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SUBJECT: # 9516: What size garage do I need for 17 ft. boat and trailer?

Submitted by Rick R ( from NORTH CAROLINA on 9/28/03 8:25:00 PM

I will be moving as soon as I find a house that I like or get one built. I need to know how long a garage needs to be front to back for a 17 feet long boat and trailer to fit in straight. I don't want to turn it diagonally to make it fit. 18 feet would be the absolute largest boat that I might get but 17 feet is more likely. Thanks

  1. 9/28/03 9:09:00 PM Submitted by Ron1 from NORTH CAROLINA says Garage
    Go on the web site for the boat you have or are going to buy and they usually have the overall length of the boat on the trailer. Don't forget you have to measure from the end of the prop to the trailer hitch if your measuring a used boat set up.

  2. 9/28/03 9:51:00 PM Submitted by twinscrew ( from TEXAS says Give yourself a little room
    You never know what the future will bring. You might find a deal on a bigger boat that you can't pass up. Happened to me. Looking for an 18 to 20' bay boat, I came across a 23'8" boat with a "T" top that was too good to pass up. Glad that I didn't build the shed first.

  3. 9/28/03 11:29:00 PM Submitted by miker2 ( from FLORIDA says mine is about right
    built it 30' deep and have a 18'6"'s a comfortable fit with the motor tilted up.

  4. 9/29/03 2:24:00 PM Submitted by Spots and Dots ( from TEXAS says I agree with miker2
    You may as well get the biggest garage you can find. I bet you'll fill it up with something.

  5. 9/29/03 2:54:00 PM Submitted by Team9nine ( from INDIANA says garage size
    Like the others said, the longer the better. That said, to give you a better idea, I have a TR-176 that is 17'3" with 115 Johnson engine and breakaway tongue. With motor straight up and down (not on toter) and tongue retracted, I can squeeze it straight into my 19'6" garage with an inch or so to spare. Even the winch handle has to be either straight up or down for it to fit (LOL)!

  6. 9/29/03 6:10:00 PM Submitted by Whiteboat ( from FLORIDA says Garage space is cheap if your building
    On my first house, I extended the 2 car garage from the standard 20" depth to 24" for less than $2,000. On my current home, I extended a 3 car garage from the standard 20' depth to 30' for $10,000.

    If your building, get a minimum 25' depth if you can so that you can upgrade boats with taking up the entire garage by having to diagonally park it.

    You can never have too much garage. JMHO

  7. 9/29/03 7:53:00 PM Submitted by Ranger391v ( from SOUTH CAROLINA says which came first the chicken or the egg ????
    Like mentioned above, get the biggest you can afford. It's been my experience garages are just like boats, you'll buy something bigger than you think you need at the time and before you know it you'll have it full of stuff. I was looking for a 17.5' to 18' about 3 years ago, found a deal on this Ranger 391v (+19') that I couldn't pass up. Thing looked and fished like an aircraft carrier (was used to 17.5'). Now I don't notice it and all the empty space I once had is full of stuff. Garages are the same way. If you're planning on building a garage, buy the boat first and then think about how much extra room you'll need to put stuff in there, like your wifes car, lawn mower, kids toys, grill, dog house, mother-in-law's bed for when she visits (just kidding). You'll fill it up, trust me.

    Take Care Everyone


  8. 9/29/03 10:12:00 PM Submitted by McCoy ( from TENNESSEE says Garage
    24' would be the absolute minimum. Even then without a folding tongue, you may have to let the motor down to get the door closed.

  9. 9/30/03 11:12:00 PM Submitted by Rick R ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Thanks for the info.
    My wife and I are leaning toward buying an existing house but may end up getting a new home. I just hate that most garages are 20 or 21 feet front to back. Not many places available for new construction in the area that we want to move to. If we get the house that we looked at today, we shouldn't need to put much in the garage other than my fishing stuff because the house is over 3470 square feet and also has attic space.

  10. 10/1/03 1:47:00 PM Submitted by Phill ( from CALIFORNIA says LOL! Rick, you must be quite young?
    with your last sentence :-) "we shouldn't need to put much in the garage other than my fishing stuff" got me chuckling.

    Most any 17' boat will fit in a standard sized 20-22' deep garage if you have a break away tongue. The motor or outboard adds about 3'. Costs about $500 to have it done at a trailer place. Have them break the tongue as far back as possible, preferrably right below the bow.

  11. 10/2/03 11:24:00 AM Submitted by Ron1 from NORTH CAROLINA says Phill me too!
    I would start a list of what I had in my last garage to give Rick an idea of what was to come, but I think it would fill up a whole page here, LOL. Oh heck, just quickly I can think of the folowing couple of items for him to think about. 1. lawn mower 2. wheel barrow 3. 3 different size rakes 4. 2 shovels 5. 2 bags of fertilzer 6. 4 shelving units for junk 7. 1 1/2 work benches 8. 2 ladders 9. 2 5 gal buckets & car washing stuff

    Well you get the idea. There's a basic law of home ownership that says " You will fill all availible space with stuff".

  12. 10/2/03 10:14:00 PM Submitted by Rick R ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Hey Phill, I'm 40
    You have to understand that I'm used to a little over 1200 sq. ft. plus a one car garage. Getting almost triple the square footage and double the garage size is a huge jump. Also, a key word in my message was need. Big difference between what I want and need. I'm sure I'll find a bunch of things to fill it. Especially since I won't have a house payment. Father-in-law is buying it for us. I'll just need to sell the house that I own now. Hope the seller accepts my offer. There's a big gap between what I'll offer and the asking price.

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