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SUBJECT: # 8792: Is the GM Dex-Cool really that bad for the engine ?? How many here have had problems ?

Submitted by Jc ( from NEW YORK on 3/11/03 3:00:00 PM

I have heard to "Get it out and put in green" and Ive heard "leave it alone" Does anyone really know ?

  1. 3/11/03 3:20:00 PM Submitted by Foy ( from NORTH CAROLINA says DeathCool
    I certainly don't "really know" but I've read enough negative comments about it to cause me to get rid of it, anyway. Plus, GM steadfastly says "no problem" with DeathCool, and any time GM says that, I duck for cover.

    For lots of print, including links to Texaco's own release, find the VMag board on Suburbans and Tahoes and do a search. You can also link to #1 Son's Suburban site, where there's a whole section on cooling system woes.

    My $00.02

  2. 3/11/03 8:35:00 PM Submitted by Lee ( from TEXAS says Was going to replace with green, but was talked out of it
    by my favorite mechanic. According to him, the problems develop when air gets introduced into the system. As long as the system doesn't start to leak there is usually no problem. When DexCool mixes with air it turns a mud brown color and the consistency gets like sludge, which plugs up cooling passages causing overheating. A descent way to check is simply to look inside the radiator cap. If it's "muddy", problems are rapidly developing. You can also pull a little fluid into a syringe and make sure it's still orange and clear, not brown/cloudy or with particles floating in it. (A good thing about the green coolant is that it doesn't react negatively to air in the system.) I just check mine regularly and keep it filled full of DexCool. At 58K, so far no leaks. By the way, if you do swap coolants make sure you have ALL the DexCool out and the system is thoroughly flushed first.

  3. 3/11/03 10:20:00 PM Submitted by Beartrap from GEORGIA says it don't last 100,000 miles either
    at about 70,000 miles,it turned to sludge in 97 Jimmy,dealer said they guarranteed that it would "protect against freezing" for 100,000 miles which is really false and misleading since their advertising lead you to believe that you didn't need to touch it for that many miles....ended up taking to radiator shop and getting system cleaned out and heater coil replaced.....radiator shop said this was commonplace with dexcool and recommended changing it every two years...

  4. 3/11/03 10:51:00 PM Submitted by McCoy from TENNESSEE says Dexcool
    I've got about 110,000 miles on my van with dexcool in it. From what I've read, you need to make sure the coolant stays up to the full mark on the reservoir and don't be taking the radiator cap off. When you get about 150,000 miles on the vehicle, trade it off and let someone else worry about it.

  5. 3/12/03 9:23:00 AM Submitted by Foy ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Exactly my point.........
    Anybody who comes here often is likely a maintenance buff, so on the one hand, checking the failure potential of DeathCool regularly can ward off the problems that arise when air gets into the cooling system, or when you try to keep the stuff in the engine for the entire recommended service life, etc. On the other hand, and IMHO, why would you want to keep a product in the cooling system that is known to deteriorate rapidly under certain identified conditions, and can ruin your engine if you inadvertently skip a "check date" and fall victim to sludge formation and cook the engine? I just wonder where the upside is if you've got to check it regularly and it needs changing regularly. Me, I choose to go with something I know--the green stuff.

  6. 3/12/03 12:30:00 PM Submitted by Glennn AbuElHaj ( from CALIFORNIA says Exactly Foy....
    Get rid of that crap and switch to green. Heck, I'd rather run straight water than the deathcool schitt!!

    Good luck!

  7. 3/12/03 12:34:00 PM Submitted by Jeff_S ( from TEXAS says Change It!!
    My cousin has been a mechanic for a long time at a local dealership which is very successful. He said he isn't gonna try to persuade anyone to change it due to liability reasons, but he changes it on his own vehicles. He said he has seen enough to persuade him. The intake manifolds leaking on Chevy 5.7 litres is being blamed on this DeathCool. Also, the corrosion on many of the metal plumbing pieces on the cooling system is blamed on DeathCool. I changed mine out years ago and haven't had a single problem. I changed it after removing the corroded metal piece that comes out of the intake manifold that was having holes eaten into it from the inside out. The green stuff is proven, just don't pour it into the creek or feed it to the kids.

  8. 3/12/03 3:54:00 PM Submitted by Phill ( from CALIFORNIA says Agree with the majority here
    I experienced it. My '99 suburban developed a leak at the heater core nipple going into the intake manifold at around 25k miles. They replaced it under warranty. Then, at around 36k miles, the intake manifold gasket deteriorated causing leakage. They repaired that under warranty, reluctantly. Then, at 45k miles, the d@mn heater core nipple corroded and leaked again. During that time, a mechanic friend told me to switch to the green stuff because he read in some bulletin that the "brown" dexcool was dielectrically incompatible with certain metals, causing corrosion. He doesn't work for GM, has his own shop. Apparently, dexcool accelerates electroloysis between the metals and coolant when air mixes in with it.

    Well, I've always kept the overflow tank full but found that when the engine cools down, and it sucks the coolant back into the radiator, it always leaves a bubble worth of air which during intial startup before heat starts to expand it, that bubble gets circulated into the block and system.

    After I changed to the green stuff, I am now at 70k miles and not a problem yet with corrosion caused leaks (knock on my wooden head....). I use distilled water, 60-40 mixture, and change every year. That's cheap, compared to the fixes.

  9. 3/13/03 12:58:00 PM Submitted by Troy ( from MICHIGAN says Always the same thing
    If it isnt breaking, the manufacturer isnt making money off spare parts and dealer service. So make it so it eventually breaks. The green stuff was making parts last too long, so to help fill their deep pockets they had to switch to something that would destroy the cooling system, hopefully just after the warranty expires.

    Everywhere Ive read a discussion about coolant, it seems DeathCool causes problems that rarely or never existed with the green stuff. I read once that it was supposed to provide better compatibility with the modern engines that use aluminum components.

    Well my 1990 Chevy 3.1 engine has a lot of aluminum components, including cooling system components. I just rolled 221,000 yesterday and never have I had a cooling system problem. All the components are still original and working fine. I use the green stuff and backflush it every couple years.

  10. 4/30/03 1:59:00 AM Submitted by B Gillie ( from NEW YORK says GM Ext Life Coolant, Dex-Cool failure
    Please visit my site if you are or know someone with the Dex-Cool Extended Life Engine Coolant failure.

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