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SUBJECT: # 8793: Chevy throttle sticking

Submitted by Tamale ( from TEXAS on 3/13/03 11:28:00 AM

My gas pedal is sticking so every time I try and take off the pedal sticks and so I can't just ease off. Sprayed the pedal and stuff but still sticks. Anybody else have this problem? Any ideas how to fix it. Its a 2001 Chevy 5.3

  1. 3/13/03 11:46:00 AM Submitted by charlie t ( from SOUTH CAROLINA says throttle sticking
    Tamale i just recently had the same problem with my 97 Ford f150, i poped the hood and sprayed the throttle linkage with WD40 and took care of the problem. hope this helps. charlie t

  2. 3/13/03 1:02:00 PM Submitted by Buccaneer ( from TENNESSEE says Chevy Throttle Sticking
    Tamale, you don't say what year it is but I'll presume it is a fuel injected late model. The throttle body plate is getting carbon build up and causing the sticking problem. Take off the air intake to the Throttle Body and spray in some Throttle Body cleaner all over/around the throttle body plate. (I used Valvoline) Rotate it by hand and get it good and clean. The 99' Chevy Vortec and above is bad for this problem and requires periodic cleaning. Don't spray the exterior linkage with any lubricant.

  3. 3/13/03 5:08:00 PM Submitted by Tamale ( from TEXAS says Thanks Buc
    I'll give that a try. Its annoying as hell having that damn throttle stuck like that.

  4. 3/13/03 7:09:00 PM Submitted by 150 javelin ( from NORTH CAROLINA says throttle
    The company I work for has a fleet of chevy trucks.We have the same problem with v-8 & v-6. Spray the throttle with throttle body spray,w.d. 40 on the outside .

  5. 3/13/03 7:55:00 PM Submitted by Cutout ( from ILLINOIS says Sticky Throttle
    Tamale: There is a upgrade for that throttle body.I had one replaced on my 2000 5.3 last year for free.It took about 45 min. at the dealer to do the job.How many miles do you have on it?The cleaning is just a temp. fix,call your dealer and tell them about it.This could be dangerous if it sticks and you hit someone. Good luck.


  6. 3/14/03 7:58:00 AM Submitted by Curado Kev from MICHIGAN says Tamale..Buccaneer is right on !!! I have a ...
    2000 Silverado 5.3 and I clean the throttle linkage every 10,000 miles...

    The dealership will charge you $40.00 to do this, it will save you some money..

  7. 3/14/03 9:26:00 AM Submitted by cranky ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Sticky pedal
    I also have a 2000 1500 with the 5.3 I have 3600 miles on it and mine has just started to do the exact same thing. I also had a 97 s-10 and it also started to do the same thing around 3500 miles. It seemes like something on the pedal itself is sticking. I used WD-40 behind the pedal and it seems to be ok for now. I also did this on my s-10 and it was ok for a while.

  8. 3/14/03 11:26:00 AM Submitted by Foy ( from NORTH CAROLINA says sticky throttle in Chebbys
    I've got one of those, too, a 4.3 Vortec V6, '98, in a K1500 pickup. Fuel injector cleaner, SeaFoam, or carb cleaner sprayed down the throttle body of a cold engine while the throttle is operated by hand with the other hand cleans it up nicely. Mine needs it pretty regularly--every 3-4,000 miles or so. PITA, IMHO, but again, GM says "no problem, just add this to your maintenance schedule" Thanks, guys, and good by, say I, a faithful GM buyer for 35 years, and the son of another who'd bought them from the 1950s on. I'm just really tired of automatic transmissions detonating, head gaskets failing, DeathCool cooking engines, wiper card failure, wiper bar failure, piston slap, EVO sensor failure, etc, etc. I'm sure other manufacturers have problems, but the frequency, severity, safety issues, and GM's poor attitude about theirs have lead me elswhere in search of a new truck. Sorry for the rant. Foy

  9. 3/14/03 10:30:00 PM Submitted by Alex from GA from GEORGIA says Me too..
    I have a 98 Venture with the same problem. Thanks for the solution.

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