Hey Any of you Abu Garcia people Hey Any of you Abu Garcia people
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    Hey Any of you Abu Garcia people
from Chris Mintmier (  
2/24/2001 8:58:00 PM


 I recently made the "BIG" switch to baitcasters and after buying a cheaper quantum and getting fairly good at it my father bought me a reel for my birthday. He didnt realy pay much attention when he bought it becuase he has been and always will be (I think) a "spinning reel man", and more or less took the sporting goods persons advice at the Bass Pro Shop in Charlotte, NC. The reel is absolutely great and I was wanting to buy another but I got a problem. On the box and reel its says its a Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Royal Express II LH, but it has no kind of number or anything. I checked out the web site and magazines and couldnt find one on there like this one and Im kind of stumped. Shouldnt there be some kind of series number for this reel such as 5600, 5500, ect.? If any of you could help Id appreciate it. If the specs for the reel would help just ask and Ill post them.

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   Abu Reels from Ken Dog  2/24/2001 9:12:00 PM
 The Abu reel that you are now the proud owner of is a Bass Pro Shops Exclusive. In other words, the only store you will ever be able to buy it at is BPS. But, if you are using the REXP-II, then you are using a reel identical in size to the 5500 or 5600 series that Abu makes. The only difference between the REXP and the, say, C4 is that the Royal Express like I said is BPS exclusive and it is made for mass retail. I have owned two of them myself and they are great. Fishard.

Ken Dog

P>S> by the way you will not find info on the Royal Express in any of the literature that Abu puts out directly.

   Thanks Ken from Chris Mintmier (  2/24/2001 9:34:00 PM
 That makes sense to me. I dont think there is a single question about fishing that cant be answered by someone this site. The people here are great.

   Best Baitcasting Reel? from Chris Mintmier (  2/24/2001 9:39:00 PM
 I was just wondering what was the best baitcasting reel youve used, say under 100 bucks.

   reel from J. m. (  2/24/2001 10:29:00 PM
  For under 100 you've got about as good as there is or the C4 you have a great reel that last a long time Jerry

   Abu Garcias for under $100 from Eddie (  2/25/2001 8:04:00 PM
 Chris, I have Abu's on all my set-ups and enjoy every one. If you are looking for one under $100 ask BPS for the recent pamplet that they sent out. It has great deals for the C4 and the Anti-Backlash reels (Buy one get one free). Also, check out the C3 models. I have had two for about two years and they work great. They run a combo special in the Master Catalog with the C3 reel and are under $100. I like the 5.3:1 ratio and these reels have that ratio. Also, the Ambassadeur company always handles parts and schematics for all their reels and their service is great.

   Is it really a deal? abu garcia anti-backlash from Dissapointedinnc (  3/17/2001 8:15:00 PM
 Subject: deal is not as great as it seems Submitted by dissapointedinNC ( on 3/17/2001

I recently fell for the buy one get one free ab reel offer. i purchased a 4600 ab in the first week of january and sent in the offer. the offer said up to 6-8 weeks for delivery. you must send 9.95 handling. i called back to the non-toll free number twice and e-mailed the internet address and was told they are out of stock and did not know when any would be available. i went to the basspro shop last weekend in charlotte/ concorde for the spring classic. the manufacturer rep was telling people that it would be on their door 3 weeks after they sent the offer in. right! this morning i went out to use the original reel i bought and noticed the ab device stayed on. i then realized that the ab bar had broken apart. so far i am very unimpressed with this great deal. after reading the warranty procedures about paying for shipping/handling and recommended insurance plus the additional $9.95 back to abu garcia for repair, i am not seeing much of a great deal. in closing i will say that when used as a standard reel it casts and retrieves fairly well. i also recommend you purchase your ab reel from walmart because the price dropped from 99.95 in january to 79.95 in february and they also have a good return policy if you are not satisfied. good luck

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