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Tims Ford From: Stretch (, Tennessee
Chris Smith and pardner won with about 17.5 # Big fish were 5.3 and 5.19. There were 106 boats and 106 returned
Coca Cola Tournament @ Tims Ford From: bullet73 (, Tennessee
First place was over 17 1/2 lbs, second was over 16 3/4 lbs, third was over 15, fourth was 10.8 lbs and fifth was 10 lbs. First big fish was 5.56 lbs and last big fish was 5.19 lbs.
Tims Ford From: Big Smallie (, Virginia
Nice fish caught in Coke tourny, but what patterns are these guys catching these fish on? Where they Largemouth or smallmouth because there is a new slot limit on smallies on Tims this year I figured the bags would be smaller. If anyone can help on areas, baits/colors, depth it would be appreciated. Heading down to Tims for the 1st time this year next weekend. Thanks

Weights?? From: G man (, Tennessee
Big Smallie, I'm not sure what list you were looking at. Yes, it took a nice sack to win this tourny. Out of 107 boats I beleive there were only 3 or 4 limits weighed in. 4th place was 10+ lbs. The fishing is terrible on Tims this spring. If it was on 15 lbs or 16lbs wouldn't even get you a check. I don't know of ANYONE who is consistantly catching good sacks. The water is MUCH CLEARER this year for the time of year. We haven't had enough rains this year to give Tims that nice stained color to it that makes the fishing better and more consistant. As far as the size limit on smallmouths, I talked to several anglers this weekend who caught several brown fish in the 15-17 3/4 inch range that didn't have a keeper.

I don't think the size limit is really affecting tournaments- well maybe this year it is because it has been so tough; however when the bite is on it is going to take those 18+ inch smallies to win anyways. That's why my partner and I go after those HOLLERHEADS!!!

no patterns........ From: craig g (, Tennessee
Depending on who you talk to, everyone is catching them in different ways, for the ones that are catching them. He had several short smallies, fun indeed but it don't get ya a check. The water is clear for sure, find ya some dorty water and catch em, but we only catchin the slicks and short smallies. Sure hurts when ya turning back 17 3/4" smallies weighing 3 lbs and fat.... but maybe all will break loose soon.
Tims Patterns From: Big Smallie (, Tennessee
I am interested in the largmouth patterns not only smallmouth. I know about throwing jearkbaits, tubes, grubs, and samll crankbaits for the smallmouths. On what parts of Tims are better to fish for quality size largemouth in the spring? What kinds of baits were these guys in tourny catching the goods bags on? Thanks
up...... From: craig g (, Tennessee
If ya want the large mouth, I would personally concetrate on fishing from Devils step up in the river and other areas. Not sure what the winners were doing, did hear some of the others flipped all day that placed high....
River From: Big Smallie (, Tennessee
Are you talking about the Elk river. When you say above Devils Step what do you mean. Do you have a dept range. Thanks
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