 bearings and replace them before first use.

Now I am considering buy a couple Cores to swap out the Revos but the above seriously has me considering just going with a couple more
new Curados with the Boca Bearing replacments.


Purchase a set of replacement Boca Bearings and give them a try in your Curado.

Hope this helps.

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   Chonarch? from fishintechnician #13154 #13154  5/17/2012 5:47:06 PM
Have you purchased a chonarch in the past few years? Is the quality still good. I'm not the type to tinker with my reel. I want to buy a good quality reel take it out the box and fish with it. Only the curado's from this year seem to be bad. I also bought a revo to replace the curado I just took back. I'm going to try it out tomorrow.

   I haven't purchased a Chronarch in a few years. from Harumph #11038 #11038  5/18/2012 7:16:12 AM
Every one of them I have ever purchased has lived up to its purchase price and then some.

I still think you should give those Boca Bearings a shot on your Curados. At lest one of them.

I think you will be impressed with how well they turn out.

   Exactly from Bender, MS Gulf Coast  5/20/2012 12:35:45 PM
Everyone I fish with when they see me casting a Curado well past their Premiers and high dollar Diawas cannot understand why. I tune these reels, keep them in top notch shape and they have Boca Orange Seal ABEC7's. Big Difference in casting ease and distance plus the ability to cast lighter baits with more control.

   Replacing bearings from Joe J #10528 #10528  5/20/2012 10:38:55 PM
How do you do this and where do you get them?

   Joe J from Harumph #11038 #11038  5/21/2012 7:08:40 AM
I am sure there are a ton of sources for Boca Bearings out there. If you hit their web page you can drill down to exactly the type of reel you have if its listed.

Replacing the bearings is pretty simple on most models. The Curado replacement kit come with two bearings. One goes on the outside of spool opposite the handle.

The other replaces the bearing under that tension cap you use to tune the reel.

Here is a good youtube video of the replacement process.

s helps.

   Chronarchs and Curados from Big Al #10768 #10768  5/21/2012 7:45:46 AM
I purchased a couple of Chronarch 50 E's and a 200 E and I returned them. They are not like the previous Chronarchs at all. One problem I saw was the spring under the cast control cap. It was very tight in there and when you try to get it out, it stretches out of shape. I found I had to tighten the cast control cap all the way down to adjust the tension. I do have a Curado E5 and although similar to the Chronarch, I do not have to tighten the cc knob down all the way. The Core does not have that spring. It is definitely like the previous Chronachs but without the weight. I would recommend the Core if you want to replace the Chronarchs.

   Sorry, but I gotta call BS on the video from Funky  5/23/2012 3:40:01 PM
If you have the spool floating loose and all the brakes off, you'd better have the world's most educated thumb, or you are going have world class backlashes. Who cares if the spool spins for a minute... it can't hold that much line anyway.

Here is the proper way to set up your reel to start.

   Agreed Funky.... The intention of the video was from Harumph #11038 #11038  5/29/2012 6:56:25 AM
to show how to change the bearings.

I would certainly not run a reel wide open like that:)

Well I guess you could for one cast:)



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