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SUBJECT: # 9433: What's your opinion - 1995 GMC 6.5 Diesel

Submitted by DG from ALABAMA on 8/29/03 8:45:00 AM

Looking at a 1995 K2500 GMC Sierra Ext. Cab Z71 with a 6.5ltr Turbo Diesel. This vehicle is in good shape and only has 112k miles on it. Does anyone have experience, good or bad, with this engine? I've never owned a diesel before so help me out. Thanks.

  1. 8/29/03 9:08:00 AM Submitted by Reel Work from TEXAS says Personally...
    I would stay away from those 90's Chevy Diesels... Some were good but I think that they tried to push a motor out there to compete with the Powerstroke and they didn't do their homework...

    Now the new d-max, that's a different story!

  2. 8/29/03 9:51:00 AM Submitted by Roby from TEXAS says Got to a agree
    The 95 GM diesel uses drive by wire technology that was a source of numerous problems when they first came out. There is a black driver module on the side of the injection pump that was the culprit. I have also seen 5 of these engines that broke the cranks. There are better choices out there.(and I am a Chevy man)

  3. 8/29/03 11:34:00 AM Submitted by Won Hunglo from TEXAS says Run run run away.
    The mid to late 90's 6.5 diesel engine is well know to eat injector pumps & break cranks. My brother bought on & until he got rid of it 2 years later it was eating injector pumps at a rate of one every 6000 miles. 98-99 Fichts were more dependable than the GM 6.5 diesel.

  4. 8/29/03 12:45:00 PM Submitted by DG from ALABAMA says Thanks
    After reading your responses I'll steer away from this vehicle. Thanks, DG

  5. 8/29/03 2:37:00 PM Submitted by kris ( from TEXAS says chevy
    I have a 93 chevy diesel. I have 190,000 miles on it and have only changed the oil and replaced the glowplugs once. It has never been in the shop other than that and is still running strong.

  6. 8/29/03 2:37:00 PM Submitted by Nasty ( from NORTH CAROLINA says 6.5td... a fairly good design. Agreed with all of the above posts. The 6.5TD was ahead of it's time with the Stanadyne DS4 injection pump. The Module (FSD) needs to be remotely located to provide additional cooling. There is an aftermarket FSD cooler available. Injection pumps that were diag'd bad, most were not. Dealers did not have qualified techs and just changed the injection pumps when it was the FSD or another component actually bad.

    I own a 97 6.6TD and have had the Injection pump rebuilt. Like any other mfg, they have done upgrades and redesigned the FSD and many other parts. My advice is to have a Diesel Shop do a pre-buy inspection. Make sure they are familuar with the 6.5TD (most are along with the POwer Stroke) and see what it turns up. Most pump problems show signs before it dies.

    97 and above have cooling system mods (dual thermostats & high flow water pump) and are the best years to look at. Kinda like the 99 and above POwer Strokes are the best years.


  7. 8/30/03 8:06:00 AM Submitted by jim ( from PENNSYLVANIA says good replies
    The engine is not as bad as its reputation however, for the same price, you could get a cummins or ford. Your chances of getting a bad one is less than the chevy.

  8. 9/11/03 9:40:00 AM Submitted by George Vass ( from NORTH CAROLINA says 6.5 chevy engines injector pumps
    I have a 94 K-5 Blazer that has 394,000 plus miles on it.

    I have had more problems with the lift pump that is frame mounted and the lower oil pressure switch that controls that pump. I have replaced the injector pump twice with rebuilds and I keep getting more mileage out of the newer rebuilds. (100,000) replaced - 247,000 replaced.

    I agree that heat is the mail problem associated with the injector pump as with most engine parts.

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