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bass fishing From: bob (, New york
I fish sacandaga sometimes, and always have trouble cacthing bass, in which area were you fishing because i dont really know alot about the lake. Thank you
To Bob From: Rick C. (, New jersey
Sacandaga is basically 2 arms (northville and Batcherville)connected by a large bowl. I launched at the state launch in Northville and fished a large area. Start right at the northville bridge--go past the bridge and there is a deep flat on the left, all hard bottom with part of an old mill foundation. (good for 'eyes also) Then I go down the arm bangin the points, pick the ones with hard bottom, rocky banks, if you dont raise one with a topwater i'd keep movin. After a topwater hit work the whole area with twistertails. I fish the Nothiville arm and the bowl in spring and early summer, then switch to the other arm in hot weather. There is also a state launch there. Good luck
P.S. to Bob From: R.Como (, New jersey
If you arn't launching your boat before dawn just stay home. I've found the bite to be early A.M.(lots of boat traffic later).
good smallie fishing From: Ron (, Connecticut
Just came back Saturday from 3 days of fishing on Sacandaga. This was our first time there and I found the fishing very easy since this lake appears to not get alot of pressure from the bass fishermen. I hear it is known for Walleye and Pike. I caught a 3 lb rainbow on a rubber worm in practice.

The clear water in this lake makes many anglers over estimate the size of the fish. For 2 days, our members pre-fishing were on 2-3lb SM. I was on a bag in the 8 pound range. Tournament day I came in 4th with 9 pounds and all but 2 people had the normal Sacandaga 7 pound limits. These fish fight very well since there is virtually no food for them in the lake. There are no real weeds and only rocks and docks for cover.

We caught between 30-40 a day without much effort. The fish were on topwater and by 10am would be whacking the tubes almost anywhere there were nice size bolders.

I was impressed by the lake although a slot limit of 12-14" and introduction of milfoil could turn this lake into one of the best in the North. Too many jet skiers for sure!

fishing north of MD. NY., Conn. From: steve snider (, New mexico
I'm looking for a small elec. motor only or limited horsepower res. north of MD. to go fish for a couple days looking for good sm,bass and walleye lakes that have good quality fish in them my email is if anyone knows of such a lake or lakes please email me thanks Steve.
To Rick C. et al. From: Gk (, New york
With such fine largemouth bass fisheries as Saratoga Lake, the Mohawk River, and Lake Champlain (to name only a few) within a short drive of The Great Sacandaga Reservoir, there's a lot of great water to fish in the area. Add to this the lack of weeds and the wildly fluctuating water levels of Sacandaga and it's easy to see why it's overlooked by so many bass fishermen. Comments made about boat traffic are true enough, with good access from state, town, and private launches, there is considerable congestion from pleasure craft, but that applies to most of the waters we fish. I suspect, however, that there will be plenty of bass fishermen out this weekend due to the July 1st Northeast Team Bass tournament. Sacandaga is a wonderful fishery, particularly for walleye, where the lack of weeds makes trolling extremely efficient. As far as bass, well, I never felt it was as productive as the other water I mentioned. I've also heard enough horror stories about hitting the boulders during huge drawdowns to keep me away in dry years in the past. As most of us locals know, the Sacandaga is used to control the water level of the Hudson River. In the spring, the water level of the reservoir rises as snow melt and run-off from rain are held back to prevent flooding of the Hudson. It is then drawn down throughout the summer as necessary to sustain navigable levels in the river. More information is available at If you do want to fish the lake, and are not familiar with it, I strongly recommend a nav chart. At the very least, you should pick up a map. They're available for free at the visitor center in Broadalbin (friendly people there to answer your questions too!). After all that, I still probably won't fish it again till fall. Like I said, so much good water, you know the rest! See ya on the water an' fish till it hurts!
To GK and all From: Rick C. (, New jersey
I've been in the Northville area and fished Sacandaga a lot but have not fished the Mohawk. I have a 17 ft smokercraft alum w/75 hp and elect trol. motor and would like to give it a try. Hoping you can give some info for good fishing areas with launch nearby. Will definitly give it a try and report back to all. I know the amsterdam area a bit. Thanks
Sacandaga Lake From: don (, New jersey
Have any of you fished Sacandaga Lake (near Speculator) which is north of Great Sacandaga Lake? I'm going to be up at that lake for 2 weeks in July and could use some advice. Any tips out there? Thanks in advance.
saratoga lake fishing From: darin (, New jersey
Looking for information concerning how fishing has been on Saratoga lake. I will be going up in th next 2 weeks. If anyone can tell me water temp and water level would be great.
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