Braided line for spinning reels. Braided line for spinning reels.
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    Braided line for spinning reels.
from Little Angus1  
6/12/2012 3:38:56 PM


 I have not used spinning reels in a long time. In the past I used 12 lb. mono and it worked OK.

Now I have cleaned up a couple of my old Penn 450SS reels, and want to use them for wade fishing on the Texas coast, mostly for trout, Spanish mackerel and medium size redfish.

Does braided line work well on these spinning reels, and if so what brand / pound test is best ? If not, should I just stay with mono ?

Little Angus

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   Braid from Jeff Hahn  6/12/2012 4:33:05 PM
 I have used braid (Spiderwire) on several spinning outfits. The only problem I had was that since it has no stretch, over time, it tended to warp the soft aluminum gears. I back-reel, so I fish my spinning reels with the anti-reverse turned off and the drag tight. So, I had to replace my gear sets every few years. But, my understanding is that Penn reels have brass gears. That should eliminate the problem of warping. I'd say to spool up some braid and see how you like it. It lays flat and casts great. If you are in really clear water, you would be wise to add a fluorocarbon leader. I'd use 20 or 30 pound braid.

Jeff Hahn

   Fine on the old SS Reels from Bender, MS Gulf Coast  6/12/2012 4:58:08 PM
 Make sure when wade fishing you get those reel serviced. If you get salt past the spool the main bearing will fuse to the frame and freeze up. Common problem with that reel and when it happens the reel is toast.

Also the line roller must be kept oiled or it too will freeze up.

As far as braid, no problem but 20# test is really all you need in Power Pro. I keep extra spools on all my Shimano spinners spooled with it. Works great.

   agree with braid but from MikeF  6/13/2012 9:12:45 AM
 I would go up to 30# braid; it will lay on the spool better with less chance of digging in.

   Try Berkley Nano from Fisherboy #10852 #10852  6/13/2012 10:09:18 AM
I use flouro on all my spinning reels except for one filled with Nano for fishing heavier cover. I've been very pleased with it. The white color bugs me, but the fish don't seem to mind.

   +1 from 5keepers  6/14/2012 7:26:05 AM
 for Nanofil and fluro leader.



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