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SEBILE Revolutionizes Lipless Crankbaits with Innovative Snagless Design for 2011


SEBILE Revolutionizes Lipless Crankbaits with Innovative Snagless
Design for 2011

Forget everything you ever thought you knew about lipless crankbaits.
SEBILE redefines the lipless crank for 2011

PALMER LAKE, Colo., July 2, 2010 — How do you take the "secret bait"
that has helped redfish champions, Cajun Phil Broussard and Capt. Kev
Broussard, to have the best season a redfish tournament team can dream of,
wining the Redfish Cup Championship and Team of the Year Title plus wins
before and since - and then make that lure even better? How do you take
the bait that has helped top bass pros Jeff Kriet and Todd Faircloth
respectively and respectably place second and third in the 2010 Bassmaster
Classic this spring - and then improve upon it?

Legendary lure designer Patrick SEBILE is not one to rest upon his
laurels. He's taken the Flatt Shad lipless crankbait, one of his most
effective lure designs, and he's produced a new version that is even
better for the snaggy, grassy and cover-filled conditions where lipless
cranks are often at their very best for redfish, for largemouth or for
many other fresh and saltwater species.

Ask any top bass pro what they do with their lipless cranks, and
chances are you'll hear the top pros say they often switch out the stock
treble hooks for two even bigger hooks. Ask Patrick Sebile, however, and
he'll tell you that he's made the lipless Flatt Shad snagless for 2011 by
developing a special snag-resistant double hook for the belly while using
a hookless feather teaser for the tail. It goes against the grain of
everything you thought you knew or had ever heard about lipless

"Why the Flatt Shad Snagless works so well has to do with its
side-to-side swimming action that causes its body to switch from right to
left rapidly even on a slow retrieve. The side-switching body is
constantly in a position where it can deflect something like a branch, a
stalk of grass or even a rock. So that rapid series of deflective
movements shields the whole bait and especially the double hook from
snagging against any obstacles that the lure may hit or encounter,"
explains Patrick.

"The second design feature that makes the Flatt Shad Snagless possible
is that only a double hook with a lot of freedom of movement will work
here. If it is a standard double hook that is too stiff or too short and
doesn't have enough freedom to lag behind the body, there will be a lot of
snags and also, missed strikes. Ample freedom or "play" is needed to
really be efficient at hooking fish and also the right dimensions of every
hook proportion must be perfect which is why SEBILE custom-designed the
exact hook for the job. By having the proper hook, what happens is when
the Flatt Shad body switches to the right, both upward-facing points of
the double hook will be lagging behind (to the left) because the hook just
follows the body, always one beat behind it. On the next beat, when the
body switches to the left, the double hook will swing to the right. So the
hook will always lag one beat behind the body, thereby always protected
from snags by the body. The body always takes the leading step, the double
hook always takes the following step, and when the side of the body hits a
branch, a stalk of grass or a rock, it deflects away before the hook
swings to that side. That's what makes the big difference for snagless
fishing." reveals Sebile.

"It is also very important to be very snagless that we only use a hook
on the belly of the lure. Having any hook on the tail really increases the
number of snags without really increasing the number of fish hooked, plus
that flickering hookless feather really adds to the allure."

"Also, something that people may be surprised to hear is that when you
have a regular lure with two treble hooks, that means the lure has six
hook points and at the moment of a strike, when you set the hook, then all
the pressure you put on the line to set those hooks has to be divided
between those six points so you may have a lower quality or poorer hookset
and that is why a jig head for example is very efficient, since all the
power goes on that single hook. So having just two hook points on the
Flatt Shad Snagless instead of six is really very efficient and hooks fish
very well," concludes the legendary lure designer.

You need to experience this innovative breakthrough in lipless lure
design to truly believe it. It is far better at getting into and out of
thick cover compared to most any other hardbait. The way the cleverly
configured double hook catches fish, it is like using a flipping jig.
Often both hook points are embedded deep in the roof of the mouth. It
hooks fish solidly and holds them securely like using a jig hook - except
it is a lipless crankbait.

Indeed, the Flatt Shad Snagless cab be used in thick cover just as one
uses a flipping jig. Due to its perfect fall and snagless nature, it can
be flipped into heavy cover and allowed to fall to bottom on a loose line.
After it hits bottom, it can be twitched a few times which generates
strong vibration, and then swim it out of the cover to flip and drop it
into another spot. Used this way, it is the closest thing to a flipping
jig, except it's a lipless, snagless crankbait! This is something very
unique that most people won’t think about – you just have to try one and
see why we say that SEBILE has revolutionized lipless crankbaits with this
innovative snagless design for 2011.


Two new models for 2011: 1) the Flatt Shad
Snagless 66 SK Sinking and 2) the Flatt Shad 66 XH SK (Extra Heavy Sinking).

About SEBILE Innovative Fishing

SEBILE is not a typical company that produces common styles and
currently popular tackle as copy makers in the industry do; but SEBILE
researches, tests and offers anglers unique products that are
one-of-a-kind and that truly “speak” to the fish more than to the angler,
and that is a big part of the success that SEBILE baits have had in the
short time the company has been in business.

Headquartered in Palmer Lake, Colorado, SEBILE has product distribution
in over forty countries. Patrick Sebile is CEO, founder and product

Patrick has landed over 600 species of fish in fresh and salt water in
63 countries. He has developed the company's entire product line of
sportfishing tackle based on his vast experience, including designing
fishing products for over twenty years for other major tackle companies
prior to founding his own company in 2006.

Media Contact:

Russell Gray, Sebile USA

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