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SUBJECT: # 8821: trailer tire changing jacks & lifts

Submitted by Johnboat ( from TEXAS on 3/19/03 3:02:00 PM

I have had the same worm-drive scissor type jack for several boats. My current rig is a tandem trailer...the whole thing wet scales about 6,000 lbs. The old jack is just barely enough to lift an axle with a lot of grunting on my part. Do any of you have a recommendation for a compact jack to travel with? What about the lifting gizmos that I've seen in you place under an axle and drive a few inches...another you place under the good tire on a tandem and is supposed to lift up the good and flat tire. Thanks.

  1. 3/19/03 3:37:00 PM Submitted by jb ( from MASSACHUSETTS says jacks
    I carry a little 2.5 ton floor jack that i got at wal-mart. I dont own a tandem but i have used it to jack up a club members tandem and it works great. i think i paid like 15 bucks for it.

  2. 3/19/03 4:00:00 PM Submitted by FreeOnBoard from TEXAS says Small hydraulic jack
    Johnboat, my single axle trailer weighs about half as much as your rig, but you may find, as I did, that a small hydraulic jack is handier to carry around and easier to use. I measured and calculated the minimum axle height with a flat tire, then found a jack at Northern Tools that would fit under those conditions and have enough throw to lift the tire clear. Think it was rated 1 or 1.5 ton and cost maybe $12. You'll only need to lift one side at a time, so a 2 ton jack should be plenty.

  3. 3/19/03 4:45:00 PM Submitted by Spots and Dots ( from TEXAS says some blocks
    We were going to the lake with my buddy's 37' speed boat and had a blowout going down the freeway. We exited and used a curb to pull up on for a lift. Id just get the gizmo you spoke of or carry a wooden block.

    You could also get some good tires to lessen your chance of a problem.

  4. 3/19/03 5:27:00 PM Submitted by Alex from GA from GEORGIA says Jack
    A small hydralic bottle jack always works. If you can't get it under the axle it'll fit under a spring. I also carry a 12" square piece of 3/4" plywood for a base on anything soft.

  5. 3/19/03 8:52:00 PM Submitted by John in Tennessee from TENNESSEE says In my truck tool box....
    I'm a Harbor Freight junkie.. I have the 1600 Battery booster, Jumper cables made from 6 guage flex welding cable, small floor jack and a fair size tool box and it's growing in inventory. I also have a small floor jack and a 12v impact wrench. I'm thinking of adding a airtank if I can find one to fit. I almost forgot..a 4-D cell maglite flashlight and 3 glow sticks...

    BTW a note on the jumper cables...I have been in a couple situations where someone else needed boosting and the cables they were using wouldn't turn the motor over. Mine really got the voltage into te battery...Size does matter.

  6. 3/20/03 8:03:00 AM Submitted by Curious George ( from TEXAS says Hey Johnboat, and John in TN, too...
    I've used those tire changing gizmo's that you drive the good wheel up on for a coupla' years now. They work alright. I even used it once on a 30' gooseneck full of 400# calves. Pushed it's limit, but it still worked. I think you'd be okay with one of those. John in TN, about that air tank. Back in my desert rat days I made a bumper out of 6" steel pipe, capped the ends, drilled/tapped it for a valve stem, a guage, and male quick-connect. They sell 'em now aftermarket. Not sure where or how much, but I've seen a few on the road and they look good, a lot better'n mine did! That'd give you portable air and not take up any more tool box space. Just gotta' keep about 12' of hose with the female quick-connect on one end, tire chuck on the other. Likes Harbor Freight but Loves Northern Tool,


  7. 3/20/03 8:42:00 AM Submitted by cathunter ( from MISSISSIPPI says Harbor Freight
    The only bad thing about Harbor Freight is, if you think you might need something in a couple of months, you had better order it right now so it will get to you in time.

  8. 3/20/03 10:34:00 AM Submitted by Johnboat ( from TEXAS says Thanks for your comments
    It looks like the cheapest solution (but easy to lift with) will be a small hyd jack...if I can be sure it will be short enough to fit yet still lift high enough. Thanks

  9. 3/20/03 6:48:00 PM Submitted by John in Tennessee from TENNESSEE says The jack I use is a tat bigger than this one...

  10. 3/20/03 7:00:00 PM Submitted by John in Tennessee from TENNESSEE says George your in trouble.....
    Northern Tool looks good...

  11. 3/21/03 7:33:00 AM Submitted by Curious George ( from TEXAS says Yep...
    It's my favorite Christmas catalog. Last year I bought my 17yo daughter a compressor and hose reel...haha Y'all have a great, safe weekend,


  12. 3/21/03 11:01:00 AM Submitted by Johnboat ( from TEXAS says Well, Heres what I finally bought
    I went to Wally and bought the little 2T bottle jack (about $9). I took it to the boat and it barely fit under the axle with full tires. I returned it an bought the smaller of the hyd floor jacks, 2T,. It has a carrying handle and can get at least two inches lower (its cyl is horizontal) and is much more convenient to use, just roll it in place...not much more bulky than the scissors type I had before. It was only about $17. Thanks for the advice.

  13. 3/22/03 6:57:00 AM Submitted by John ( from TEXAS says Look here
    *SAVE* Easy Up? Trailer Jack 38-575-614-00 EASY UP TRAILER JACK

    [Easy Up? Trailer Jack] Raises rigs weighing up to 2 tons when changing flats, performing bearing maintenance, etc. Fits trailers with wheel size from 10"15", equipped with round or square axle.

    Regular price $24.99 - Save $5 the easiest choic as far as use you simply drive forward then back up ...John

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