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    Penn 4400SS
from Heff (  
2/2/2001 3:40:00 PM


 Thinking about the buying the reel. Any pros and cons? Will be fishing off a boat in the LI Sound.(Blues,Stripers and Fluke)

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   Might want to step up from Al's  2/2/2001 4:14:00 PM
 The Penn SS reels are tough & can handle the abuse that saltwater can dish out, they have a good drag system & can handle big fish. Easy to maintain & won't break the bank. They do not have an infinate anti-reverse which I think is their major disadvantage, also some have problems with the anti-reverse dog going out. The 4400 model may be a bit small for what you want it for, I'd suggest stepping up to a 4500 if you go with a Penn SS.


   Penn Spinning reels. from SteveP  2/2/2001 4:16:00 PM
 Good reel. If you move up to the 6500 or higher, it has an aluminum frame, vs. the graphite frame of the 5500 and lower. Good, sturdy reel. Easy to use, durable. I have the SS5500 on a St. Croix InShore series 8' HF rod. Great combo for the type of fishing you're talking about. They also have a 4500 series, which has a bit more capacity (250 yds/10lb 4.61:1 ratio vs. 200 yds/10lb 5.1:1 ratio for the 4400)

   Spinning reels from John (  2/2/2001 4:38:00 PM
 While I do own and like the Penns, I've moved on to different reels in the past few years. I really like the Daiwa Tour SS reels and the SSII reels. In the lower price range check out the Shimano Sahara and Symetre. They don't have they durability of the Penn's, but they're much nicer to fish with. Instant reverse, light wieght, and much better casting.

   I have one... from sandman  2/2/2001 8:01:00 PM
 and it works just fine. It may not be the smoothest reel in the world and I don't think it's as good as the 440SS that I had to replace (stolen). Put some Fireline on it and it'll work fine for your application. I use mine in the surf and there have been many days that it was submerged half of the time and just keeps on going. Instant anti-reverse would be the only improvement that I could suggest to Penn.

   Daiwa Reels from Angler's Paradise & Marine  2/2/2001 8:02:00 PM
  I have used Penn for years and had a bunch of bad luck with the new improved versions. Daiwa's drags are far better and won't seize up. I have 2 Emblem S in 4000 size for $72.00 and 3 EmbX 3500, and 2 EMB X 3000 for $114.99 which I think will give you more pleasure than the Penns. The new SS ll is a great reel with a drag 3 times larger than other for the size.

Angler's Paradise & Marine

   Diawa from Pete (  2/3/2001 5:33:00 PM
 Diawa is producing some really nice spinning reels and they have something in every price range. Penn's are great surf reels that take a beating but the Diawa's are a pleasure to fish with

   My .02 worth from SpinDawg (  2/4/2001 2:30:00 PM
 The Penn's are definitely built to last. If you go with Penn, consider the 6500 if it's not too big and heavy for your particular needs. I believe that the alloy frame makes a big difference as opposed to the lower series. I have to agree with the above posts on going with Diawa. They may not last as long as the Penn's, (who knows, maybey they will?) but they are a pleasure to use and I have personally not had any trouble with mine. The Emblem S series are a great reel at a decent price. Very smooth and light. Good luck!



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