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from Rip #10422 #10422  
6/2/2012 7:05:25 PM


 After having it for a while, how you liking the Komodo?

I haven't been able to fish for six weeks. Down in my back, wrecked my truck and my wife caught the kitchen on fire, so redoing it. Hopefully soon will wet a hook. Hope you're having better luck.


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   Rip, I don't know what you have but from PPEN  6/3/2012 9:45:20 AM
 I sure hope it isn't contagious.

I put some 14 lb. mono on the reel and it now behaves just fine. On a long cast with the larger diameter line the spool nearly empties which increases the RPM causing the centrifugal cast control system to really come into play. I have not had a backlash since I put on the heavier line. I do like the reel but still not sure if I like the so-easily-removed side plate. I keep seeing the side plate going into the lake. With your recent spell of bad luck I would sure recommend great caution if you get a chance to use your reel. Then again, maybe your side plate might float? LOL Do be careful.

We are finally getting some rain here. In May and thus far in June we have received about 4 1/2". I do believe they are just letting it flow down stream because we are not seeing any rise in the lake water level so far.

I am seeing a few gar but no bass in the shallow water around our dock. Casting from the dock right now does little more than keep us in practice.

Again, RIP, thanks for your help in getting me into the Komoda user category. I just needed a push!


   compare from usmcfish #13780 #13780  6/3/2012 12:11:16 PM
 I am REALLY interested in the new Komodo and Helios, how would you say they compare to the Revo Elite and Curado E's?

   I'll try. from PPEN  6/3/2012 1:19:23 PM
 My Komodo has had very little use so far. Probably less than three hours of casting time. I have three Revo Premiers and I think they compare very favorably with the Komodo. My gut feel is that the additional bearings, 12 vs 6 I believe, might keep the Komodo smooth longer than the Revo's. Cast control on both is very good. Both do a very good job on casting distance.

The Komodo is very well made. In my mind it is the equal of the Curado's in that regard. We know the Curado's hold up well. I much prefer the lower weight of the Komodo. My wrists are pretty well worn out so the weight is a big factor with me. I have bought two Curado's over the past two years and returned both. They were simply too darned heavy. Wish I could give you better answers.


   weight from usmcfish #13780 #13780  6/3/2012 1:52:39 PM

The weight is one of the biggest draws for me and I know that Okuma makes a great product. and honestly I am simply looking for something different than my Shimano's.

   usmc and ppen from Rip #10422 #10422  6/3/2012 2:33:56 PM
 ppen, I have 4 Okuma Cayennes, 3 Okuma serranos, 1 Okuma Helios and 2 Okuma Komodo. They all have that removable side plate. I have used the Cayennes and Serranos for two years, and have never had a side plate even move, much less come off. I like it being completely removable.

P, you mention gar around your dock. Wanna have some fun? Take a short piece of red nylon or poly rope and fray couple inches of one end. Tie the other end to your line and add a split shot for weight. Cast this out in front of the gar and enjoy the fight!!! Don't need a hook, the frayed rope will catch in his teeth.

usmc, I have 4 Shimano Core 50's, which are my favorites because of the weight, 5.5 ozs. They're nearly an ounce lighter than the Komodo, and that is only advantage I see over the Komodo. The Komodo cast as well and is as smooth on retreive as the Core 50, and is less than half price of the Core 50.

The smoothest, best casting reel I have or have ever had is my Calais 100A, om which I put a Curado 299 handle on, the one with big paddle handles. It is just too heavy and I suppose it has to be heavy to get that smoothness.

Whatever you use, there are a bunch if great reels out there.

Good fishin - Rip

   well that does it from usmcfish #13780 #13780  6/5/2012 2:18:10 PM
 I am going to try and get my hands on these before I pull the trigger but if it goes well there is about to be a BUNCH of Curado's/Citica's and a few Chronarch and a couple Premiers for sale!

   Usmc, from PPEN  6/5/2012 6:26:25 PM
 send me an email at vppp at tampabay dot rr dot com


   email from usmcfish #13780 #13780  6/6/2012 7:13:31 AM

I tried email but it got kicked back. You can shoot me one at thomasdotkaufmannatusmcdotmil



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