Izorline Platnium vs. PLine cxx a side by side comparison Izorline Platnium vs. PLine cxx a side by side comparison
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    Izorline Platnium vs. PLine cxx a side by side comparison
from JohnnyC  
3/20/2004 10:00:00 PM


 I had the chance to compair both of these lines side by side on identicle outfits today and here are my impressions; First of all both were 15lb. test and seem to be fairly close in diameter although I did not for the record measure them. Both were fished on Falcon CC6-1610 rods with Curado's that both have abec 7 bearings freshly installed and were lubed with Hot Sauce. It was cold in NJ today 42 deg. when I was out and I wanted this to be a good test for the handling peoperties of these lines. Both were spooled the night before and given a good dousing of Reel Magic. I had 5" Senko's rigged on both. First impressions were that this was a mistake! But I soon made some adjustments and was able to convince myself to go further. After about 10 mins., both lines relaxed considerably and were amazingly not that hard to control! I was always carefull the first couple of trips of the season included Excel on my reels due to its limpness and ease of handling. I have to tell you I felt things that I know I would not have with BOTH of these lines! In casting, I would have to give a slight edge to the PLine as it seemed to come off the spool in a tighter manner. However the moss green was really, really hard for me to see and it was very windy which didn't help. The Izorline seems to have a more solid color to it's green and was much easier to see by quite a bit. I also seemed to feel the bites better with the Izorline not that there were THAT MANY! All in all in a blind folded test these would probably be real hard to tell apart. My edge has to go to the Izorline if for nothing else the price is more on the lower side of premium lines out there and too boot I can actually see the darn stuff. One other thing I forgot to mention I drug both of these lines over as much junk as I could, rocks included and both showed absolutly no ill effects. The Izorline really impressed me with it's pricepoint and you can get it at Alabama Lakes. Thanks for listining! JohnnyC

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   Thanks Johnny... from Triton Mike (  3/21/2004 1:44:00 AM
 THanks for your comparison of the two lines. I haven't tried the Izorline yet but I have tried the P Line CXX in the same lb test you mentioned above. After a little useage P Line develops ALOT of memory very similiar to Trilene Big Game. Only difference I have found from my experiences between P Line CXX and Big Game is it seems like P Line has less stretch. Both have alot of memory. Excel by far has the best limpness in any line that I have tried. But Excel is the worst in longetivity. Excel is a great line the first week (maybe two weeks if your lucky) of heavy use after that it's breaking strength deterioates QUICKLY!! I can't even cinch a wet knot after two weeks with Excel in the 14lb test..

Now if they could make a line with the following

Limpness of Excel The strength and longetivity of Big Game Stretch of P Line I would buy major bulk spools of that line. oh and also Green in color

I am currently trying Triple fish camo line but have not yet formed an opinion on it yet. Only fished with it one day thus far so I can't comment on it 100% yet.

I am wanting to try some DNA Suffix also

T Mike

   Mike, one other thing! from JohnnyC  3/21/2004 9:52:00 AM
 I tied an overhand knot in both lines and tried to break it with my hands. Eventually I did get the PLine to break BUT believe me it wasn't easy and don't feel that it's a knock on it's strength at all. On the other hand, I COULD NOT break the Izorline with my hands at all! I had to tie it to my front door knob and wrap the other end around a clothes pin and pull my guts out to finally get it to break! I really think that I have found my new line! Oh and did I mention that it's CHEAP!!!!!

   triton mike have you tried mccoy from jeff (  3/21/2004 12:21:00 PM
 have you tried the mccoy mean green line it has low memory like excel but will last longer.

   Jeff... from Triton Mike  3/21/2004 3:58:00 PM
 I've been meaning to try McCoys as well. Where can I get some? Do they sell bulk spools??

T Mike

   if excel cost $10 for 300 yds from smalljawbasser  3/21/2004 5:04:00 PM
 people would line up to buy it! i have tried every line known to man, and excel beats them all. it handles prefectly in all kinds of weather on spinning and casting. if you buy 12# test you get 12#, not #15. all that, and it costs $10 for 1500 yards LOL.

all kidding aside, i really like the pline in #12, #15, and #17, but i just can't like it enough to pay 5 times as much for it. especially when you're a rodbuilder and have 876 outfits to spool up:-)

   smalljaw.... from Triton Mike  3/21/2004 5:10:00 PM
 If you like Excel you can't sit there and tell me you don't have problems with it going to the crapper after a week or two. Wait you don't fish never mind :) bwahhhhh..

