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SUBJECT: # 38279: Johnny Mooris 10 Ball bearing Casting Reel

Submitted by Bob ( from TEXAS on 11/13/05 10:07:00 AM

Please give me postive or negative comments on subject reel.
Their are several on Ebay for under a $100. That seems like a lot of reel for the price??

  1. 11/13/05 10:55:00 AM Submitted by Doug M. ( from NY says Hey Bob
    Might want to check out They did a field test on a new Johnny Morris that may help you out. Doug

  2. 11/13/05 1:52:00 PM Submitted by StevenFromTexas ( from TX says Bass Pro Shops reels . . .
    Bass Pro Shops reels . . . I think the consenus would be that you would be hard-pressed to find any replacement parts for one of their reels even BEFORE the next year's models hit the shelves. Now, that ain't good!

  3. 11/13/05 2:58:00 PM Submitted by jl ( from LA says Run far from this reel due to you will have a hard time finding parts
    I am at this time looking for parts for my Pflueger which is less than a year old and built similar to the Johnny Morris reel. Two shops I went to had the Johnny Morris reels in a box broken down for spare parts due to the customers who owned them had it with trying to get parts for them. It has a cheap ratchet/return pawl system which will wear down quickly most likely in less than a year which is similar to my Pflueger Solara. Run from this reel.

  4. 11/13/05 6:48:00 PM Submitted by Lake Fork Tackle Repair from TX says good comments
    we get lots of calls for service on the bass pro reels and others. It just doesn't pay most shops to carry parts for those reels. I generally recommend anglers to stick with reels that they can get parts for or have serviced like the Daiwas, shimanos Abu's or quantums. It does'nt hurt to ask when purchasing about repairs and parts. Especially sale reels, they seem like a good bargain, but if unable to get parts and repairs, then that price just went out the door.

    Lake Fork Tackle Repair The best little repair shop in Texas! 428 PR 5936, Yantis, Tx 75497 Canada Outdoors 2005 Fishing Special Edition has given us their "Special Honour-Best video of the year award. Our video now is in IGFA Musuem and Library in Florida. Specializing in Shimano Reels Only Rod and Reel Repair Training School Come learn the business and you'll make lots of money.:) 903-383-2120

  5. 11/14/05 12:12:00 AM Submitted by BobP from NC says Bearing counts
    "2nd tier" manufacturers went through a period in the 1990's when they stuffed the maximum number of bearings in reels as a marketing ploy. While some top line reels (I'm talking $300-500 dollar) have high bearing counts, so do some very mediocre ones. I'm not saying that necessarily applies to BPS reels. But don't let bearing count lead you astray.

  6. 11/14/05 8:28:00 AM Submitted by jl ( from LA says I agree I look at quality and reputation of the reel
    The Pflueger I received was a gift from my little fishing buddy nephew which he is young and he was really proud that he could afford something like this for me. That is the only reason why I want to try to fix this reel.

    If it was my purchase I stick with Shimano and Diawa due to I know that these companies have parts and try to make pretty good reels. I know if I spend $129 or more with these companies I got my money's worth. After looking at this Pflueger you could put 100 bearings in it and it still is not worth what he paid for it.

    What makes me really makes me laugh is Pflueger came out with a $179 reel which looks and feels no better than a $99 Diawa. In a year you will still be using the Diawa where the Pflueger will be broken and you will not be able to get parts in 6 months. I guess Pflueger forgot how the quality names built up their reputation in the fishing tackle business. The sad part is their manufacturer's rep knows they build a poorly built product but they are the same idiots that push the reels.

  7. 11/14/05 7:59:00 PM Submitted by geno22 ( from OK says Scared stiff
    you guys are makin me nervous. all I use is BP johnny morris, had problems with one (drag) took it back to BP to send it in for repair an they gave me a new one. not a tourney fisherman but fish a lot. Geno

  8. 11/15/05 6:36:00 PM Submitted by Bruce ( from PA says Pflueger
    I have been using Pflueger President baitcasters just about exclusively for two years now, with no problems, smooth casting, good drags. No maintence or breakdown issues - YET. Don't like the cheaper models that Pflueger makes, anymore than cheaper models produced by other manufacturers. But for the price, the President is a good value in my opinion. Now, as to the original subject line: I have one BPS Johnny Morris reel which I believe is made by Pflueger, I don't like it at all - there is no comparison between the President and the Morris reels, and the President is cheaper.

  9. 11/16/05 1:36:00 AM Submitted by darknight ( from CA says reels
    seems to me the only reson to get a BPS reel is if you live near one that way the have the parts that are needed for me I dont live near one(closes one is in las vegas right now,but getting one in lovley rancho cucamunga CA.) stick to the basics and all will be well (diawa,shimano,abu,quantum) and go from there if you fish the salt then its diawa shimano, newel,and penn penn penn though I am enjoing my new avet reel alot) we all spend alot on on our stuff with that we need to fix and maintain our INVESTMENT but thats just me

  10. 11/16/05 4:03:00 PM Submitted by knowphish ( from FL says BPS reels
    Don't let all these guys scare you! I've been using BPS reels for a longggggggggg time and no problems. If you have a problem, the correct course of action is to, send it back to BPS and let them fix or replace it. Usually you'll walk away a happy camper!

  11. 11/16/05 4:38:00 PM Submitted by jl ( from LA says go to a reel repair place and see the BPS reel graveyard
    Funny I was looking for Pflueger parts I went to 6 repair shops all of them had boxes with Pfluegers or BPS reels especially the Johnny Morris reels.

    All reels are great when they work but when they have a part that wears down like a anti reverse pawl or worm shaft at that point your reel ends up in a reel graveyard.

    Bottom line when you can abuse a Shimano for over 10 years in saltwater and they come back ticking or you can still get parts that is strong. When you put them on redfish which are harder on reels than bass and the reel takes that abuse then you know it is a good reel. You also see charter boat Captains that are not sponsored use the least expensive option which 99% use Shimano reels due to they last and can be repaired at most shops when broken. Cheap reels cost more in the longrun due to you have to chunk them due to you cannot get parts. Two years in freshwater is not a true test of a reel like 10 years in saltwater or more that is a true test. Can basspro or Pflueger say that. No way.

  12. 11/21/05 3:49:00 PM Submitted by earthworm77 ( from FL says BPS reels
    If you ever get to go to the BPS in MO, go next door to their outlet center. They have all of their clearance items, returns, repairs etc. there marked down. Check out which reels inhabit the cases'd be hard pressed to find anything other than their own BPS brand. That tells me they are crap! For 100.00 wait for a Curado on Ebay or get a 1500 series Scorpion. If you are patient, you will prevail.

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