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Dukes Bridge From: Bob (, Indiana
Dukes Bridge? What Lake is this on?
dukes bridge From: trickwormer (, Indiana
Dukes Bridge is the public access for the West Lakes chain west of Rome City, consisting of Jones, Waldron, Steinbarger, and Tamerack lakes. The access is on stream about a mile down from the lakes.
Dukes Bridge From: Bob (, Indiana
Which Lake is the best for Bass? Are there any Smallies in this chain? Thanks, for any Info!!! Bob
dukes bridge From: trickwormer (, Indiana
I've haven't fished these lakes alot, but from what I have fished Waldron is the best. I have fished it in the spring more than any time. Waldron is where we caught this batch. And although it is not known for smallies yes there are smallies in there, in fact I caught one that night. Three years ago I caught about a 2.5#er on this lake on the same break we caught all these fish on. That was in late march. This lake has some very good breaks close to shore. Worms and Yamamoto work well in summer crank baits in the spring. There are some toothy critters in there too, some rather healthy one at that. Good luck.
Dukes Bridge From: Bob (, Indiana
Trickwormer, How do you work your trick worms? Thanks, Bob
Dukes Bridge From: Trickwormer (, Indiana
Bob, I rig them in a modified wacky style, which is the equivalent of a weedless wacky rig. With a nail weight inserted into the worm. Let it sink to the bottom and work slowly twitching gently trying to stay close to the bottom. Feeling for weeds working along the top of any weeds on the bottom. Pretty much working it like Texas rig. Do you plan on trying out this lake sometime pretty soon? Good luck.
Dukes Bridge From: Bob (, Indiana
Trickwormer, Yes I plan on going in a couple of weeks, I was looking at a Map of Waldron looks like alot of good breaks which side of the lake is the best? I'am strickly Catch and Release!!! Thank Ya Much! Bob
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