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SUBJECT: # 25949: Bps extreme reel junk or what??????

Submitted by big fish ( from LOUISIANA on 9/2/02 8:29:00 PM

I just received a new extreme reel from bass pro shop and the weights don't work at all. Can't throw the damm thing without a bad bird nest.

  1. 9/2/02 10:12:00 PM Submitted by sandman from TEXAS says brakes
    Did you open it up and 'click' any of them out to engage them? If they are the clear ones, you may want to try a set of the red or green Shimano brakes if they'll fit yours. The clear ones were too light for me. I had to engage 5 of them to equal 2 red Shimano brakes.

  2. 9/2/02 11:00:00 PM Submitted by Jason Penn from ARKANSAS says Extreme reels
    I bought a couple of these last year in the early spring and couldn't get the hang of getting the brakes on. After 3 or 4 long distance calls to BPS with no luck I sold one of them and give the other to a family member and bought a couple of the Clunn reels.

    Although the reels didn't work for me I thought they felt like very sturdy and solid reels.They kinda reminded me of the TDX in the hand.

  3. 9/3/02 8:53:00 AM Submitted by TRchad ( from GEORGIA says Extreme
    I have had totally different luck with the Extreme reels. I have 8 of them and they perform flaulesly. I hyave no problems with backlashes and I have three brakes on and I set my tension nob pretty loose. I have a Curado that I use to, but in my opinion the extreme reels not only cast pretty comparable, but they also are very close in smioothness. For the difference in money, I would go with the Extreme every time. This is my opinion. Hook'em Hard!!!

  4. 9/3/02 9:10:00 AM Submitted by tx_basser from TEXAS says I have one and it has performed flawlessly
    Once you get the brakes set and the spool tension, it casts like a dream.

  5. 9/3/02 9:37:00 AM Submitted by Mike Corbett ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Extreme Reel
    I bought one last year as a combo deal with an Extreme rod, for 99 bucks I think. This is probably the best way to buy this reel as it comes out a good bit cheaper that way. They have them with a rod now at BPS but it's not the Extreme. May find a super deal on them around Xmas or at their Bass Expo next spring. Don't remember how many weights I have on mine but I would advise new users to start out with all of them on and go from there. If I fish with it a while and then pick up one of my Curados, the refinement of the Shimano is apparent. Nevertheless, it seems to be a good reel for the buck if you get the deal above. I've cleaned and YRF'd the bearings and it casts about as far as any. So far no problems. It's my "when I go to visit the relatives or throw in the car just in case I drive by some water reel".

    Good fishing! Mike

  6. 9/3/02 9:38:00 AM Submitted by Gabchoud ( from NORTH CAROLINA says BPS Extreme Flaws
    I just finished working on a PQ1000XPSL that a friend got for "free" after buying a Tracker boat. His reel had two problems, the brakes were too tight, and the spool was too loose (on the axel). I fixed the spool by drilling a small hole through the spool and axel and inserting a pin to lock them together.

    For the brakes, I put a very small drop of yellow RF on each of the pins that the brakes slide on, and then slid the brakes back and forth on the pins repeatedly to get the parts fully coated. Afterwhich I wiped everything as best I could to remove any excess oil. Take the reel outside and make some hard casts with all of the brakes engaged and then open the reel up one last time to remove any remaining oil that is splattered about.

    I am far from an expert, but this fixed the brakes for my friend.

  7. 9/3/02 7:49:00 PM Submitted by Reel Lady from TEXAS says The Extremes
    The Bass Pro Shop reels may be ok, however, a point to consider is the repair..Unless you send them to Bass Pro Shop repair. When I had my shop, I didn't work on those reels simply because the difficulty in obtaining parts.....And I thought the reels have a "tinny feeling or quality to them." That's my opinion. A huge consideration that anglers sometimes forget is the ability to have their reels worked on.....I truly believe purchasing Shimano or Abu's are your best bet. conniek

    Conniek’s Reel Tips and Techniques

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