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question Bob From: RJR, Missouri
when you put in at the Causeway, is that the ramp just to the south of I-10 as you cross the Bay? I went over it this week and was just wondering. Thanks and keep the reports coming!
Launch Ramp From: Bob Ward #10250, Alabama
The ramp you see from I-10 south as you cross the top of Mobile Bay is the Chocalotta Ramp where you can launch free into Chocalotta Bay. The ramp I used Saturday is off highway 225, also free, which launches into the Tensaw River in the middle Delta (about 15 miles north).
Delta-Cliffs From: FOM Alabama South #10487, Alabama
Bob, Were ya'll at Cliffs on Saturday or Sunday? We had our second Legacy at Cliffs on Saturday. There were a bunch of people there Saturday. They caught quite a few fish. I don't have any numbers yet, but will post as soon as it get it tallied. Thanks for the report. Keep them coming. God Bless, Allen
Cliff''s Landing From: Bob Ward #10250, Alabama
Yes, Allen, we were at Cliff's Saturday. What a mess. I have never seen so many boats and trailers. There was little tide movement and we did not do well.
Cliffs-Tensaw Delta From: FOM Alabama South #10487, Alabama
Bob, Yes it was a mess. The sad part is that is what it is like everytime we go there. I can't wait for Live Oak to get opened up to the public. Next time you see us somewhere come over and introduce yourself to me. I would love to get to meet you. I am sure you saw where we were set up at. From that point we get to see a lot of interesting things. God Bless, Allen
Cliff's Landing From: Bob Ward #10250, Alabama
No, Allen, I did not see where you were set up. Fortunately my son was with me and walked the mile or so to get the trailer while I stayed in the boat. A 24 footer whose engine wouldn't start was partially blocking the take-out ramp and people were eligally parked everywhere. As soon as we got the boat on the trailer we got out of there as quickly as possible. But thanks for the invite. I will make a special effort to get to your next set-up site.
Saturday From: FOM Alabama South #10487, Alabama
I look forward to meeting you sometime. you are right about the mess. It was something else. That is why I am looking forward to Live Oak reopening. God Bless, Allen
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