Johnny Morris Signature Series Baitcast Combo Johnny Morris Signature Series Baitcast Combo
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    Johnny Morris Signature Series Baitcast Combo
from Billy (  
4/14/2004 9:57:00 PM


 I keep think about this combo. At price of $229 seems a good deal. I would like the owner of this combo give me a fair review of it. Is the rod light and sensitive (say compare to an Avid rod...)? "the world's finest HM-85 graphite" got be light and sensitive. Right or wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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   combo from slenko (  4/14/2004 10:59:00 PM
 i have 3 baitcast reels, 2 spinning reels and 3 bait. rods and 1 spinning rod that are all johnny morris series. i must say, my favorite is the spinning rod/reels; recently i've gotten some curado baitcasters and have used the morris ones less. i began using the bait. combo as a texas rig setup, must say VERY nice setup there(hi speed reel, 6'6"mh). also used the low speed reel on 7'm(crank/spinner) morris rod, nice setup, but didn't suit me too good, i personally like a little bit heavier action rod to throw spinnerbaits, but it did good throwing crankbaits. got any more questions. shoot me and e-mail or leave a message here. slenko

   BPS Rods from Catch22  4/15/2004 1:56:00 PM
 Billy, I have 4 BPS rods and like them alot - but they are on the heavy side. You can defenitley buy a lighter rod, but not for the price of a BPS rod especially with a combo. For that price range, have you considered a Curado with the same rod combo? just my .02

   BPS rods and reels from Billy (  4/15/2004 4:44:00 PM
 Before I pay $229, I made a phone call to BPS to find out ...

They don't know exact how heavy is the 6'6" Medium Johnny Morris casting rod. They told me 0.4 lb total shipping weight for the rod. That's 6.4 OZ. (i am happy if the rod is just over 4 OZ)

The Johnny Morris casting reel is made in Korea. The rod (all BPS rods) are made in China.

Assume all the description on the Johnny Morris casting combo is true, the decision is like: Would you buy a high end Hyundai, or a middle low end BMW (like Shimano+St Croix combo). The worse part is that I can't even feel the rod and reel before I buy it. I know it is a pain to return stuff ordered from Internet...

Can't make decision...Guys help me out here.

   My suggestion from Jason Penn  4/15/2004 5:29:00 PM
 Try the Curado100/Extreme combo. I recently had to scale back on the high doller rods/reels for financial reasons and I picked up one of these combos 7' MH. One week I was using Loomis Slate(IMX) and the next week I was using BPS Extreme, I haven't had any problems at all. There is a difference, but it's not THAT big of a difference.

I don't care much for the 200 size Curados with the Powerhump & big reel seat but it feels great with the smaller 100. The 100 feels too small on other rods with a straight handle and Fuji seat, but the 200's feel good.

Also be sure and check the BPS site before you order anything from them. When I ordered the combo all I had was a sale book showing $159.95, but had seen it on the site for $149.95 and asked the operater about it. She checked it out and saved me $10.

   Johnny Morris Series combo from Jim (  4/15/2004 10:01:00 PM
 I was thinking about getting a Johnny Morris spinning reel a few weeks ago. On my way to DC, I stopped by the Bass Pro Shops in Baltimore to see how the reel handled. I just didn't think it measured up to my shimanos (2 stradics and a symetre). So I decided I will probably get a new symetre. I think for $80.00, its the better deal. On the other hand I have a 7' MH BPS extreme spinning rod which I find very sensitive and light. I'm very happy with it, but I have never owned any real high end rods. Anyway, I would think the Johnny Morris rod at 85 hm would be extremely sensitive. I've seen those rods on sale for $99. That seems like a good deal to me. The reel I would think twice about if you can't get to a Bass Pro Shops to try one out. I know I'm talking about spinning gear and you're getting baitcasting gear (maybe apples and oranges ), but I figured I'd throw in my .02 in case it might help.

   Johnny Morris Rods & Reels from Tmac (  4/16/2004 9:05:00 AM
 I have 3 of the Titanium Johnny Morris series rods. 2 6.6 medium and 1 7' medium heavy. They are extremely light and sensitive. The 7' medium heavy is stated for Carolina rigging but I found it is not heavy enough for 1 oz. sinkers so now I use it all the time for texas rigging and for a Senko. You will not be disapointed with the rod. It compares in weight and sensitivity with the AllStar Titanium series rod but at a much lower price. The JM reel is also very light and extremely smooth. The 10 ball bearings in it make it comparatable to the smoothest of the Top end reel that cost well over $200 each. Thats just my opinion based on my experiences with the Johnny Morris products. Good Luck and Good fishing to Ya from Texas.

   Johnny Morris - I have one brand new for sale. from fishingnitro (  4/17/2004 7:50:00 PM

I just bought one of the new baitcasting reels and the matching rod. The plastic is still on the rod. Neither has left the house. If you interested send me an email.

   Johnny morris signature series ti rod from Robert Miller (  5/2/2004 10:01:00 PM
 I am looking for a Johhny Morris Signature Series Rod to BUY let me know if anyone has one to sell!

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