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SUBJECT: # 9924: License Plates in Mississippi

Submitted by BassnJoe from TENNESSEE on 2/9/04 7:59:00 AM

Do you have to have a license plate on your boat trailer in Mississippi? I can't find the answer on the DMV website. thx, Joe

  1. 2/9/04 9:38:00 AM Submitted by Sandy from MISSISSIPPI says Good Question.
    I have plates on two boat trailors that I sometimes take out of state. I asked a DNR officer several years ago that question and the response was they (DMV) might start pushing it. It is a crime when they make you pay for time not registered after renewing boat registration and tags for the trailor after not using full time.

  2. 2/9/04 10:47:00 PM Submitted by RedAllison ( from TENNESSEE says Joe you in TN or MS???
    If you live in TN and your boat and truck are registered in TN then NO you do not need tags to haul your boat in MS. Its been 13 years since I lived in Memphis (live up I-40 in Jackson, TN now) but I remember when registering boats back then you could actually be a TN resident, have a TN boat and truck yet actually get MS registration on your boat if thats where you did the majority of your boating (most Memphians boat in north MS) but I dont know if thats still an option. Even then you still didnt have to have trailer tags. Regardless I would think that even tho you had "MS reg #s" on your boat, you would still be a Tennessean and wouldnt be liable to MS registration laws.

    I'd say they have enough money from Tunica, why bother a poor saps fishin boat? RA

  3. 2/9/04 11:41:00 PM Submitted by Bill Gordon ( from MISSISSIPPI says License plates
    Yes, you must have a license plate on all boat trailers in Mississippi. All trailers,( boat, utility,or any other type of trailer) are required to be tagged with a private trailer tag just like a vehicle.They are not that bad though. Around 25 to 30 dollars for my 20' Triton.

  4. 2/10/04 12:14:00 AM Submitted by RedAllison ( from TENNESSEE says Bill thats only if you live in MS...

    ps Im still assumin that Joe lives in TN!!!

  5. 2/10/04 8:01:00 AM Submitted by BassnJoe from TENNESSEE says Tags
    Hi guys, I live in TN but have a place at Sardis, Ms. I can use either address on registering my trailer/boat. I agree, Tunica gets enough Tn money already! thx everyone for the reply. Joe

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