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SUBJECT: # 9073: ECT POWER on Toyota Tacoma

Submitted by BigPhil ( from SOUTH CAROLINA on 5/23/03 3:55:00 PM

OK...I've got a Toyota Tacoma Prerunner with the 3.4 V6...its the automatic with push button overdrive and push button ECT (Electronically Controlled Transmission---has a normal and power setting) question is should I use the ECT while towing, I never tow more than 20 miles, mostly flat, some hill....I always tow with OD off, Toyota dealership is mixed on what I should do...anyone that can shead some light I would appreaciate it. The boat is a 18.5 ft Procraft and the truck is new. Thanks all.

  1. 5/23/03 4:25:00 PM Submitted by Donny ( from MASSACHUSETTS says Not an expert but......
    My thinking would be that the ECT button in the power mode lets the RPMs of the motor get higher before shifting - if you are towing that's what I think you would want the transmission to do. If it shifts at lower RPMs and your motor doesn't have enough torque I would guess your tranny would slip a little more than normal and create more heat. Just MHO - I would tow ECT-ON and OD-Off

  2. 5/23/03 5:10:00 PM Submitted by Jay ( from LOUISIANA says Ect
    When I had my Taco, I always towed in Power mode. I don't know for sure if it was neccessary, but like Donny said, it makes sense and is the logical thing to do. Anyway, even if it does no good at all, I don't think it can hurt anything.

  3. 5/23/03 9:59:00 PM Submitted by Mike Corbett ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Ect
    Donny is right. I own a 4Runner and essentially the manual says that the ECT button delays the upshifting of the transmission. So if you're hauling a heavy load, especially in hilly terrain, or you just want to scoot away from the traffic light quicker (when you're not hauling the boat), then ECT on might be the way to go. I tow an aluminum boat on pretty flat terrain, so I've never used mine. Good fishin'! Mike

  4. 5/24/03 7:52:00 AM Submitted by Duffman ( from NEW JERSEY says Ect button...
    The ECT button delays the shift points by using shift solenoids in the trans valve body. By raising the shift point, you are able to rev the engine higher in each gear before it shifts, keeping the engine its best torque producing range. The drawback: heat, and it kills trannys. The load your pulling isnt that heavy, so either way you decide to tow will be fine. Keep on top of your trans services to keep the fluid clean.

  5. 5/26/03 1:06:00 PM Submitted by BigPhil ( from SOUTH CAROLINA says Thanks guys
    Thanks guys, ect on , OD off from now on!!

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