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SEBILE Adds Innovative Models to Crankster and Koolie Minnow Product Lines for 2011


SEBILE Adds Innovative Models to Crankster and Koolie Minnow Product
Lines for 2011

New Crankster SR goes shallow and wide while new Koolie Minnow LL goes
long distance and deep for 2011

PALMER LAKE, Colo., July 2, 2010 — Hard plastic baits are the favorites
of many anglers. Let's be honest. There's not much to make one fall in
love with a soft plastic worm or a shiny spoon. Jigs come and go with no
emotional attachment. Anglers fish them and forget them. With hard plastic
lures however, anglers tend to get attached to them. Whether crankbaits
like SEBILE's Crankster line or lipped lures like SEBILE's Koolie Minnows,
it is the realism in shape, the ornate details, lustrous finishes and
exaggerated actions that we find endearing in hard lures.

Now SEBILE has added two new models that look so fine, you'll certainly
want to add them to your personal favorite lure collection in 2011.

About the Crankster SR Shallow Runner

The Crankster SR Shallow Runner has the same body shape as the
Crankster MR Medium Runner and it has the same heavy metal free-floating
ball bearing inside for mass transfer of much of the Crankster's weight
into the tail for increased casting distance and accuracy. It's this heavy
bead inside that also gives the Crankster SR its attractive rattle that
can be heard for long distances underwater.

The Crankster SR has its lip designed at a special angle, matched to
the shape and the balance of its body, so that the bait will swim
seductively a few inches under the surface, creating an attractive trail
of subsurface turbulence and heavy rattling noise that predators sense
with their lateral lines.

It is very easy to change the swimming level from very close to the
surface and almost waking on a slow retrieve to swimming several inches
deep by changing the rod angle. If you keep the rod at about a 45-50
degree angle, that will help keep the bait right under the surface
throughout the retrieve. By holding the rod tip down, it will then swim
from 4" (SR 50) to 10" (SR 65) deep. You may even alternate between the
actions on the same retrieve by switching between holding the rod up and
keeping it down.

Summer, when weeds are at their thickest and rise closest to the
water's surface is a great time to capitalize on the Crankster SR's
shallow nature and loud rattle that calls bass out from under the thick

In tidal rivers, other crankbaits may become unusable at low tide, due
to emergent vegetation as the tide ebbs, making the Crankster SR's shallow
swimming level and rattle indispensible once again.

Night fishing is a great time for the Crankster SR's large profile to
be silhouetted against the night sky, making it an obvious target for any
predator that hones in on its large profile, subsurface turbulence trail
and loud sound at night.

During the day, any time when it gets very windy and the surface of the
water is choppy, rippled or wind-smeared, you may want to try the
Crankster SR. Under these conditions, a typical topwater lure may get lost
in the surface commotion and a topwater may not be able to call attention
to itself because of all the surface action of the water itself. The
beauty of the Crankster SR is that it descends a few inches underneath the
chaotic surface of the water when it's choppy or windy. There, a few
inches beneath the surface chaos, the Crankster SR is very visible, very
vulnerable, singled out and susceptible to any gamefish that is ready to
grab at it!

So you can see how the subsurface nature of the new Crankster SR
Shallow Runner gives you many possibilities under many conditions.

MSRP: Crankster SR 50 $15.37, SR 65 $16.11

About the Koolie Minnow 102 LL Long Lip

Whenever predators are feeding on long, slender baitfish in fresh or
saltwater, there is a SEBILE Koolie Minnow to cover any situation or

What's innovative about the new Koolie Minnow LL 102 is it is the sole
member of the family that has a heavy metal bead for mass transfer of the
lure's weight. The bead runs into the tail for long distance and accuracy
on the cast. This provides the new LL 102 with the best ability for long
casts, making this model a great lure to target fish far away and deep.
The bead returns to the lure's belly for stability and action during the
retrieve or on the troll. The Koolie LL 102 has a wiggling, rolling
action, and dives deeper than other minnow baits of comparable size. It
catches fish just like a crankbait when used with a steady retrieve. Also
superb to use as a jerkbait with a cadence of jerks and pauses. It may be
trolled or strummed in a current.

"What I like very much with the Koolie LL 102 is that this bait goes
really deep for its size without pulling heavily on the rod tip," says
Patrick Sebile. "Less water resistance means less pulsation from the lure
felt in the rod tip. Due to its unique bridged lip design, there is less
feel of the lure throb, and that also increases the angler’s sensitivity
to anything - a short strike, grass or debris on the hook, contact with
bottom or cover - all are easier to detect since the lip resistance itself
is not the overpowering sensation. So you can more easily detect short
strikes, bottom, cover, debris and react quicker to whatever you feel
making contact with the lure."

In terms of body length, the 4" long Koolie Minnow LL 102 completes
SEBILE's LL family by fitting in between the 3-1/2" Koolie Minnow LL 90
and the 4-5/8" Koolie Minnow LL 118.

MSRP: Koolie Minnow LL 102 $16.43


Crankster SR 65 and SR 50 Download hi-res

Koolie Minnow LL 102 Download hi-res

About SEBILE Innovative Fishing

SEBILE is not a typical company that produces common styles and
currently popular tackle as copy makers in the industry do; but SEBILE
researches, tests and offers anglers unique products that are
one-of-a-kind and that truly “speak” to the fish more than to the angler,
and that is a big part of the success that SEBILE baits have had in the
short time the company has been in business.

Headquartered in Palmer Lake, Colorado, SEBILE has product distribution
in over forty countries. Patrick Sebile is CEO, founder and product

Patrick has landed over 600 species of fish in fresh and salt water in
63 countries. He has developed the company's entire product line of
sportfishing tackle based on his vast experience, including designing
fishing products for over twenty years for other major tackle companies
prior to founding his own company in 2006.

Media Contact:

Russell Gray, Sebile USA

# # #

by BFHP Fishing News


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