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SUBJECT: # 10573: Greenball Trailer Tires vs. Goodyear Marathons????

Submitted by Dave ( from ARIZONA on 9/5/04 9:35:00 AM

My local tire supplier was out of Goodyear Marathons and they said these were better than the Goodyears. I looked at them close. They are the same weight rating and build using 6 ply. I've never heard of them but they told me that they have been building tires a long time, mostly specialty tires like ATV and Motorcycle. They told me they wear very well. Anyone out there have any experience with them?

  1. 9/5/04 12:47:00 PM Submitted by Nightmare from OHIO says A Gre-who-what?
    There's some that you can't miss their name, there's some that you don't see as much and recognize the name, there's some that you never seen 'em before but have heard of 'em.

    Ain't NEVER heard of those. Here's 2 things to ponder, 1)Why does your dealer have so many of these but is fresh out of GY-Ms, 2)If they're all that great, why aren't they out of those also? The statement that the Greenies are better than the GY-Ms means "I got no GY to sell BUT I do have these so its "better" to sell off what I got in the store". I'd personally drop this supplier since he's obviously more biased towards putting money in his pocket, than he is towards giving you good professional information on which to base good purchasing decisions. But that's just me.

    Weight rating is an industry standard based on ply rating, maximum pressure, and size. Its not a guarantee that one brand performs equally (or better or worse) to another of the same specs. Compare how the maker stands behind their product (warranty) and price after that. If you're getting a pig-in-a-poke backing on the greenballjets and price difference ain't enough to make an experiment worthwhile for the possibility that they go belly-up in the first season - I'd pass and go with a known quality.

    I'm not pushing the GY-Ms (although I do run them and have no complaints), but having been in your situation before, I made certain decisions that I regretted later. Good luck with YOUR decision.

  2. 9/5/04 1:53:00 PM Submitted by Jay ( from LOUISIANA says Greenball Tires
    Get the DOT numbers from the sidewall and you can find on the web exactly who made them and usually where the plant is located that made them.

  3. 9/5/04 2:24:00 PM Submitted by fishsmart ( from TEXAS says Info
    You can read about them here:

    I will continue to use GoodYear Marathon radials.


  4. 9/7/04 11:38:00 AM Submitted by DG from ALABAMA says Tow Master
    I've been running a set of their Tow Master trailer tires for over a year and have been very pleased. I have a Stratos 201 Pro DC on a sigle-axle trailer. This is a heavy rig but I've experienced very good wear on these tires. At about $60.00 ea. I think they're a good deal. Here's where I got mine:

  5. 9/12/04 9:19:00 PM Submitted by Glenn from MINNESOTA says Goodyear makes them for Grean Ball

    They have made over 1 million of them. This is the Towmaster Radial ST tire.

    are they as good as the Marathons? Who knows.


  6. 10/20/04 10:10:00 PM Submitted by lakerat-Mary m ( from NORTH CAROLINA says test

  7. 4/7/05 9:29:00 PM Submitted by Gilbert ( from VIRGINIA says Anyone ever heard of Maxis trailer tires?
    A local dealer here says he has some radial trailer tires called Maxis, hope that's the spelling as I'm just going by what he said over the phone. Has anyone ever heard of these?


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