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ICAST Award-Winning SEBILE Magic Swimmer Soft Gets 2 Bigger Sizes and


ICAST Award-Winning SEBILE Magic Swimmer Soft Gets 2 Bigger Sizes and
6 New Colors for 2011

Stunning new spectrum of natural prey colors and new larger sizes to
debut at ICAST

PALMER LAKE, Colo., July 5, 2010 — A premium, hand-painted swimbait
with great durability and incredible swimming action, the Magic Swimmer
Soft won Best Soft Bait of 2009 at ICAST in Orlando, Florida.

For 2011, the Magic Swimmer Soft will be available in two new, larger
sizes and six exciting new natural prey colors.

Each pack of Magic Swimmers comes with the SEBILE Soft Weight System
which also won an industry award of its own - Best Accessory / Terminal
Tackle of 2010 at EFTTEX in Valencia, Spain.

The Soft Weight System (and every pack of Magic Swimmers) includes a
custom-made SEBILE hook, one that matches perfectly to each size Magic
Swimmer Soft plus tungsten rubber weights that can be added, removed or
repositioned on the hook shank to adjust the depth, action, swimming speed
and castability, to better match changing fishing conditions.

So you get not one but two industry award-winning products in every
pack of Magic Swimmer Soft swimbaits!

You may wonder how much does a double-award winning product like this
cost? The Magic Swimmer Soft is truly one of the best buys in the premium,
hand-painted sector of the swimbait market. We know of no other premium
swimbait that is so affordable for such high quality.

Two New Larger Magic Swimmer 160 and 200 Sizes for 2011

The Magic Swimmer Soft increases its range of uses with two new, larger
sizes for 2011. The new Magic Swimmer Soft 160 measures 6-1/4" (160mm) and
weighs 1-1/4 oz (36g) by itself before hooks or weights are attached. The
Magic Swimmer Soft 200 weighs in at 8" (200mm) and a hefty 2-3/8 oz (68g)

Not only do the new 160 and 200 sizes make great baits for casting and
spinning for a variety of bigger predators in fresh and saltwater (such as
striped bass, trophy largemouth or muskie), they also offer possibilities
to troll them slowly like live bait, on flat lines, outriggers and
downriggers to target bluewater gamefish such as amberjack, sailfish and
marlin. The new 200mm, 160mm as well as 130mm can be simply rigged with a
“J” or a circle hook running through the head, from under the chin and out
the top of its nose. Yes, that's right, simply use them as you would live
baitfish. Just let the durable, double-jointed Magic Swimmer Soft show you
why we say it swims and catches fish as good as a real baitfish.

MSRP: Magic Swimmer Soft (Pro Pack) 105 $16.96, 130 $15.90, 160 $19.08,
200 $22.26


The Magic Swimmer Soft comes in four sizes for
2011: 105mm, 130mm, 160mm, 200mm Download hi-res

Six exciting new colors of ICAST award-winning Magic
Swimmer Soft are in store for 2011 Download hi-res

About SEBILE Innovative Fishing

SEBILE is not a typical company that produces common styles and
currently popular tackle as copy makers in the industry do; but SEBILE
researches, tests and offers anglers unique products that are
one-of-a-kind and that truly “speak” to the fish more than to the angler,
and that is a big part of the success that SEBILE baits have had in the
short time the company has been in business.

Headquartered in Palmer Lake, Colorado, SEBILE has product distribution
in over forty countries. Patrick Sebile is CEO, founder and product

Patrick has landed over 600 species of fish in fresh and salt water in
63 countries. He has developed the company's entire product line of
sportfishing tackle based on his vast experience, including designing
fishing products for over twenty years for other major tackle companies
prior to founding his own company in 2006.

Media Contact:

Russell Gray, Sebile USA

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