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SUBJECT: # 13541: Towing with an update

Submitted by Jim/TN from TENNESSEE on 7/4/2011 9:21:00 AM

My thanks for all your comments to my earlier post here. The best way was to see for myself. Found a dealer that tossed me the keys to a new GMC Terrain (plush version of the Equinox)
with V6 and tow package and told me to go and find out how it worked. Drove it home, hooked up and towed about a total of 10 miles with it to see how it handled. Here are my findings:

ENGINE: The V6 puts out 265HP and 220ftlb of torque. Doesn't sound too bad until you see that the max HP comes at a whopping 6800RPM, and the max torque comes in at about 5800RPM. That does NOT make for a good towing platform.

TRANSMISSION: A 6-spd auto that is continually shifting to maintain highway speed while towing. That doesn't make for good mileage. In fact, during towing, the current mileage indicator never got above 12mpg and that was on flat roadway. Even the slightest hill would drop the indicator down to 6-8mpg.

BRAKES: They seemed OK, but I wouldn't want to panic stop while towing.

In short, I might use one for towing a tin rig, but not a boat like mine. The view out of the rear window looked like the Queen Mary was tailgating me. Not exactly confidence inspiring.

However, the vehicle itself impressed me. The ride is IMO outstanding. The interior is really quiet and the seats very comfortable. While I decided to keep my truck, the wife and I went back to the dealer this past weekend and actually bought a new Terrain. So far, I absolutely love it.....just not for towing.

  1. 7/4/2011 11:10:00 AM Submitted by Beartrap from GA says thanks for update
    I see some people towing out there with similar vehicles and seems to me it's just an accident waiting to happen.... got caught in situation several years ago where i had to use a Chevy S-10 truck to tow a 17 ft hydrasport for couple of years....I got by with it but was just lucky I didn't get caught in wrong situation...


  2. 7/5/2011 12:19:00 PM Submitted by MikeF from FL says like the Terrain
    I have been replacing some of my work vans with Terrains and have been very please and the techs like them better.

  3. 7/5/2011 11:25:00 PM Submitted by jbz7 #13144 from MA says good update
    What you found is about what i would have expected. Like i said in my post my mother has a 2010 Equinox and i like it a lot. I drive hers a good bit when i take my dad into his doctors appointments since he cant get in my truck too well. Overall its a great driving vehicle, a tow mule its not. My mothers is a v6 all wheel drive ltz model and i wold not even dream of towing a boat with it.

    Good luck with the new Terrain, i think you will find it a good reliable vehicle. My mothers 2010 is her second Equinox. She had the old model too, she had the first year they came out and traded it last year on a new one. She hasn't had any problems with either one although the 2010 is a much nicer vehicle in every way.

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