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SUBJECT: # 29655: Shimano reel history & reel collecting

Submitted by Lp ( from TEXAS on 6/17/03 6:14:00 AM

Hi LP here.
I was wondering if anyone out there in the wide world of fishing knows anything or anybody that has the low down on Shimano baitcast collecting or history. I have found that shimano in California doesn't have a whole lot of info prior to 1998. Or at least I am not able to get much out of them. I know that shimano was introduced into the US market in 1978 but that's about it. I have several old shimano reels that I have bought. A Bantam 1000SG,Bantam 500,and Bantam 400 all 1980 circa new in the box never used. To me they are priceless. I would just like to obtain some more info on these reels and others like them. Any info on websites or contacts would be most appreciated. Thanks LP

  1. 6/17/03 6:47:00 AM Submitted by sandman from TEXAS says old reels
    There are a couple of sites for old reel collectors. Do a Google search for ORCA. Then check out some of the links on their page. I haven't seen much collector interest in old Shimanos. I started buying them around 1980 and they were beautiful reels compared to most of the offerings at the time. Internally, they looked like ABU copies. My favorite was(is) the Bantam 100EX. I have one that I bought new back then and it will not wear out. Believe me, I tried LOL. It has a good drag, cranks well, and will throw light baits as well as any of the new $300 reels. I got another one from DonH this past spring just in case mine breaks. If you can't find any collector interest or if the values are low, I would probably just use and enjoy them.

  2. 6/17/03 8:10:00 AM Submitted by Lake Fork Tackle Repair from TEXAS says I think Sandman is probably right on-
    I agree with Sandman. YOu know Reeldoc that comes on here has been around reels a long long time and he just might know something about the reels. We have a local guy here on Fork that has a collection of ABU's that is huge. I can't begin to guess how many, but when I was at his place, he had bottom and top cabinets full of them, but no Shimanos. Good luck in your search. conniek

    Conniek’s Reel Tips and Techniques

  3. 6/17/03 6:31:00 PM Submitted by Reeldoc ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Somebody ring my bell?
    I've got parts diagrams on all Shimanos since 1978, however I have never seen a true collector of them. They are indeed some of the best reels ever made, again however parts for the older models are getting vedy vedy scarce.

    I tend toward Sandman on this one. One of these days there may be a collector value to them but if it was me, I'd use em hard. Of course collector value is always what somebody wants to pay for them at the time you want to sell them.

    I personally never have had reels that became safe queens or collector stuff. I use them, abuse them, repair them until parts are no longer available and then throw them into 1 of my 26 boxes of old reels that I strip for parts.

    It constantly amazes me how much people will pay for something that isn't even considered an antique.

  4. 6/18/03 6:50:00 AM Submitted by Lp ( from TEXAS says Shimano reel history & reel collecting
    Reeldoc, I realize that these reels won't be considered antiques for a while yet. But these models are extremely hard to find in unused mint condition. Perhaps 5-10 years down the road I can get a recoup on my investment. There is apparently some sort of market for these reels. As they are going from 200-275 dollars per reel on ebay with quite a few bidders. Again any input on date identification and history would be most helpful. Thanks again LP

  5. 6/18/03 10:46:00 AM Submitted by sandman from TEXAS says Lp...
    I personally would be careful trying to determine values off of e-bay. I'm not saying that this is the case in this instance but there was quite a racket a couple of years ago involving reels. It seems that there were a few guys that had purchased a pretty big lot of a certain 'european' brand of reel. They started running the bids up among themselves and set a high (artificial) value on the reels. They were then able to 'con' (IHHO) quite a few folks into paying more than double what they were going for just a couple of months earlier. One month later, after a few fleecings, the reels had dropped back down to the previous prices and they could barely give them away. I monitor quite a few models of reels on e-bay. I track prices along with who's selling them and who's buying them. When the sellers and buyers start to marry up frequently and 'sold' reels keep being re-listed, I get suspicious. Again, I'm not discounting the value of your particular reels, I've just seen them go for a whole lot less as recently as 6 months ago.

  6. 6/19/03 5:59:00 AM Submitted by Reeldoc ( from NORTH CAROLINA says I can probably ID any of them
    Sorry man, wasn't trying to put you down for collecting them. I re-read it and it kinda sounded like I hadn't taken my 'don't be an a-hole' pill that day. Anywho, send me an email and I'll be happy to help ID anything you pic up.

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