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SUBJECT: # 11579: moving boat off trailer on land

Submitted by Jj ( from FLORIDA on 12/18/05 9:20:00 PM

We need to work on our trailer and need to jack boat up and support it off trailer. It is a 21 foot Proline. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  1. 12/20/05 8:44:00 AM Submitted by Fish Hawk ( from NC says Trailer...
    I would suggest you find a dock to keep your boat temporarily. That is what I have done in the past when I needed to work on my trailer.

  2. 12/20/05 10:23:00 AM Submitted by Alex from GA ( from GA says Unloading boat.
    Tie the back of the boat to something that can't move, unhook the boat from the trailer, pull the trailer about a foot forward, put a suitable support under the back of the boat that'll let it rest on the transom, pull forward until the boat rests on the support and is almost off the trailer, put a suitable support under the front and continue pulling ahead until the boat is resting on the supports. To get it back on the trailer, wet the bunks and pull the boat up with the winch. Or use jacks and supports.

  3. 12/20/05 1:05:00 PM Submitted by Catch22 from MA says Boat off trailer
    Back the boat to a spot where it can be left. Tie the boat off to something sturdy enough to pull it off the trailer - with the boat on the trailer slowly pull forward to take the slack out of the hold line (if you don't, when you pull forward the boat could move the support). Take any straps off holding the boat to trailer and unhook the winch. Using a jack with a large 2x6 to spread out the contact point, lift the back end of the boat off the trailer. Place cinder blocks, wood, whatever you want to use to carry the weight - lower the jack so the boat rests on the stand but off of the trailer. Slowly pull the trailer forward - repeat the same procedure but on the forward half of the boat. Depending on your trailer design, you might have to place a support, pull forward and redo the support if a trailer cross bar requires it. This is how I did my semi flat bottom aluminum. Just be careful and take your time - When its time to put it back on the trailer - I pushed the trailer back in place under the boat manually, with out the truck - it was much easier and no fear of knocking the boat off the stands.

  4. 12/20/05 3:15:00 PM Submitted by Bmcd ( from TX says Florida?
    Ought to be plenty of lakes round you where you can dump it for a day.

  5. 12/21/05 12:05:00 PM Submitted by Brian from Texas ( from TX says Unloading trailer
    Here's what I do.

    First find a level spot(hint driveway) Get two jackstands. Let the front of the trailer down as low as it will go. Place the jackstands under jackplate, might need a timber or two to get high enough to support it. Make sure they are far enough apart so the boat will not rock. Then crank up the front jack as high as it will go. Should raise back of boat off trailer. Now you need two saw-horses and a long timber(6"X6"Xwider than outside of trailer)capable of supporting the boat.Place saw-horses with timber across and under the eyelet in bow(to keep from sliding)and use a piece of good carpet between boat and timber. I cut a small V-notch in mine to get closer to boat. Now lower the front until everything is clear. Then just pull trailer out from under boat and do your work. Then reverse process. Only takes 20minutes to get boat off trailer and same time to put it back. Also lets you look at underside of boat while suspended there.

  6. 12/23/05 7:38:00 PM Submitted by Dcgc ( from AL says Think that would work fine
    I kinda like Brian from Texas's way of raising boat off trailor. I would be a little wary about the jackstands. I have never trusted them fully. I would have to think about "sawhorsing" the rear also.

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