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SUBJECT: # 3188: can i get a ride - KITS Z21 RANGER IS FOR SALE!

Submitted by mr2ndplace ( from KANSAS on 2/26/2010 7:12:00 AM

can i get a ride - KITS Z21 RANGER IS FOR SALE!

to all my close friends....struggling through economic hard times....if anyone knos of anyone shopping for for a reallly nice 2005 Z21 Ranger w/ a 225 Pro XS Merc (warranty till 07/2010) - ive got the boat they need.....let them kno i'm throwing in extra trolling motor and extra prop, cover, seats, new tires, new carpet, - this "TOY" is loaded w/ goodies....professionally cleaned up - ready to rock and roll! for rally....can i get a ride? (i think i have a place to stay G. curb expenses) i kno how to fish, might even kno where to go and what to catch'm with.......dont kno how these rallies work....if you draw or gotta bring your own ride?

phone numbers for boat inquiries....913-422-3330 (leave a message/phone number to call back.)

Sincerely Kit Lueg

  1. 2/26/2010 7:40:00 AM Submitted by C. #10370 from TEXAS says Kit
    Without the formal Rally structure, we don't have a "tournament" or do the draws as before, but may try to get a big bass pot going -- that depends on how many want it.

    Boaters and non-b's usually try to pair up beforehand, but worse case we can always do the 3/per thing as some folks coming don't mind accommodating that. That's not a big deal as it is just "fun fishing" anyway.

    One suggestion - if you're staying with George, talk him into joining us - I sent him an invite some time ago. Another suggestion would be to contact Sam and see if you can talk him into coming -- he got an invite too.

    Last year, Phil Garrod came alone and had a boat seat available, but we haven't heard from him so far this year. Jeff Wells may come, but we don't have a definite from him yet as he's got a wife's birthday conflict.

    Haven't heard yet whether David Johns is coming alone or if he will have someone with him. If the former, he's also a possibility.

    All that said, come on down, we'd love to see you again!


  2. 3/2/2010 7:37:00 PM Submitted by Davde Johns ( from TEXAS says Kit
    You can ride with me if you want, I will probably be alone.

    Looking forward to Memorial Day.

  3. 3/4/2010 11:22:00 PM Submitted by Jeff W from TX ( from TEXAS says I Know I'll be there Saturday
    Sorry about the hard times Kit. I will be at the Rally Saturday. You can fish with me on Saturday. Unless you want to run 110 MPH with Dave :). I can only hit about 72 but it is a nice ride even at 72.

    I'm just not sure about Sunday. It's my wife's birthday. I've been married 30 years now and I'm not about to screw up a good thing just to fish one day. That bing said, we'll see when the time gets a little closer.

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