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SUBJECT: # 26777: Daiwa Reel Question

Submitted by Jay ( from VIRGINIA on 11/17/02 2:37:00 PM

I currently have several Diawa PS2L-5B bait casters and love them. I am looking to add another couple of reels to the collection and want to stay with Daiwa. The one in particular that I am looking at is a Team Daiwa V 103 HI with 4 BBs. Now for my questions. What do you all think of this reel? What do you know of this reel? I canít find anything about it. How does this reel compare to the PS2L-5B? Does it come in left hand retrieve? Lastly what is a fair price to pay for this reel used and new? Any help from the board is appreciated. Thanks.


  1. 11/17/02 10:56:00 PM Submitted by Heartland Tackle Service from KANSAS says Daiwa Reels

    I'm not familiar witht he TD-V103HI, but I am familiar with the PS2-5B and PS2L-5B reels. The only bad things I can say about them is that they don't have instant anti-reverse and the magnets occasionally come loose from the holders. Other than that, they are excellent reels.

    I haven't seen a left-hand crank Daiwa reel that I liked in several years. The TD-S and TD-X left handers don't have a thumb bar -- they use an odd top spool release lever. If you like the PS2L-5B's, I'd just try to find some more in decent condition. They respond wonderfully to a set of ABEC7 bearings and some Yellow Rocket Fuel.

    Good fishing -- Jim Johns, Heartland Tackle Service - The Best Reel Service In The Heartland!

  2. 11/18/02 2:20:00 AM Submitted by Moose ( from CALIFORNIA says Similar to TD-S
    Hi Jay,

    I had a similar post a little while ago. It looks like the TD-V is a Wal-mart exclusive which is most comparable to the TD-S. In my opinion, the TD-X is a better investment. Although the TD-V is a Diawa reel, the TD-X with its metal parts are sure to last longer than any of the plastic parts in the TD-V. I've fished mine in saltwater numerous times and still performs great with regular tune-ups.

  3. 11/18/02 6:25:00 PM Submitted by Jay ( from VIRGINIA says Td-v
    Thats where I was looking at it, Walmart. The local store wants $119.00. Do you know if it comes in left hand retreive? The sales people there know didly squat about the reels or what they have instock. Thank for the info.


  4. 11/18/02 8:10:00 PM Submitted by Dollar ( from OKLAHOMA says PS2-5B loose magnets ???
    How do you fix this?

    I'm almost positive this is the problem I'm having with my PS2.

  5. 11/19/02 9:19:00 AM Submitted by Jay ( from VIRGINIA says PS2 Mags
    Dollar: When you cast it is almost like the breaks are on full and you cant cast as far? Well then thats probably the problem. Jim Johns of Heartland Tackle Service Answered this exact question 10-06-02 on this board. I do not know the post # but look it up by date I gave you. Evedently it seems to be a common problem with these reels. I have had it happen to one of my PS2s in the past. It is an easy fix if you follow Jim's directions. Good luck.


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