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SUBJECT: Badin Lake OPEN Tournament May 19, 2012

Submitted by Jarhead ( from NORTH CAROLINA on

  1. Jarhead ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Please Print Fliers on our web page
    4th Annual Tarheel Striper Club Badin Lake Open Tournament

    Where: Badin Lake / Whip O Will boat ramp When: May 19th 2012 6:30 AM ~ 2:30 PM Payout: 1ST 2ND 3RD Places Paid with Trophies Entries Fees: $30 per person non-TSC member ($60 max) per boat $5 per person big fish pot with 100% payout

    Tournament Rules a. Disruptive or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and is grounds for disqualification.

    b. The Tarheel Striper Club is not responsible for any accidents or injuries to any parties or property damages during anytime.

    c. Tournament starting time may change if adverse conditions exist such as weather or other tournaments, etc.

    d. Check in time is from 5:30am – 6:00am You must be signed up for the tournament before 6:00 AM. Once signed up the team cannot leave the designated starting area until told to do so.

    e. You should bring cash in the correct amount.

    f. It is the boat owner’s responsibility to have their boat inspected before the start of the tournament. If you do not have your boat checked you will be disqualified. This rule is strongly enforced.

    g. All boats must in the no-wake zone by 2:30 PM. A penalty of 1lb. per minute will be assessed for late arrival for up to five minutes then you will be disqualified.

    h. If you need to go to the ramp for any reason prior to the tournament end time, you must obtain approval from a club Officer. You will be subject to boat inspection upon your return.

    i. If you have to leave early during the tournament, you must notify a Club Officer.

    j. Absolutely no drugs or alcohol permitted. Violators will be disqualified.

    k. Only 3 fish per boat will be weighed in at tournaments, the team needs to decide which are their 3 biggest fish and big fish at their boat not at the scales, stripers and hybrids only

    l. All fish weighed-in must be over 20 inches.

    m. Fish must be brought to scales in an appropriate container such as a cooler, fish bag, or tube.

    Thanks Jarhead

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