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SUBJECT: Bait tanks

Submitted by striperrookie ( from NORTH CAROLINA on

Guys looking to buy a new bait tank, I have a 30 gallon I bought from bass pro, no filter except for the one I made. Any advice as to what brand is good, what are you guys using how do you like it.


  1. bigjohn ( from NORTH CAROLINA says creek bank
    I use a creek bank bait tank- 30 gallon. They are made locally (Albemarle) and this is one top quality bait tank. You can buy the filter material at Walmart fairly cheaply.

    I can put 100 herring in this tank, salt them down good, throw a frozen bottle of water in there and keep those shad kicking in the middle of august. You can use the pump to drain the tank or use the plug at the bottom of the tank as well.

    They're expensive, but they are good.

  2. striperrookie ( from ALABAMA says where do you buy them at
    Big john were is the best place to buy one from. I checked there website he said they stopped making them.. Any ideas thanks Marc

  3. Jaybee ( from NORTH CAROLINA says bait tanks
    Core fishing tackle sells Creek products and they offer really helpful advice. I checked and they list the Creek tanks as "sold out". ? . I use the Bait Spa for transporting bait but have use the Grayline tank for a number of years for both fresh and saltwater baits. I don't think you will find a better tank. My only beef with all the makers is a lack of built-in handles and not providing the terminals on the electrical portion. As much as you pay, that sort of stuff should be standard.

  4. Sniper ( from NORTH CAROLINA says not surprised
    There's a reason Ron Vest is still making bait tanks after all these years while the others have come and gone....

  5. Jaybee ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Grayline
    I see Grayline also has a name change-Sunshine Grayline. I have used all 3 products either in my boat or friends' and still like the Grayline best. One advantage Grayline had was it continued to aerate even if the filter was clogged. Also a 30 gallon tank gives you 30 gallons of bait capacity. Others did not have these capabilities at the time I purchased. Super Tanks definitely set the bar for bait tanks and they may have improved their original by now. I've kept bluebacks (aka alewifes) for 72 hours with no problem in my Grayline and they were still hard to dip out they were so frisky! Just added salt and kept the filters clean.

  6. Rookie ( from ALABAMA says bait tanks
    I got a 20 gal. grayline and love it. I have used Vest tanks in the past with no complaints, but I do love my grayline. the grayline is the best insulated tank there is hands down.

  7. RealityBites ( from SOUTH CAROLINA says Super Bait Tank II
    The first time I used a Vest tank many years ago, my buddy let me borrow his for a night tournament on Lake Lanier. I won the tournament and about $ Naturally, I went out right away and bought my own 50 gallon Vest tank...I've upgraded the tank with the Danco Venturi system for a couple of reasons...1) it gets the pump off the bottom of the tank and I no longer get the carbon/zeolite from my filter in the pump. 2) Because the air is pulled into the venturi after the pump, my pumps lasts longer and I can add 100% oxygen to the venturi without fear of spark from the pump. I also added an LED light to my bait tank. Not so much to help me see the bait when dark, but to keep the bait from being startled when I open the bait tank. Have you ever noticed how they scatter and slam into the sides of a tank, especially Bluebacks , when you open up a dark tank? This causes them to stress and loose scales. Add a bright light in the tank and this won't happen... and when a Vest tank says 30 or 40 gallons, thats true bait capacity. That doesn't include the volume of water on the filter side like other makes. Quality bait is crucial to striper fishing and for that you definitely need a quality bait tank... I like the new latches Ron has added to the new tanks too. No more wing nuts to deal with to hold the top on...

  8. Todd ( from VIRGINIA says Bait tanks
    I had a 30G Grayline for years. I upgraded it with the oxygen infusers system when sunshine took over. It always held bait and they were a little red nosed ( I know all the things to add) but it filtered and gave them oxygen. I did have problems with pump life and the lack of power of the pump lately. The guy who sells them is helpful and will talk to you forever. I needed a new 50gal so I also looked at Bluewater and Super bait tank. Bluewater looked nice but they were going to cost more than Super bait tanks, about $130 more with shipping. When you looked at the systems, the way they pump water back in and aerate is the only difference. Someone somewhere said that Blue ripped off Supers' idea and I can see why that was said- identical designs. I got the Super because of the cost and people on the Internet loved it best by far. It is amazing. It keeps bait happier and healthier than I ever had with Grayline. I never knew i could have better bait until i saw the baits coming from this tank. I am really amazed.

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