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SUBJECT: # 11124: Saw a Crown Vic pulling a brand new BassCat Cougar FTD w/ 250xs...ouch

Submitted by wkndanglr ( from ARKANSAS on 4/28/05 5:42:00 PM

I was on Beaver Lake fishing out of Hickory Creek and witnessed an older gentlemen pulling a brand new Cougar FTD w/ Merc 250xs with a Crown Victoria.....couldn't believe it! I asked him how it handled and he said not bad, especially on the highway! We both pulled out of the park at the same time with him behind me...I quickly pulled over and let him pass.


  1. 4/28/05 9:03:00 PM Submitted by Champ198 from TENNESSEE says Crown Vic towing a camper
    A man and wife stopped by the office a couple years ago with a Crown Vic towing a 24ft full size travel trailer. The weight distribution hitch kept the vehicle and camper level. I've never seen such a perfect setup on a weight dist hitch.

  2. 4/28/05 10:11:00 PM Submitted by beartrap from GEORGIA says used to see that a lot on I-75
    most people are using trucks now but used to see the snowbirds headed south every year using cars to pull boats....invariably it would be some sort of ski boat with an undersized trailer and little wheels plus the boat engine would be about half what the boat was rated for.....

  3. 4/28/05 10:32:00 PM Submitted by frank ( from ALABAMA says Town Car too
    Up until 1999 I towed a 18 ft Stryker with GT 150 with a 95 model Lincoln Town Car. 3.08 gear ratio I think. I added a tranny cooler, and stayed out of overdrive and it towed great.

    Anti Lock brakes, huge trunk, plenty of room for gear and partners. Ran it to 136,000 miles with out trouble. Did change fluids regularly and it did eat brakes, but otherwise a good tow vechile.

    When not towing, it would get as high as 24 mpg. Not a bad alternative to a truck. It did sway a little in that it had regular tires and not higher load rated ones. I would do it again.


  4. 4/29/05 12:39:00 PM Submitted by Farallon ( from CALIFORNIA says I must be old
    When I was in high school and then college, I had friends who used older full sized cars to tow ski boats. The advantage over trucks was seating capacity, secure storage (trunk), insurance, and cost of the vehicle. I can remember a full sized station wagon, a cadillac, and a town car. Classmates would make fun of these guy's vehicles until they went on a trip with them. Trucks weren't built the way then, as they are today. Trucks used to be a work vehicle.

    I own a travel trailer and subscibe to trailer life magazine. Every year or so, they do an article on Airstream trailer clubs. Many of the tow vehicles pictured are older cadillacs.

  5. 4/30/05 1:15:00 AM Submitted by PowerwormWBC from WASHINGTON says crown vic
    He probably could tow fine if he had the rear load leveling suspension (air bags). That would look very very weird though haha.

  6. 4/30/05 7:53:00 AM Submitted by McCoy ( from ALABAMA says Crown Vic
    They are rated to tow 1,500 lbs. I can't find a rating on the similar Mercury Marquis. They are advertising the Mercs on TV for under 17,000 now. About 8,000 under the sticker price.

    We had a '93 Crown Vic and it got around 25 mpg on the highway, drove like a dream, but had transmission problems, all 4 window quit working (not at the same time), something came loose in the steering column that made the key not work (cost $100 to fix) and all of it happened with less than 50,000 miles on it. Other than that, I loved it.

  7. 4/30/05 8:05:00 AM Submitted by Dunk79 ( from NEW JERSEY says Grand Marquis and Crown Vic's
    Both lost their towing capacity in 97. I've got a 97 GM and I've had it parked beside a 96. There's absoultely no difference in the frame or anything else I can see up under it that would lower the tow rating. 96's and earlier were rated at 5000lb. 97 on is 2000lbs.

    66 Lincoln convertable, suicide doors and a 460 putting out 345hp through a 3 speed C6. Thats a tow car....

  8. 5/3/05 4:22:00 PM Submitted by Curious George ( from TEXAS says Tow Vehicles....
    When I was loads younger and doing the horse show circuit years ago campaigning studs we towed a four-horse bumper-pull WW with a 74 Chevy Station Wagon. Auto transmission, 454, equalizer hitch. Towed like a dream, up and down mountains, cross-country. There's a guy about 40 miles from me that tows a 60-something Airstream (not a huge one, maybe a 16-footer) with a '69 Mustang. That seems to be pushing it a bit. I've never talked with the guy, but whenever I see the rig it looks alright.

  9. 5/5/05 1:09:00 PM Submitted by RedAllison ( from TENNESSEE says The horsepower to weight ratio for a Crown Vic...
    is better than the same engine in a F150. I believe the cars still have a steel ladder type frame, the same 4.6 that is available in the trucks and if geared and cooled properly (with proper spring capacity for tongue weight of course) then there is NOTHING wrong with towing a bassboat with something like a Crown Vic/Grand Marquis/Town Car/Marauder etc... They are REALLY comfortable as well. To be honest they typically get better traction on a wet ramp than an empty pickup truck without limited slip! A good disc brake setup on the trailer will take care of stopping chores as well.

    A 4k# V8 car IS gonna tow better than the V6 mid and compact SUVs and pickup trucks everyone uses for the same thing! But to answer the question about Ford changing the tow rating in one year, I dont know. I doubt it but, they might have changed the transmissions in the cars and perhaps the new trannys wont take the heat and load of towing?

    I was raised haulin dragboats allover the country and typically they were hauled with either old LTDs or Lincoln TownCars. I for one would LOVE to find a <50k mile 96 Impala SS to drive daily and tow my Allison with on occasion. But I aint payin $20k for a 10 year old chevy 4 door! RA

  10. 5/8/05 7:34:00 AM Submitted by BASSMAN IA. from IOWA says In the 50's 60' and
    most of the 70's that's all you every seen as a tow vehicle. I got into boating in 1957, neighbor had a ski boat, towed their Span American down to Fl. to compete in the Nationals every year. Tow vehicle?? 57 Chebbie 4 dr. station wagon with a 283 and a PG tranny.

  11. 5/9/05 10:10:00 PM Submitted by beartrap from GEORGIA says 76 chevy caprice
    with 350 engine...towed bassboats all over hell(Alabama) and half of 15 mpg with or without a boat....ugliest ole brown car you ever seen(called it Ole grunge) but was great tow vehicle...agree with earlier post about trucks back then being work and buddy towed a bassboat to Guerrero in early 80's with a Chevy pickup,drove straight through and 26 hours in that truck was torture with that "straight up' seat that would'nt recline a bit......

  12. 5/10/05 12:56:00 PM Submitted by Chad ( from ILLINOIS says First tow car
    1984 Olds Delta 88 350 auto. Tranny eventually went out but I bought the car for 800 bucks.

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