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    Marvel Mystery Oil
from Glenn  
1/12/2003 8:41:00 PM


 Is anyone using Marvel Mystery Oil on their reels? I tried it on a couple, and it seems to work well. I know that Rocket Fuel and the other "reel oils" are good, but this seems to work well, and is a lot cheaper.

Thoughts, anyone?


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   Marvel Mystery Oil from cappy  1/12/2003 8:56:00 PM
 Mystery Oil is an all purpose oil. It is good for everything from fixing squeeky hinges to freeing stuck engine lifters to fogging an outboard. It is a little heavier than the good reel oils, won;t hurt the bearings but not as good as RF or XR-1. Bill

   .mmo from sandman  1/12/2003 9:19:00 PM
 I used it for a long time before I found out about X1R and Rocket Fuel. It works well, has good cling and corrosion resistance. It does need to be flushed out if the reel sets up for too long and the synthetics do not. I bought two bottles real cheap on a closeout a couple of years ago and still have about a bottle and a quarter left. I use it on levelwinds, handle knobs, just about anywhere that I don't want to waste rocket fuel. It did react unfavorably with the soft rubber handle on one of my Fin-Nors though.

   I had used it from jb (  1/13/2003 9:55:00 AM
 I used it too at one point. It worked well for me for years. then i decided to try some rem oil in the bearings and found it works much better. one little 3 dollar bottle of rem oil has lasted me for 4 years and i carry 15 some reels in the boat so it works out to be pretty cheap.

   On a post a long time ago someone said... from ppen  1/13/2003 1:27:00 PM
 I have used MMO off and on for a long time and was never able to find a reason not to like it. It lasted pretty well and the price was certainly right at somewhere around $4 per quart. In a long-a-go BFHP board discussion of MMO someone said it would congeal in the presence of water. I watched for this and found that it did congeal when used on the level wind which is exposed to water. I still use it occasionally for the internals of the reel but did stop using it on the level wind.

I have never been able to find the XlR oil at Walmart. Would like to give it a try.

Paul // PPEN

   Maybe Everybody Already Knows This, But from Mike Corbett (  1/13/2003 4:13:00 PM
 here goes. There are at least two kinds of MMO. One is the kind you find mostly in the auto section of stores and is the one you add to your crankcase or gasoline, as I remember. Then there is MMO Air Tool Oil. If you want a lubricant, then this is the one I think you would want. You have to look around some to find it. Air tools go through some pretty he**ish conditions, so fI would think that air tool oil ought to hold up fine for most other stuff you want to use it for, like reels. I found out about the difference in these two products from my involvement with model airplane engines and using MMO Air tool oil as an after run oil. Actually, about any air tool oil should do as well, if that's what you want to use. I've still got a pint of Paslode air tool oil on the shelf I bought at HD several years ago for about three bucks. As for me, I use YRF and X1R products on my reels, and MMO air tool oil in the model engines. Mike

   Very good point Mike... from sandman  1/13/2003 4:48:00 PM
 I recall seeing cans of that stuff in the automotive dept. It's supposed to fix everything that's wrong with a noisy engine LOL. The stuff that I bought is in a little 4 oz. (??) plastic bottle with a red cap on the applicator tip.

   Right On! from Mike Corbett (  1/13/2003 11:14:00 PM
 Sounds like you've got the right one Sandman. Cheers! Mike



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