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SUBJECT: Badin Sunday

Submitted by Flatbottom ( from NORTH CAROLINA on

I fished Badin Sunday for the first time in 14 months. I wanted to get out and enjoy the nice weather. We had a pretty good day, 15-18 stripers, all in the 3-4 lb range. We also caught 10 or more fat white bass 1 1/2 lb range. We put everything back for another day, let they grow up.

  1. Rowboat ( from NORTH CAROLINA says sunday
    That dont sound like too bad of a day for badin. How did you catch them trolling artificial or live bait? I got up sunday thinking that was the day to go. Maybe i can get over the Christmas crunch and find some funds to get back out there soon. I havent been out since new years day a year ago. Thanks for the report.


    Never Leave Without a Paddle

  2. Bearr ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Excellent day
    We were out there Sunday as well but didnt do any good. We are fairly new and novice at locating stripers. Any information you could share as to where where you were or where on the lake to search this time of year? I know you may not want to share your favorite spots, but any information on the general area to work over would be appreciated. Also appreciate the catching and releasing

  3. Hook up ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Striper
    caught two stripers sat trolling . 6 pounders 7 pound range trolled sun no luck .watch for diving birds in open water. does anyone no about badin white bass population are they white bass or perch . i know perch don't get so big but white bass can average a couple pounds. just wondering thinking of another way to fish while stripers are slow.

  4. Flatbottom ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Badin
    We were trolling, I started out with sassy shad and bucktails, but switched over to all sassy shad pretty quick. This time of year stripers can be just about anywhere, I usually fish from Old Whitney to Skiers Cove. I know that is a lot of water, but they can show up anywhere. Just watch the birds and boats.

  5. Bearr ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Badin
    Thanks for sharing the information. Maybe one day this blind squirrel will find a nut out there

  6. Flatbottom ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Bearr
    Bearr, Keep going, start early, the more time you spend out there the easier it will get. If you don't have a radio get one, most people will be happy to help. The first year or so I trolled I didn't catch many fish either.

  7. Bearr ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Badin
    Thanks again Flatbottom. Interesting you mention the radio. I've been thinking about that. But I've been a bit brutal on my checkbook lately with boat stuff, so figured I needed to let it recover a bit!...Hope to get out there more frequently. I went boatless for a number of years and just now getting back into it.

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