My biggest problem with Excel is it turns to junk. Granted I haven't lost a BIG fish due to line breakage but I have lost several smaller fish due to the line turning to crap. It doesn't give you much of a notice on turning to crap either. I hate finding out my line is crap when I am on the lake at first light and I can't even cinch a knot with the stuff. Granted Excel right out of the box is a GREAT LINE. Very limp, Castable, The lb test rating matches the line diameter but if I change line every week it would be just as affordable to buy a line that last 2 weeks for twice as long. I really think the best line I am going to find is some no name back in the boonies type company.

T Mike

   Realine from JohnnyC  3/21/2004 5:52:00 PM
 Mike, I think that Realine is the perfect combination of the properties that you mentioned. But I really like the idea of a true low stretch line and have decided to stick it out with the Izorline. I do alot of offshore fishing in gin clear water and have to make long casts to stay in the game, I experimented last season with XT and found it to still be more of a Big Game type of line. So far either the PLIne or Izorline has the XT beat hands down in all catagories IMHO. I'm going to try 10lb. Pline and Izor side by side next and see if my preferance is still the Izorline.

   Uh Johnny from Triton Mike  3/21/2004 6:14:00 PM
 Real line is no longer in business. I don't want to get started on a line that is no longer made :(.

T Mike

   That's too bad about Realine! from JohnnyC  3/21/2004 7:47:00 PM
 Realine is a great product! I am just about out of it myself and like you don't want to prolong the inevitable. Maybe some other line co. will pick up the formula and market it under their name.

   nope, not here from smalljawbasser  3/21/2004 9:49:00 PM
 but then again, i got this little habit. it's called changing your line!!! ieven gots me one o them high falutin line strippers! LOL

it does go in the crapper. usually 3 or 4 trips for me between changes, or before any tournament.

so you'd think that it'd be more economical to buy a premium line that lasts longer?


i had to change pline, (insert all them other fancy lines here), the same amount because of memory, or just due to normal use.

so it all comes back to excel to me, everytime. but i know where you're at. i searched long and hard, and spent lots of money putting on new line, using it for about 15 casts, then tryign something else. there's something to be said for picking a line, and using it for a good long time. you learn how the line reacts to all situations that way.

did i mention it was cheap?:-)

   triton mike from jeff (  3/21/2004 10:46:00 PM
 you can buy mccoy mean green from heartland tackle ,you can get a 1,200 yard spool of 12lb for 14.99. its very limp like excell and will last longer.even in the 20lb i was impressed by how limp it was.

   Izorline from Jeff Hahn  3/22/2004 12:15:00 AM
 Johnny: At 46 degrees, I'm surpirsed that the Izorline didn;t coil up badly. Must have been the Reel Magic. I dearly love Izorline, but it has more memory than most lines ont hemarket. One other thing to consider is line stretch. Izorline has the least stretch of any mono/co-polymer line that I have ever tried...even less than XT and a TON less than Big Game, McCoy's, and Excel. To me, too much line stretch is a major factor in loosing fish that few angler consider when evaluating lines. Glad you lined the Izorline.

Jeff Hahn

   Smalljaw.... from Triton Mike  3/22/2004 5:28:00 AM
 I agree with you and I have been doing the Excel routine for quite some time. It just gets old after a while (changing your line almost every week). There are ALOT of lines on the market that I did'nt even know existed that I want to try a small sample of. Surely someone has a line on the market that has limited stretch, limited memory, abrasion resistance, and longetivity at a decent price. Alot of lines fit part of those criteria above but none that I have tried fit all of the criteria. Gonna try the McCoys, Suffix and maybe a line called Quattro. Anyone have experience with Quattro?

T Mike

   McCoy's and Reel Magic from markG  3/22/2004 11:44:00 AM

Jim @ Heartland stocks McMoy's in bulk spools. I've had good luck with it and it has good all around properties. But be aware that McCoy's moderate stretch and not a low stretch line. For something in a low stretch mono I go to Sensation.

On the subject of Reelmagic. Reelmagic is a silicone spray, and despite the claims, it doesn't do anything to soften mono. It does however act as a lubricant on the surface, but the problem is that it doesn't stick, so that effect is lost after the first cast or two. One thing to remember is that nylon based monos are highly affected by water, and that effect on the line can be quite rapid. If your line is dry and crispy to start, it usually only takes a few casts to soften it right up when it absorbs a little water.

   Try Tangle Free for line memory from Turtle Head (  3/22/2004 4:15:00 PM
 Try Tangle Free for line memory. I have both of Kevin Van Dam's books and he says he sprays his spinning reel line w/ silicone spray. I prefer the Tangle Free. I would advise a food grade silicone spray if you go that route. You can find it at Lowe's or Home Depot. The brand I got is CRC. It seemed similar to Reel Magic. Remember, line companys are in the business of SELLING line, it's in their best interest that we change often. That is not meant as a put down, just a fact of business. I use P-Line, it has some memory, but also the best abrasion resistance IMHO.



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