St Croix Avid Vs. BPS Extreme XPS St Croix Avid Vs. BPS Extreme XPS
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    St Croix Avid Vs. BPS Extreme XPS
from mcga (  
11/3/2005 9:03:00 PM


 Looking to buy a couple or so new rods. Have always used BPS from Tourney Special to Bionic Blades to XPS Extreme. Those rods have served me well. I have been look at St Avid series spinning 6'6" Medium with a fast tip. Want to use it for jerkbaits. Is it worth the $$$$. For the price I could get 2 XPS Extrems. How are the tips of the BPS? Don't want USA vs China to be a factor. Love to buy American, but $$$ talks. I know this is a lot, and BPS vs other are talked about a lot, but I need to be sold on the more expensive rods. My cheap Tourney Specials have caught a lot of fish! Thanks for any help!

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   Avid from BvB  11/3/2005 9:57:00 PM
Now that's a quality stick, and one of the better built rods for the money. If you try one I doubt you'll go back, try it. My buddy used to use whatever rod, turned him on to Avid's and now he says I've ruined him for it. However, everytime he sees me he thanks me for ruining him. Sure you can catch fish with any rod, a better rod just makes you more efficient, is more sensative, durable, and is more fun to fish with.Good Luck..BvB

   Rod... from Billy (  11/3/2005 11:26:00 PM
think about the rod is an investment. you can have a nice rod serve you for a long time. I used to buy walmart stuff. then, one day, I said to myself, look, fishing is very precious time for me. I need max the pleasure. and the rod will last 10-20 years. Cheap rod just won't make sense in the long haul. you can get at least 1/2 the money back after 3 years of use on an Avid (based on good condition). But what you gonna get for BPS rod after 3 month?

   Avid vs BPS rod=Lexus LS 400 vs Dodge Caravan. from Steve P. (  11/3/2005 11:32:00 PM
You get the picture?

   Comparison is not fair from Mike Whitten  11/4/2005 7:17:00 AM
MCGA, I think you are trying to make an unfair comparison here. The St. Croix Avid is an upper echelon rod. Top shelf stuff. The BPS Extreme series is also a quality rod. Don't know that the Lexus to Caravan example works, but it is close. These rods are different Price points.

A fairer comparison would be the Johnny Morris Signature rods. High quality components, and much closer in feel and balance to the Avid.

You have to decide how much your tools are worth to you, and whether your hands can tell the difference.

You'll never know till you own one.

Mike Whitten/Germantown, TN

   Avid from HookUp (  11/4/2005 8:05:00 AM
Although I'm not a Lexus fan, I agree w/ SteveP.

I'ld even choose a St. Croix PREMIER over a BPS rod.

   Don't forget the warrenty from Scott (  11/4/2005 8:30:00 AM
I have both types of rods. If I could afford it, I'd have all Croix. My rule of thumb is that if sensitivity is an issue, go with the Croix. One really importany issue is that St croix has a good warrenty. I broke my Avid, totally my fault, and I got a new one for the cost of shipping. I broke a premier, again my fault. It was out of warrenty. They replaced it for about 1/2 price.

Bottom line is...don't skimp. If you do, you'll never be 100% satisfied.

I am in the process of upgrading mine to Premier Series at least.

   Warrenty from Fisherboy  11/4/2005 9:24:00 AM
BPS has a great warrenty, just take the pieces back and get a new one off the rack.

I have a rodlocker full of extreme's and for the price, you can't beat them -- period.

That said, I wouldn't spend $160 for an off the self rod, but I will drop more than $200 on a custom, tailored for my needs. In my opinion, if your going to spend that much, you might as well get EXACTLY what you want.

I showed SteveP that a Tourney Special 2-piece rod, a $20 Wally world spinning reel and 8-pound test can handle the Stick Marsh in the hands of a master.

Did I mention, I only brought one pack of BOS hooks and a handful of tubes?

Who loves ya Steve?

   Mega from Cowboy (  11/4/2005 10:17:00 AM
So, let's do a thought experiment. Imagine fishing a few days, alternating every hour between similar BPS and Avid rods.

My expectation is that the BPS and Avid would seem about the same for spinner bait, crank bait, buzz bait, etc.

I think that pretty quick the Avid would stand out as superior for jig, Texas rig, split shot, and other techniques where sensitivity and feel are at a premium.


   The Avid is awesome. from Josh (  11/4/2005 5:25:00 PM
I have one and some Extreme's. For feel and sensitity I'd go with the Avid. But your looking for a rod for jerks which really doesn't require that much sensitivity. If you need another reel I'd go with the Extreme combo with a Shimano reel. You can get a combo at the spring classic at a very nice price, saving up to $50 on the Extreme. Thats the only way I buy them, in a combo. I wouldn't buy a new one alone, but as a combo its a great deal. I don't think many of these guys have ever fished with an Extreme, but I think they'd be suprised at the performance of one of these. It's far superior to say the tourney special. And the warranty is great, if you snap one just bring it back and they'll give a new one.

   Avid vs. Extreme from Jim (  11/4/2005 9:50:00 PM
I agree with Cowboy and Josh. I have both. Both are great at their price points. If you can get a shimano/extreme combo where the rod is only $50, that is a great deal. The extreme is a very good rod at that price. However, if sensativity is critical and you are willing to spend $160 then I would consider spending a bit more and check out the swap/sell board. George has some rods in the $200 range. I have a custom 7' spinning rod (370MF-Avid) built by George. It is my favorite rod. It is very light, accurate, and of course sensative. So is the Avid worth the money? It depends on the technique you will be using and how much you value a truely high quality rod. Good luck.

   Fisherboy. from Steve P. (  11/5/2005 11:21:00 PM
You need to leave the "Nancy" spinning stuff at home if you come down in March. We'll be in the South end of the Farm this time fishing heavy wood. Farm 13 is like a box of chocolates, ya never know whatcha gonna get.LOL

Fisherboy, when I'm working my magic with the Long A, you'll be huffing and puffing trying to work that Long A on a cheaper(heavier)rod. Weight, not sensitivity is the main issue with me, especially with the Long A.

Did I mention that you should bring an ample supply of Long A's?LOL

See ya buddy!!

Steve P.



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