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SUBJECT: # 8095: How to change bow roller?

Submitted by Puzzled ( from IOWA on 9/8/02 1:01:00 PM

This comes under the heading "there's got to be a simple answer".

My bow stop/roller is old and tired so I bought a new one. How do I get the clips (little cap-like doohickies)off the ends of the axel the roller rolls on? They are recessed 3/4 inch into the end of the roller.

All suggestions (polite ones, anyway) welcomed.

  1. 9/8/02 1:07:00 PM Submitted by Billy Bob ( from TEXAS says Simple Answer
    Sounds like you've got the pressed end caps on that roller. I got mine off by simply tapping with a hammer. Just find a flat blade screwdriver and put the blade on the inside of the cap and tap outwards with a hammer. It should pop off. Once you get the new roller installed, simply take a socket or some other object that slips over the cap and lightly tap the end of the socket until the cap seats back on the spindle. Pretty simple.

  2. 9/8/02 2:02:00 PM Submitted by Puzzled ( from IOWA says Do I need to
    cut the old roller off? How do I get the screwdriver to the back side of the endcap? Still Puzzled

  3. 9/8/02 3:19:00 PM Submitted by John ( from OTHER says end caps
    I would take a large drift punch, place it on the end of one of the caps and use a hammer to drive the shaft through to the other side. You'll likely destroy that cap but replacements can be found at home centers or hardware stores.

  4. 9/8/02 6:15:00 PM Submitted by Still Puzzled ( from INDIANA says Still can't get it!
    Here's the set-up for my bow roller. The roller sits between two brackets. On the outside of each bracket is another, larger diameter roller that help guide the bow onto the center roller, which acts as the bowstop.

    When I try to "punch" the shaft through, the outer rollers act as a cushion, and nothing happens.

    I have also tried putting the tip of a small prybar behind the cap, but again, because of the cushioning effect of the outside roller, nothing happens.

    Any other ideas?

  5. 9/8/02 8:26:00 PM Submitted by Steve P. ( from FLORIDA says Suggestion.
    Try drilling through the cap so enough of it is gone to expose the shaft itself. Then take a hammer and punch and drive the shaft out. The cap was $.39 at Boaters World when I did mine last week. Be careful not to drill into the shaft itself, then you won't have to replace it also.

    If you have to, cut through the roller and shaft right in the middle with a hacksaw or wizzer wheel(if you have air supply). I would gather up a new roller, new shaft and caps, and do it at the lake if you have to do it this way. There is 1/2 inch and 5/8 shafts. Be sure you have the right one if you decide to do it at the ramp. They sell the shaft and caps as a prepackaged kit for very little money.

    Hope this helps!!

  6. 9/8/02 9:43:00 PM Submitted by Puzzled no longer ( from IOWA says Thanks, Steve
    I'll give it a try.

  7. 9/10/02 12:52:00 AM Submitted by Bassman IA from IOWA says when i did mine
    I think i used a pair of needle nose and pulled the cap off. ( you only have to remove one). I have the bells on the outside of roller you are talking about.

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