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SEBILE High Quality and Innovation to Include Terminal Tackle in 2011


SEBILE High Quality and Innovation to Include Terminal Tackle in

Hard and soft baits aren't all that SEBILE plans to offer anglers in
2011. High quality, innovative terminal tackle is on the horizon

PALMER LAKE, Colo., July 6, 2010 — Anglers do not succeed by having
great lures alone. Great lures require great accessories and components,
and Patrick Sebile is producing them for 2011. A great Flats Jighead in 14
different models, Light, Medium and Power Game Snaps in 12 sizes, SEBILE's
trusted Split Rings in 12 sizes and Dressed Trailer Hooks in 3 sizes are
certain to meet the wide-ranging needs of all great anglers who desire to
improve their success with the very best accessories and terminal tackle
to be produced by SEBILE in 2011 and beyond.

About SEBILE's Light, Medium & Power Game Snaps

Sudden opportunities often arise to catch a fish on a lure other than
the one attached. Unfortunately, it may take too long to retie and the
opportunity can be lost. That's why Patrick Sebile felt the need for
SEBILE Game Snaps. He desired to be able to change lures quickly, yet he
was not happy with the snaps on the market. Fishing everywhere for every
kind of species under all fishing conditions, Patrick determined that a
range of snaps were needed to perfectly cover all situations:

  1. Light Game Snaps. Three sizes. For light line fishing, very
    small to small lures with subtle action that may be stifled by too heavy
    a snap. Fish lifted by hand or net.
  2. Medium Game Snaps. Six sizes. This is the model that will
    meet most situations and fishing needs. Egg-shaped medium wire with
    safety locking clasp. For small to big lures. For light to strong lines
    and leaders.
  3. Power Game Snaps. Three sizes. Reserved for the strongest
    fish. For medium to extra large lures, strong to extra heavy lines,
    perfect for all big game fish in fresh and saltwater. Elongated shape,
    heavy interlocking wire.

About the Flats Jighead

The Flats Jighead, as the name says it, has been developed to be fished
in shallow water. Initially created and tested for Florida’s flats, they
are the jig head to be used every time you need a slower descent and an
increased lure action, together with an extremely strong hook with a
long-lasting sharpness of the point and an excellent rust-proof coating.
The shape of the head is designed with a high center of gravity, most of
the mass situated above the hook’s shank, and a front flat area is
designed to improve the jig's resistance against the water on the drop.
When fishing shallow, one key to more strikes is that the longer the
bait’s drop lasts, the more chances to get a bite as well! Plus the Flats
Jighead is designed with "limited stability" meaning that the bait will
have more side-to-side roll every time you twitch or jerk it - and quite
simply, more action equates to more chances for a bite! Forget all the
other ill-designed jigheads which sit there only to give weight to the
bait; the SEBILE Flats Jighead is truly part of the fish-attracting action

The Flats Jighead comes in seven weights ranging from 3/32 to 3/4 oz,
four hook sizes ranging from 1/0 to 6/0 and two hook lengths - short shank
and long shank. This freedom of choice helps you to better match your
needs, depending on the length and type of baits you use as well as the
biting habits of the targeted species. Some are known to bite the head,
some the body or the tail, so the right hook at the right place means more
fish on the line!

The hook wire is truly reliable and will permit you to land any kind of
you will hook on the flats with no risk of opening; it was designed
to be the strongest hook a flats angler may need. The point is sharpened
and hardened to last long, catch after catch, and SEBILE's special black
nickel finish makes it especially rust resistant.

To make each different size easily recognizable, each Flats Jighead has
the hook size and weight printed on front. SEBILE uses an extremely strong
and resilient paint coating and printing, so even after numerous catches
with the Flats Jighead, you will be able to read the tech specs on front
of it. Comes in 3 highly attractive colors.

MSRP: Flats Jig Head (3 per pack) 3/32 oz $7.16, 1/8 oz $7.42, 3/16 oz
$7.69, 1/4 oz $7.95, 3/8 oz $8.75, 1/2 oz $9.28, 3/4 oz $10.07

About the Dressed Trailer Hook

SEBILE brings innovation to anglers in every way we can help your
fishing, including the Dressed Trailer Hook in 1/0 to 5/0 sizes and 3
attractive colors. With a wider gap than a normal trailer hook, it holds
better in the fish’s mouth. The point sits at a level slightly above the
primary lure’s hook point. Strong and super sharp, the hard black nickel
finish is durable and corrosion-resistant in both fresh and saltwater. By
"dressed", SEBILE means that they've added a skirt to the trailer hook,
and it makes the lure’s visual volume bigger to increase the action and
apparent size of the bait to the fish. On those rare yet vexing days when
fish strike short or miss the hook, you'll find that the Dressed Trailer
Hook is the perfect addition to many kinds or brands of spinnerbaits,
buzzbaits and jigs. including SEBILE's award-winning Pro-Shad Spinnerbait,
the Proppler Buzz, and to replace the treble hook on the Onduspoon to
limit snags in shallow areas.

About the SEBILE Split Rings

The SEBILE split rings are the same ones that come standard on every
SEBILE hard bait. They are specified and selected by Patrick Sebile for
their long-lasting reliability. Size to size, they are amongst the
strongest on the market, with a high resistance against pull and against
opening. The stainless steel selected for these rings is properly forged
for an even increased resistance and ability to endure, plus they are
rustproof. You may replace existing split rings on any lure you have by
matching the actual size. If you desire to upgrade your bait so it has
extra resistance, you may step up to a little larger SEBILE split ring.
The wide range of SEBILE split ring sizes (12 in all) permits you to meet
all of your lure needs, from light tackle lures to bluewater fishing.


width="600" height="363">
SEBILE Light, Medium and Power Game Snaps

Flats Jighead comes in short and long shank and
3/32, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 oz sizes <

Photo shows the high quality and outstanding value you get
with SEBILE products. This Flats Jighead has caught over 50 redfish and
still has its paint, the printing is clearly readable, and the hook is as
sharp as ever!

Dressed Trailer Hook

Dressed Trailer Hook rigged on Proppler Buzz Download hi-res

SEBILE Split Rings are forged for extra strength
and come in sizes to meet all of your lure needs, from light tackle lures
to bluewater fishing Download hi-res

About SEBILE Innovative Fishing

SEBILE is not a typical company that produces common styles and
currently popular tackle as copy makers in the industry do; but SEBILE
researches, tests and offers anglers unique products that are
one-of-a-kind and that truly “speak” to the fish more than to the angler,
and that is a big part of the success that SEBILE baits have had in the
short time the company has been in business.

Headquartered in Palmer Lake, Colorado, SEBILE has product distribution
in over forty countries. Patrick Sebile is CEO, founder and product

Patrick has landed over 600 species of fish in fresh and salt water in
63 countries. He has developed the company's entire product line of
sportfishing tackle based on his vast experience, including designing
fishing products for over twenty years for other major tackle companies
prior to founding his own company in 2006.

Media Contact:

Russell Gray, Sebile USA

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