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SUBJECT: # 9045: Front end lift for 2002 silverado

Submitted by Charlie w ( from TEXAS on 5/18/03 9:59:00 PM

I am looking for a way to raise the front end of my 2002 Silverado about 2". I realy do not want to install a lift kit. I have installed air shocks on the rear and want to level the truck out. What is the easiest way?

  1. 5/19/03 5:46:00 AM Submitted by Smokin Joe from ALABAMA says Air Shock problem?
    Charlie w, My only experience with air shocks, came with an old El Camino, that came from the factory with them installed. I had to put air in them to tow a boat and remove the air to keep it from riding like a "Tank" when not towing. If your primary goal is to "level" the truck, I don't see why this wouldn't work for you. Best I can remember is, 2/3lbs. empty and 10/12lbs. loaded. If you are wanting a "High Rider" then forget that.


  2. 5/19/03 9:44:00 AM Submitted by Spots and Dots ( from TEXAS says torsion bars
    I had them tightened them on my Tahoe and got about 1.5 inches. It is cheap (cost me an 18 pack at the 4x4 shop) and quick!

  3. 5/19/03 10:29:00 AM Submitted by jb ( from MASSACHUSETTS says Charlie
    The easiest way is leave it be. gm designed it the way it is for a reason. so that the truck rided level when its loaded. do a search on tostion bars and you can read my horror story from torsion bars adjusted to the top of thier range by a dealer that screwed up. in a nutshell after 4 front differentials i decided to dump it and get a new truck.

  4. 5/19/03 4:26:00 PM Submitted by Chad Blades ( from ILLINOIS says my 2000
    I got on ebay and bought a front end leveling kit. Cost 65 bucks and raised the front end of my truck up a little over 2 inches. Check it out. It looks good. After 1999 you no longer could do the torsion bar thing. I tried it.

  5. 5/20/03 6:57:00 AM Submitted by DogFishHunter from MICHIGAN says I have a 2002, and yes you can raise...........
    Depending on the factory "z height" and how much room is left to raise within the torsion adjustment, you can raise the front end by yourself with a 19mm socket. You DONT have to pay someone to raise it. In the best of situations you can get 2" but that is max. before you start to encounter binding of axlejoints (4x4) and bottoming of the torsion key.You should get an alignment afterwards to correct caster and camber.If you need to get a full 2" get the kit that CHad recommended.Hill offroad sells it for the price Chad mentioned.

    Take my advice...get rid of the airshocks. Airshocks are all but obsolete and WILL put undue stress on the shock mounts. Shocks are meant to dampen suspension travel not to carry loads. If you need to raise or lower your rear suspension height either remove or add leaf springs.Take my advice I have done the air shock thing and if you have the correct spring configuration for your needs and quality gas-charged shocks it will blow away anything that airshocks will offer. Airshock were a great alternative back in the 70's for folks with station wagons that had coil overs and there pop-up campers made the rear end sag.

  6. 5/22/03 4:27:00 AM Submitted by Gatorfishing ( from GEORGIA says Raising Front End
    I have a Z-71 GMC. I raised the front end about1 1/2" buy turning the torsion bars. It made truck ride rougher and would lower the back when I towed my boat. As stated earlier in this post Leave it alone.

  7. 5/23/03 2:35:00 PM Submitted by Jody ( from TEXAS says lift
    I tightened mine up on my 2001 Z71 to raise it about an inch. It firmed up the ride in the front and leveled it off. It works fine if all you need is an inch or so.

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