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SUBJECT: # 1462: Opinions on Towing with Vortec 4.3 V6?

Submitted by Nd ( from MINNESOTA on 4/27/1999 9:30:00 AM

I'm looking at vehicles and wouldn't mind a vehicle for long commutes weekdays and long towing trips weekends. I would be towing an 18 ft fiberglass bassboat w/ 150HP engine and dual axle trailer W/ surge brakes.

Any comments? Post numbers? (I looked back to about 1100 saw a couple posts but not a highly discussed topic)

  1. 4/27/1999 11:20:00 AM Submitted by Kyle ( from TEXAS says Chevy V6
    Nd, What size vehicle were you looking at, in other words, C1500 truck, blazer? That may make a little difference. The V6 motor itself pulls my 17' well. My rig is a 1990 Chevy 1500 Ext. Cab 4.3L V6 w/5 spd tranny with 140,000 miles. That motor has 160hp, the new ones have 200hp, so that will make a difference. It does fine on flat ground, but struggles a bit in hilly terrain. All in all, I've been pleased with the truck, in fact, I'm working on a deal to get another truck just like it, just newer (1998.) Either way in your case, the trailer brakes will help a whole lot. Hope this answers your question. If you have any more questions, please e-mail me.


  2. 4/27/1999 12:36:00 PM Submitted by Nd ( from MINNESOTA says 1996 Jimmy
    It's a '96 Mid-Size Jimmy so I think it has the more powerful engine. I thought the HP was 200 or over. Thanks for the reply!!
  3. 4/27/1999 2:44:00 PM Submitted by Jim ( from MASSACHUSETTS says blazers/ jimmy
    i dont think you will have any problems pulling that boat. if its an auto then it should tow it real easy. the 4.3 is a great motor its real strong and will pull almost as much as the v8's in other mid sized utes and use half the gas doing it. i have a 97 blazer and it tows my rig real nice. if it has the 3.73 gears then that would be an extra bonus.
  4. 4/27/1999 3:37:00 PM Submitted by Lee ( from TEXAS says Vortex 4.3 L & Towing
    Nd, I currently have 99 Sliverado 4.3L with 3.41 RE. Tow Champ 181 DC w/XR6 (150HP) in Northeast Texas area which does not have big hills. It does a good job. Not a great job towing but acceptable. Prior to the 99 Rado, I have a 95 Chevy w/4.3L & 3.73 RE which also did a "good" job. My main use for the truck is to get to work and secondary is to pull boat. I just will not give up the gas milage & cost for the V8. Don't need it for what I do. The 4.3L Engine will do a good job for you and can cruise very well at the 70mph speed. I figure my boat/trailer loaded out is somewhere around 2,500-3,000 lbs. Regards, Lee
  5. 4/28/1999 12:32:00 AM Submitted by Jtr ( from KENTUCKY says 4.3 towing
    I think the 4.3's will have plenty of power for your needs. I have one of the old 4.3's in a 91 S-10 blazer. It has 178,000 and lots of those miles were with a 18' 9" Javelin w/ a 150 behind it. I'm trading it in on a new silverado even though it still runs great with the original motor and tranny. Just keep the oil changed and change tranny fluid more often than what is recommended. The new 4.3's have lots more hp than mine, too. The trailer brakes are an absolute necessity if you get a smaller truck or blazer and a good idea even with a full size truck. Also, if you get a 4.3 make sure you get a bigger radaitor, an oil cooler, and a tranny cooler. Most of those are part of a factory "towing package." You can also improve the towing preformance by the axle ratio you choose. Hope this helps.
  6. 4/28/1999 4:48:00 AM Submitted by Andy ( from NORTH CAROLINA says 4.3
    I had good luck with my '93 model 1500. Towed a 3200 lb boat through the mountains without trouble and accross country. The only advice I have is: Tow in 3rd, not OD and BUY THIS TRUCK BASED ON THE WEIGHT OF YOUR NEXT BOAT, NOT YOUR CURRENT BOAT.
  7. 4/28/1999 8:55:00 AM Submitted by Nd ( from MINNESOTA says Thanks for the advice guys!

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