Pop Ads and the Bass Fishing Home Page and Saltwater Fishing Home Page

Pop-Up and Pop-Under Ads are necessary to pay our business overhead and keep the Bass Fishing Home Page and Saltwater Fishing Home Page available.

During the past year we have seen banner revenue diminish drastically. Simultaneously, the commission taken by our advertising firms has increased significantly. In August, we served about 1 1/2 times as many pages (and ads) as last year and received less then 1/10 as much revenue. This does not mean much to you as a BFHP/SFHP reader, but for WMI (Mark and I) it has meant no salary from these pages since last October of 2000.

Since the National Tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001 95% of the advertising dollars were pulled back from the internet. Since Friday, Set. 14 our revenues from 24/7 Media (our main advertising company) has been $0. Engage Media who was our second largest advertising firm has notified us that they will no longer be serving banner ads (effective 9/23.) And Burst Media has reported that the average cpm (cost per thousand views) of their banners is at an all time low -- virtually all of it's advertising is now click-through based (we don't get paid unless you click on the banner.)

In order to stay in business and continue to provide the Bass Fishing Home Page and Saltwater Fishing Home Page we have started using Pop-up ads and Pop-Behind Ads to suppliment our revenue. Neither Mark nor I like this form of advertising but it is where the current internet advertising money and we should be able to earn enough revenue from them to keep the pages free to all fishermen.

We will stop the use of Pop Ads as soon as the revenue from these full banners return to theirnormal levels that will allow us to pay the overhead associated with the service of these pages. We hope that you (our readers) will bear with us through this trying time but if you cannot tolerate Pop-Ads please visit one of the following sites to obtain software that can be used to prevent Pop-Ads: