Best all-around bass casting rod, upper end Best all-around bass casting rod, upper end
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    Best all-around bass casting rod, upper end
from Fifty (  
3/26/2001 5:44:00 PM


 Looking for a top quality casting rod for bass fishing Oklahoma and Texas. Something that's all-around.

The G. Loomis MBR 783C IMX seems like it would fit the bill. I've read great things here about St. Croix (Avid, Legend Elite).

However, the specs on the St. Croix make it seem that I'd need to get two rods (med, and med heavy) in that brand, while with the MBR 783 I could do well with just that model for a lot of different kinds of bass fishing.

Any comments?


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   Best all around casting rod...... from Andy (  3/26/2001 5:50:00 PM
My vote goes to the MBR783C IMX as well. Great rod, great service period! At least thats been my expirience with them. You'll get alot of good things about St. Croix on this page. Greta rods, I just stick with the ole' luckies. Bot make great rods, don't think there is really that much of a performance difference in either, just really a personal difference. Get what feels best to you mainly

Good Luck and Good Fishin Andy

   Fifty, you wouldn't need two St. Croix rods from Rich Forhan Custom Rods  3/26/2001 6:04:00 PM
The IMX MBR783C is rated for 10-17 lb line and 1/4 to 3/4 oz lures. The St. Croix EC66MF and AC66MF are rated for the same numbers. The factory rods are excellent. You might consider a custom on these same blanks at about the same price.

If you fish braid a lot, consider the Graphite-USA DHX 783. It's in the same league as the IMX only tougher.

   I have a MBR 783 GL3 I use for spinnerbaits. Awesome rod!!! from CAPTAIN HOWDY  3/26/2001 6:20:00 PM

   Falcon Lowrider Rods from Big-Bass (  3/26/2001 6:25:00 PM
I use a 5 power 6'6" Falcon it...great rod Can cast anything with it and it has amazing sensitivity.

   Best Rod from Rodman (  3/26/2001 6:31:00 PM
The absolute best rod for your money would be a Falcon Lowrider model LFC-5-166. This rod would cost you around $90.00, and quality wise is top of the line. This is a 6'6" medium heavy rod perfect for spinnerbaits worms jigs and buzzbaits. Plus it is manufactured in the USA.

   Stick with avid or IMX "Falcon lowrider not even CLOSE !!!!! from Dan (  3/26/2001 7:56:00 PM
I have a (1)lowrider 4-166 & (5) AVIDS, i can tell you 100% that the lowrider don't even come close to the Quality & sensitivity of the AVIDS after using the avid for 1 hour of fishing & then pick up the lowrider the lowrider feels like a BROOM HANDLE !!

   Loomis 783C IMX great blank, fair finish? from Fifty (  3/26/2001 8:00:00 PM
Thanks for the responses. They are very helpful. Am looking forward to more.

   St. Croix Legend Elite from Brady's Rod Shop  3/26/2001 8:22:00 PM
The St. Croix Legend Elite is a great rod. I also like the G-Loomis IMX. One thing to consider is the strain rate on the Legend Elite is much higher than the IMX which means it can take more punishment. Whether you go MB783-IMX or EC66MF I do not think you can go wrong. I have to agree with Dan, Falcon is a good rod but is not in the catagory with these 2. It also is 1/2 to 1/3 the price. Good luck

Brady's Rod Shop

Builder of the BFHP Signature series rod.

   Best All around from babill  3/26/2001 8:33:00 PM
Try the Falcon Cara CC-5-166MH for all around use. This new series of Falcon rods are light, sensitive, and strong. The 5-166MH is a proven action designed to be versatile. It's the most popular rod in the line up as you can see from the earlier responses you've had and now is available in the CARA series. Contact Falcon Customer Service for more info or send me an e-mail.

   Rods from jose (  3/26/2001 8:35:00 PM
I use 7-0MXF from Warrior Rods. I prefer the Elite Series. They have also have the Pro Series and Tournament Series. The only differences are the IM8, IM7, IM6. The Elites are the highest then the Pro. The Elites run about 280 and the Pros 200 and the Tourn. 160. The 7-0MXf is a great overal rod. I use it for more then 50% of my fishin as it has such a good action for applications. If you want a heavier model try the 7-0MHXF. God bless.


