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    Okuma reels / bearings
from PPEN  
7/2/2012 6:00:42 PM


 Below is an email I received from Okuma RE replacing the anti-reverse bearings.

QUESTION... What is the OWC bearing?

Hi Paul,

Yes, the OWC bearings are replaceable. We have some in stock, and you
may contact Cust. Service to send you some out if you need them..

Let me know..


Brandon Cotton
Okuma Fishing Tackle O Pakula Lures Savage Gear Lures
Marketing and Promotions Manager
2310 E. Locust Court
Ontario, CA 91761

-----Original Message-----
From: Paul [mailto:vppp@tampabay.rr.com]
Sent: Monday, July 02, 2012 11:59 AM
To: Brandon Cotton
Subject: Komodo and Helios reels


I have a Komodo which is about 2 or 3 months old. I am also asking the same question RE the Helios reels.

Is the anti-reverse bearing pressed on so as to make it non-replaceable or is the anti-reverse bearing replaceable simply by removing the stack beneath the handle?


Paul Penick

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   You had to email them for that Paul? from Bender, MS Gulf Coast  7/2/2012 6:34:56 PM
I coulda told you that. LOL! Fine reels and excellent customer service.

   Yup, Bender, from PPEN  7/2/2012 8:29:54 PM
I just keep getting dumber each year.

   Oh and Paul from Bender, MS Gulf Coast  7/3/2012 7:21:36 AM
OWC is One way Clutch bearing.

   Thanks, Tony. from PPEN  7/3/2012 11:23:48 AM
You always seem to have good answers. I appreciate.


   Bearings from Rip #10422 #10422  7/3/2012 9:33:13 PM
Paul, are you having bearing problems with the Komodo? Sure hope not, as I may get to use one before too long.


   Rip, no problems with the bearings. from PPEN  7/4/2012 9:27:09 AM
I thought I had read that the Komodo had the pressed=on ARB and wanted to make certain I did not have a reel with that design.

That said, I am far less enamored of the Komodo reel than I had been. Nothing bad about the Komoda but it just seems that my Revo Premiers are more controllable than the Komodo and so fewer backlash problems. Also it seems that the Revo Premiers consistently cast further than the Komodo. I have used at least 5 different mono lines on the Komodo so the problems don't seem to be line related.

   New Revos from Rip #10422 #10422  7/5/2012 11:03:51 PM
P, save up your money, revo is coming out with all new models in the fall. The new Premier only weighs 5.87 ozs, the STX weighs 6.38 and they are making one with 8 - 1 gears. That ought to keep a buzzbait on top.

   Rip, I am in the downsizing mode! from PPEN  7/6/2012 9:21:56 AM
I have a ton of gear and only a few pounds of energy to use the gear. As much as I like the "new car" feeling associated with new rods and reels I am going to resist buying any more stuff. Well, that is if Shimano doesn't come up with a big sale on their Stradic CI4 spinning reel. Mine has easily survived my customary new gear burn-out and I still like it as much as ever. Smooth as can be.


   Downsizing from Rip #10422 #10422  7/12/2012 3:51:53 AM
Paul, my back has got me downsized. They found a bone spur big as a toenail on my 100 # lab, which is attached to vetrabrae and coming up and compressing my sciatic nerve, causing great pain. Got surgery set for Aug 23, but don't know if I can take this pain that long. Think about me while you're catching them lunkers. I'll be back !!


   Rip, from PPEN  7/12/2012 8:44:45 AM
Good luck with the back surgery. I had spinal fusion surgery in 2004 and 2005 leaving me with less back pain but unable to walk more than a couple hundred feet w/o stopping. Your pain must be really bad from the sounds of it. Sure hope surgery works for you.

   New Revo STX from Rip #10422 #10422  7/17/2012 1:26:11 AM
PPEN, I'm getting the new 8-1 geared STX as soon as the discount places have them. I'm really interested in those 8-1 gears. I can just see a great fall fishing, back fixed, 8-1 gears to throw the Timber Tiger DC2 in the grass, and strained arms from catching bass.. Meanwhile, keep the bass behavin till I can get back to them.

   Rip, you sound as if life is going well for you from PPEN  7/17/2012 8:57:47 AM
right now. Could it be that just waiting for the new Revo cures back pain?

I never mentioned it before but my Revo Premiers seem to suffer from early onset boat rash. I try to be extra careful with my reels and all but the Revos's seem to look great for a very long time. Have you experienced this?

   Booat Rash from Rip #10422 #10422  7/20/2012 4:56:24 AM
PPEN, want something to seem like forever? Wait month and half for much needed back surgery!!

I had a couple Premieres when they first came out, but sold them fefore I could tell how they wud hold up to rash. Will see on the new STX when it comes out. The worst reels I ever had for boat rash were Daiwas.



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