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SUBJECT: # 25797: More Reel Questions???? Hey Sandman...

Submitted by gabchoud from NORTH CAROLINA on 8/20/02 9:27:00 AM

I saw SWAP/SELL post #41633. In it you mention the Calcutta, "These are identical to ... BPS Pro Qualifier PQ1000S ... ". My fishing partner has had 2 BPS PQ1000XPSL Pro Qualifier Baitcasters that he received free after he purchased his boat from BPS. He got 2 because the first one failed almost immediately, they replaced it, and the 2nd one did basically the same. It seems as though there is too much grease on the drag washers or something. With the drag tightened down all the way you can still hold the spool and turn the crank with very little resistance. He said he lost a good fish on the second reel because of this.

If the reels are identical, as you say they are, can I replace the suspect parts in it with Shimano stuff? Or are these reels just GARBAGE? It looks like a pretty nice reel, but my friend is pretty miffed by the fact that he has had 2 consecutive reels fail almost immediately.

Anyone that knows anything about this line of reels, please share your knowledge.... Thanks in advance

  1. 8/20/02 10:08:00 AM Submitted by sandman from TEXAS says gab...
    To clarify, I did not post that these reels are IDENTICAL to a Calcutta. My post states that the DAM reel is identical to the Pflueger and BPS reel. They are very similar to a Calcutta and almost border on patent infringement. I would not equate a Silstar to a Calcutta. They are so close in some respects that it makes me wonder if there is some sort of arrangement between Silstar and Shimano though. I'm not sure about that exact model(PQ1000XPSL) as BPS (Silstar) changes those reels up nearly every year. I did notice that several of the parts interchange but I'm not certain about the drag washers. The reel that I have had a drag material that I haven't seen in any other reels and it worked well after I cleaned it and put Shimano Drag grease on it. If you have a Calcutta around, maybe you can experiment a little more and see.

  2. 8/20/02 10:13:00 AM Submitted by gabchoud ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Thanks for the input Sandman
    Unfortunately I don't have a Calcutta around. I guess I'll just tear this one down, clean it real good and reassemble it.

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