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SUBJECT: High Rock???....Anything happening?? Bait???

Submitted by dodgeman9 ( from NORTH CAROLINA on

My son and I usually spend a few days around Thanksgiving at Badin but that appears to be out now so we're planning on trying it at High rock for a couple days after Thanksgiving. Gonna stay at Badin and put in at Flat Swamp..

I usually live bait. Has anybody done anything? Can't find any reports anymore.

I'm also interested in where the bait is.

Thanks in advance!!

  1. Rookie ( from NORTH CAROLINA says HIgh Rock
    I fished it last week and it was tough, but I think it was due to the full moon. The fish stayed deep all day. Bait is everywhere. It took one throw in 2nd creek to load the tank. Caught a dink early on live bait and that was it. Good luck man!!!

  2. Bear ( from NORTH CAROLINA says High rock
    Glad to see some chat on High Rock. Usually about now I would thinking to go to Badin but planning to go the rock Saturday after Thanksgiving. Keep the info coming and I'll do the same.

    Good luck guys

  3. sundance ( from NORTH CAROLINA says High Rock
    Same thing for me Rookie. I'm sure its getting better. Probably hit it Friday or Saturday.

  4. dodgeman9 ( from NORTH CAROLINA says High Rock
    Thanks for the info. I usually hit Badin this time of year too but.......We're gonna hit High Rock on Saturday. I usually hang out inside the trestle at Flat Swamp. Hopefully there's some fish hanging out with us.

  5. Bear ( from NORTH CAROLINA says High Rock
    I'll be out Saturday morning. Also planning on being down near the trestle area-at least to start. Only my third trip to this lake so any help with places/techniques to try and where to find bait would be appreciated.

    We'll be in a carolina skiff with t-top

    Happy Thanksgiving

  6. dodgeman9 ( from NORTH CAROLINA says We zeroed on Saturday
    Bought some jumbos on Friday afternoon and ran up to Flat Swamp..Just inside the trestle for about 2 hours..Caught one white bass..

    Back at daylight on Saturday. Bait was stacked up at the turns coming out of Flat Swamp. 1 1/2 hours and nothing. Moved up to the trestle. Some bait in there also. Same result. Hit both areas again in the afternoon. Nothing..Nada..not even a pull..

    Water was stained but very fishable. Lots of trash with a fair amount of big stuff (sticks, logs) mixed in.

  7. Bear ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Same here
    Goose egg on Saturday. Put in at Hwy 8. Bait was thick 100yds from the ramp and filled the tank. Headed out to main lake and again before we even lost sight of the ramp saw dozens of birds and a couple boats working the far bank. Thought it may be our day. Got over there, marked fish, worked it over, but not a pull. Headed to area near trestle, luck no better

    Water pretty muddy I thought. Like Dodgeman said, lots of trash, some big enough to ruin your day. Didnt concern me too much until the wind picked up near midday and made it hard to see the debris.

  8. Rookie ( from NORTH CAROLINA says high rock
    Got a few Sat. The bite was ok early and then pulled over good marks without a sniff. biggest fish was about 8 lb. caught fish on live bait, but tried trolling too with no results. saw some birds getting with it right when it was time to leave and didn't get a chance to go check it out.

  9. Bearr ( from NORTH CAROLINA says High Rock
    Where bouts on the lake did you find em?

  10. Rookie ( from NORTH CAROLINA says High Rock
    I found fish all over the lake from 2nd creek and down. They are moving around a lot and it's tough to stay on 'em. Cover water is the best way to find them right now. All of our came on freelines early in about 15 ft. of water.

  11. Bearr ( from NORTH CAROLINA says High rock
    Thanks man. Planning to give a shot on Monday

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