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SUBJECT: # 6345: what vehicles come standard with a hitch?

Submitted by capecoralbill ( from FLORIDA on 9/9/2001 8:46:00 AM

I will need to rent a truck, or suv next summer that can pull my 5000 lb boat, from Cape Coral FL to Buffalo NY. I'm thinking of renting a Navigator or Escalade. Do they come through with hitches. I'm hoping one of the car rental agencies (national,alamo,hertz, enterprize) will rent me one of these vehicle, and that i wont have to install a hitch on them. thanks, capecoralbill

  1. 9/9/2001 8:47:00 AM Submitted by Reel Work from TEXAS says Yes, I belive they do come with hitches installed.....

  2. 9/9/2001 10:37:00 PM Submitted by Hank ( from TEXAS says Rental towing
    I thought that most rental cars did not come with hitches because the rental companies don't want you towing with these vehicles. You better double check with the rental place before you get there.

    Good luck. You might wind up with a u-haul van.


  3. 9/10/2001 7:38:00 AM Submitted by Planocat from TEXAS says Rent an Excursion
    All Excursions have platform hitches and are wired for lights. If your 5000# boat has surge brakes, you're in business. Electric brakes will require a controller be installed....about $100-150. For a long trip pulling a boat, I'd think that would be an ideal vehicle.


  4. 9/10/2001 8:18:00 PM Submitted by GeorgeD ( from MASSACHUSETTS says Long Tow
    I was in a similar situation last year, and ended up going with Uhaul. I had a hard time finding a rental car company that would rent a truck/full size suv for a one way tow.(I was going from FL keys to Boston w/4000lb boat) The 14'truck from Uhaul(I think it was an f350 diesel) worked out great. It was equipped with a 2" ball/wiring hookup and towed great.


  5. 9/11/2001 1:37:00 AM Submitted by Gavin ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Nope! Rental agencies remove the hitch.
    I just went thru this. None of the national rental agencies' vehicles have the hitch installed. They buy them w/o one being installed. I found my local Ford dealer to rent a 3/4 ton truck with the hitch installed. The second you mention towing to a rental agency, forget it! Finding one for a one way rental is gonna be tough. Nothing like orange of U-haul or yellow of Ryder to look at....ALL THE WAY up the coast! Good luck. Gavin

  6. 9/14/2001 10:41:00 PM Submitted by paul ( from OKLAHOMA says towing with a rental
    find a car rental company with 1 ton vans. buy a class 3 hitch and have it installed. tow your vehicle and remove the hitch before you return your rental. if you work it right, you can sell the new hitch to a buddy with a new truck. what the rental company doesnt know won't hurt them.

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