Who makes Bass Pro's reels? Who makes Bass Pro's reels?
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    Who makes Bass Pro's reels?
from UFM82  
12/10/2002 4:04:00 PM


 I have been wondering for a while who makes the reels for Bass Pro. They look an awful lot like a Pinnacle to me and I think Pinnnacle is made by South Bend. (?)

Just wondering why they always can offer a reel with high end features for a lot less than the brand names. 6 bearing reels with wiffle spools and aluminum frames for $30-$50 less than a comparable brand name model. Round models with 3 bearings and all the trimmings for $50 while the Abu's are $70 and up. What gives?

Before you say support, service, etc., keep in mind that I am not a tournament fisherman that uses a reel 200 days a year. I am a dedicated diehard fisherman that unfortunately gets out about 20 or 30 times a year and often for a variety of species. I am not looking for a reason to buy the BPS models but I am wondering who makes them.

Anybody know for certain? How about Cabela's reels while we're at it?


inquiring minds want to know

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   BPS reels from Biker  12/10/2002 7:24:00 PM
i was told that Pfluger makes BPS reels

   BPS reels from sandman  12/10/2002 7:29:00 PM
Pinnacle/Silstar make most of them. They also make reels that a lot of other folks put their name on. I read that they are the largest reel manufacturer in the world. Pinnacle/Silstar makes some of the Cabelas reels and some are made by ABU.

   I don't know the answer for 2002... from Piscatorian (  12/10/2002 11:26:00 PM
...but it tends to change year-to-year. In the past, it has been Pinnacle (Silstar), Shakespeare (or whoever owns the name now), Okuna (I think), and a few others probably.

This, combined with the fact that they change their designs almost every year, is why they can be very inconsistent from one year to the next. There are good years and bad years.

Bass pro contracts with the manufacturers to produce huge quantities offshore, and supposedly they use their own designs. With $.20 /hour labor and large quantity contracts with little manufacturer margin, they can keep the price down.

The best ones I have seen (and used) from them are the ones I know were from Pinnacle. Don't be too impressed by the number of bearings, it's mostly marketing (although it does help make up for sloppy tolerances). All in all, they are generally not bad reels if you are unwilling or unable to buy a Shimano!

   TiCA from Ed J (  12/11/2002 6:53:00 PM

TiCA makes some reels for Cabelas, or al least they appear to be. I have a TiCA Caiman 201 that has a twin brother in my 2002 tackle shop catalog with the Cabela’s name on it.

   Slave Children from Basswhippa (  12/11/2002 9:39:00 PM
If I had to guess, it would be small chinese slave children.

   Pinnacle from Jeremy Adams www.fishingline.net (  12/11/2002 11:47:00 PM
I know Pinnacle made the older Clunn and Johnny Morris reels.They are now offered by Pinnacle under Tetra HS.Same reels and look the same except for the top is flat where they were rounded on the BPS models.But you can see the Scion which is a fine reel is the exact same reel as the older clunns/Morris except they have a magnesium frame and sell for $199.But I have all old clunn reels and several of the new Pinnacle Tetras which as I said are the same but they also have a wiffle spool.Pinnacle also makes the 10bb baitcaster for Castaway.Pinnacle also makes it with their name on it aslo...lol.Ti Mag is Pinnacles reel but same reel as Castaway...I have one Castaway and it says Pinnacle along with Castaway on the reel.But the frame is the same as the Pinnacle Erica and the Pfluger Trion,Supreme and a few others including the BPS Extreme.I am thinking Pinnacle is Pfluger.

   Clunn/pinnacle Must Have Info! from Douglas M. Sauls (  12/15/2002 10:54:00 PM
Glanced over this article and about died! I love the older clunn style reels from BPS I want to get more and maybe now I can. Where do I get these Pinnacle tetras (?) reels and how much? Help!

   BPS reel mfgs from PbFoot (  12/31/2002 11:41:00 PM
BPS brand reels have been made for the past number of years by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in China and S. Korea for the most part.

Silver Star (parent company of Silstar USA) built some of their first round baitcast aluminum reels, some early low-profile reels, and the Mega Tournament spinning reels, but they had problems maintaining consistent quality levels. BPS moved their business to another OEM mfg who makes reels for many different companies. They have been making reels for them now for a long time and the reels are better now than they have ever been.

BPS low profile reels are made by different OEM mfgs- the higher end products (Extremes up to Johnny Morris Signature Series) are made in S. Korea by one of the best engineers in the business. This mfg also makes reels for Skakespeare which is why the new Pfluegers look similar to BPS reels- sharing tooling costs to reduce investment capital.

The lower end reels are made by OEM mfgs in China or sourced in S. Korea and built in China. Basically you get what you pay for there.

The old Clunn, Morris magnesium, and Extreme reels from 3-4 years ago were built by Ryobi, not Silstar. Ryobi sold off their fishing division a couple years ago and Silstar bought the tooling for those reels. BPS & Silstar were not playing nice at the time so BPS had to find another source for the high end reels. While the Tetras look the same I doubt they are built as good as when Ryobi made them. That's just an opinion, have not handled the Tetras.

Just to clear up some misconceptions: The Pflueger name is owned by Shakespeare, has been for many years. BPS pays a royalty to Shakespeare to use the Pflueger names to make "exclusive" models. Okuma has not made reels for BPS to my knowledge.



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