   St. Croix Legend..... from Richard's Rod and Reel Service  3/26/2001 8:41:00 PM
Nothing better in my opinion than the SCV graphite blanks from St. Croix. If you can handle the longer rod consider the newer blank available 7' med. (5S70MF) rated for 1/4 to 3/4 oz. lures and 10 to 17 lb. line. A good all around, and extremely sensitive top end rod.

Also for heavier conditions or larger baits, don't pass up the idea of choosing the SCV in med. heavy either 6'6" or 7'. Would make a super baitcasting rod for tougher fish or more extreme techniques.

Talk to us about a custom built version. The SCV series blank is our favorite blank to work with.

The Avid is nice, the Elite is very fine indeed.


Rich at

A Proud BFHP Sponsor

Richard's Rod and Reel Service

The Complete Store for the Angler featuring convenient and secure on-line shopping.

   You should consider FALCON from Phil (  3/26/2001 9:38:00 PM
Try the Cara series in a 5-166. Very versatile rod for doing just about anything you want to do and is very light and sensitive. Much lighter than the Lowriders, but utilizes the Lowrider guide system (guide placement and lie closer to the blank than other rods). In my opinion Falcon is the best rod on the market when you compare the prices. Good luck in your choice. Phil

   HG 40 CastAway from Rob-CastAway Pro Staff  3/27/2001 8:10:00 AM
You may want to consider this rod as well. I think you find it to be in the far upper range of the spectrum. Very light Shikari blanks, made in the USA with fantastic guides and handles. Matte green finish. I would put them in the same class as the IMX and the Avid series..Try the JWMH610 in the HG40 and you won't be disappointed.

   Best Rod from Bill D (  3/27/2001 8:11:00 AM
Have alot of rods, too many,and I must vote for the IMX783 as the best all around rod.I also like the Avids my 6'M PG gets used a bunch. Don't know about the newer highend Falcons but the standard & lowrider, while nice, are not in the same league

   Absolutely nothing but the IMX compares to SCV! from Danco  3/27/2001 8:56:00 AM
Not Falcon, Castaway or any of the others. I'm sorry guys but until you actually fish with a Legend Elite you'll never know what perfection is! The IMX is close but as Brady states the SCV is much more durable. If you've got the cash get one of these and you'll agree. IMHO the 7' Medium Fast SCV is the most versatile all around rod you could ever purchase. It'll toss spinnerbaits with the best of them, has the backbone to toss jigs up to 5/8 of an ounce and also makes a great wormin rod. And Senko's! Put a Chronarch SF on it and toss those weighless babies all day with little effort, heck the whole rod only weighs less than the blanks of the others. Try one you'll be hoooooked!

   Fully Agree from t.r. (  3/28/2001 8:39:00 AM
The St. Croix Legend Elite is truly an amazing rod. It is so light that I can fish all day, every day, and not get a bit worn out. The extreme light weight doesn't affect the power or durability of the rod at all.

They are a bit more stiffer than advertised, so a Medium power St. Croix can be used in situations where you would have to use a Med-Heavy of another rod.

After using so many different rods, I don't think I'll ever own anything other than a St. Croix.

   Weight of 783-IMX and EC66MF from Wildman285 (  3/28/2001 11:12:00 AM
What is the actual weight of EC66MF? The Loomis catalog says the MBR 783C weighs 4.23 oz


   Weight of EC66MF from Fifty (  3/28/2001 8:54:00 PM
Paul, these are the weights:

EX66MF 3.75 oz (St. Croix Legend Elite);AC66MF 4.10 oz (St. Croix Avid);

MBR783C: (G. Loomis)GLX 3.95 oz; IMX 4.23 oz; GLX 2pc 4.44 oz


   Fifty, 5C66MF (St. Croix Legend Elite) blank - 3.05 oz as a Revolver Rod from Rich Forhan Custom Rods  3/28/2001 11:23:00 PM
This is the best blank built to maximize its potential. A Revolver Rod has advantages in certain areas - one of them is overall weight compared to the factory versions.

   Thank you from Fifty (  3/29/2001 4:54:00 PM
Thanks for all the comments. Very helpful.




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