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SUBJECT: # 10064: Towing with Subaru Outback wagon?

Submitted by tulsasx190 ( from OKLAHOMA on 3/8/04 2:20:00 PM

I'm planning to attempt towing a Skeeter SX190 with a 2001 Subaru Outback wagon (2.5L). Mfr recommendation is 2,000 lbs with trailer brakes. My boat is about 2K to 2,300K lbs depending on gear/fuel. This is an AWD vehicle. I know I'm pushing it and plan to be smart about ramps, destinations etc../trying to compromise with the wife on tow vehicle (we already own an Outback and love it). Anyone have any experience towing this size of cargo with an Outback? My 2 big concerns are transmission and ground clearance.

  1. 3/8/04 6:21:00 PM Submitted by JohnM from TENNESSEE says I wouldn't do it
    No way would I try to tow that very far with that rig. Eve with breaks your asking for trouble. Have you taken the entire rig to a dump or truck stop to weigh it? Most 19 footers weigh in at 3K or better when on the trailer loaded.

  2. 3/8/04 7:11:00 PM Submitted by Big Red from NEBRASKA says John's right
    Your boat may weigh 2K to 2.3K but what about your trailer. I've just got to think your whole rig is pushing the other side of 3K and your just asking for trouble.

  3. 3/8/04 7:26:00 PM Submitted by Jim Mac ( from PENNSYLVANIA says Not
    I would feel better towing the Outback with the Skeeter.

  4. 3/8/04 8:58:00 PM Submitted by ace57 ( from MASSACHUSETTS says subaru towing
    this is a troll, right?

    no seriously, you gotta be kidding!

    my wife has a '03 subie forester, and i wouldn't tow my 16 foot ChampioN bassboat, and thats a much smaller rig.

    DONT DO IT its not even a full frame vehicle


  5. 3/8/04 10:07:00 PM Submitted by xctycoach from ILLINOIS says No. Don't even think about it.
    First I'd take any manufacturers tow rating and multiply by about 2/3 rds. You'll get a much better idea of what a vehicle will really tow reasonably well. Better yet cut the tow rating in half. Tow ratings are more fiction than science.

    Second, are you sure about that weight? I have a Ranger 681VS with a 115 and boat, motor and trailer, gassed up fully and ready to fish go 2,700 lbs. And that's a 17'8" boat not a 19 footer. I know Rangers are heavy but...

    Towing will be the least of your problems. When granny pulls out in front of you on a rain-slicked highway stopping is going to be really interesting.

    I have an Outback too. Great little vehicle. Gets me and the wife back and forth to work and it'll climb right up my very steep driveway with 8 inches of snow on it and spin nary a tire. That's all I bought it for. Never even crossed my mind to tow with it. It does have a trailer hitch on it but that's for the bike carrier.

    Don't try to tow a boat that big with your Outback. Your asking for all kinds of trouble.

  6. 3/8/04 10:38:00 PM Submitted by RedAllison ( from TENNESSEE says Wooptido for your Subaru...
    Tuls I hope this is a troll? I dont know where you got your weight figures but you arent even close. Your hull alone weighs about 1600#s. Add batteries, gas, troller, elecs, small tackle dept, trailer, brakes (GOD I hope your Skeet has em), 450-500# outboard engine and you are WELL over 3500#s while on the road. BTW the fact that the motor on your boat is larger than the engine in the car should tell you something.

    That Subbi will get you either killed and or rig less sooner or later. Tell your wife to drive an econobox deathtrap, you need at least a V6 truck (and automatic tranny as well, a Subbi manual tranny WONT pull that boat up a ramp!) RA

    ps And dont think I'm baggin on ya. Just tryin to convince you NOT to do it before you become another statistic!

  7. 3/9/04 4:46:00 PM Submitted by beartrap from GEORGIA says no worries mate....
    here's how you do it......hitch up your outback like you would normally do then weld you a receiver on back of your trailer and a hitch ball on the front bumper of your wifes do the pulling and tell your wife just to get in ,turn loose the steering wheel and mash the gas...when your brake light comes on,she needs to stop mashing the gas and stand on the brakes......obviously if you put in at a steep ramp,you may have to put a ball on your front bumper and receiver on her rear bumper so you can hook both of them up to pull it out....if you can get this all can be a happy two outback family...

  8. 3/9/04 5:16:00 PM Submitted by Tulsasx190 ( from OKLAHOMA says # 10064
    Let me rephrase.....I was going to attempt towing my Skeeter with the Outback. Thanks for the feedback. Does anyone want to buy an Outback? I researched weights but had not accurately reviewed the trailer. The comment about weighing at a dump or truck stop is a great idea and I still plan to do that after deciding on a proper tow vehicle. I'm not sure where a nail-free dump could be in my area. Maybe I could drive to GA and use the one in "beartrap"'s front yard.

  9. 3/9/04 8:49:00 PM Submitted by beartrap from GEORGIA says insults and sarcasm
    is all the thanks I get for advising on the only way to tow with an Outback and keep your wife happy(and you were the one who said you were going to attempt it)...don't come driving into my front yard-you might not be able to stop and run over some of my pink flamingos......

  10. 3/10/04 12:46:00 PM Submitted by shelby ( from SOUTH CAROLINA says not beartraps yard
    I heard he shot the last person who ran over his pink flamingo's.

    I thought it was a great piece of advice beartrap, Putting the ball on the wifes rear was pretty good. maybe I read that wrong.

    tulsa - Stay away from the flamingo's. You been warned! thems highly valuable.

  11. 3/11/04 11:21:00 AM Submitted by Ranger Danger ( from KENTUCKY says Sooner or later you will get killed..When you least expect it....
    Guy up here attempted something like this with a front wheel drive grand am and one of those, maybe 14 or 15 foot sea-doo boat thingys. We all think we are good drivers but their is always that panic mode. Ole' boy pulled out one mornin' from waffle house, it was sprinkling rain fella hit the brakes cost him nearly his life, totaled the car, the boat came around on him and a lady hit the boat flush in the side in the other lane and killed her graveyard dead..Plus like you said mechanically how long do you think that engine and drivetrain will last(especially on mountains). I feel your pain bro. I mean if you can't afford nothing else, like me, just be careful, be careful, good luck. GO GET EM'

  12. 3/12/04 9:55:00 AM Submitted by Grnhead ( from TEXAS says Towing
    All jokes aside, pulling ain't really the problem with tow vechiles, It's stopping! Brakes are not big enough, the mass of the car is not greater (in many cases)than the mass of the boat...etc.. If money is the problem, an older truck may be the answer. You can find many, decent, clean, used suburbans, pick ups, etc. If you don't plan on driving them every day, they will outlast you.

  13. 3/15/04 6:07:00 AM Submitted by hawghunter ( from ALABAMA says I have a buddy who tows with a Caravn no problems
    He has an 18' sea craft converted for bass fishing. Tows with his toyota caravan no problem. This is a 6 cylinder mini van. And we have some extremly steep launches here.

    I dont have all of the specs on the subaru, you do. If you weigh your rig and the manufacture specs it, I would be leary of it, but it may work.

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