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Recent Reports from Registered Guides

  • Liberty lake, Washington From Austin Owens (ip on 5/27/2012
  • lake terrell, Washington From basslayer (ip on 5/15/2010
  • kapowsin, Washington From bankinbassbandit (ip on 1/26/2010
  • kapowsin lake, Washington From bankbassinbandit on 11/9/2009
  • Kapowsin, Washington From bankbassinbandit on 10/22/2009
  • Seattle area, Washington From Jighead (ip on 9/22/2009
  • Long Lk (Kitsap Co), Washington From JerryJ (ip on 6/3/2009
  • silver lake (cowlitz), Washington From lakex1 (ip on 5/17/2009
  • Long Lk (Kitsap Co), Washington From JerryJ (ip on 4/12/2009
  • Snake River, Washington From Evan (ip on 4/6/2009
  • Lake Kapowsin, Washington From twistun (ip on 6/22/2008
  • bosworth, Washington From Hogbuster (ip on 5/24/2008 (1 remark)
  • Lake Terrell, Washington From Randy L. Jones (ip on 5/22/2008
  • Spanaway Lake, Washington From Jason Brown (ip on 4/14/2008
  • Spanaway lake, Washington From Swamprat (ip on 11/5/2007
  • Newman Lk., Washington From Scott (ip on 11/4/2007 (1 remark)
  • kapowsin, Washington From clint farr (ip on 10/10/2007 (3 remarks)
  • Big Lake, Washington From JoeBoyd (ip on 9/21/2007
  • Columbia River, Washington From ikerboy (ip on 7/22/2007
  • Bay Lake, Washington From Larry (ip on 5/26/2007
  • Whatcon, Washington From borderbuck (ip on 5/22/2007
  • Lake Washington, Washington From Snohomike (ip on 5/20/2007
  • Lake Seren, Washington From Martin (ip on 5/20/2007
  • Kitsap Lake, Washington From Larry (ip on 4/22/2007 (3 remarks)
  • North King or Snohomish County, Washington From Andrew (ip on 4/9/2007 (3 remarks)
  • Fort Lewis Area, Washington From sight_fisher (ip on 4/9/2007 (3 remarks)
  • Lake Washington, Washington From . (ip on 4/5/2007 (1 remark)
  • Big Lake, Washington From Joel (ip on 4/5/2007
  • Fort Lewis Area (anybody out there), Washington From Sight_Fisher (ip on 4/4/2007 (6 remarks)
  • Lk Washington, Washington From Redchamp (ip on 4/1/2007
  • Lake Washington, Washington From Karen (ip on 3/27/2007 (1 remark)
  • No ones been out yet!?, Washington From Joel (ip on 3/20/2007
  • Clear Lake, Washington From Rebsboy (ip on 10/1/2006
  • Crabapple, Washington From Rapplaman (ip on 9/26/2006
  • Pend Oreillen between damnes, Washington From Sid (ip on 9/16/2006
  • long lake, Washington From matt (ip on 9/14/2006 (1 remark)
  • Columbia River, Washington From James (ip on 9/8/2006 (2 remarks)
  • Samish, Washington From borderbuck (ip on 8/30/2006
  • lake whatcom, Washington From northendbasser (ip on 8/23/2006 (2 remarks)
  • Lake Terrell, Washington From JoeBoyd (ip on 8/8/2006
  • Samish, Washington From Borderbuck (ip on 8/5/2006 (4 remarks)
  • Big Lake, Washington From borderbuck (ip on 8/1/2006
  • Lake Terrell, Washington From JoeBoyd (ip on 7/24/2006 (2 remarks)
  • Park lake , Washington From BassAholic (ip on 7/17/2006
  • Whatcom, Washington From The old guy (ip on 7/6/2006 (6 remarks)
  • Whatcom, Washington From JoeBoyd (ip on 7/1/2006
  • Kapowsin Lake, Washington From Paul Schwieger (ip on 6/15/2006 (3 remarks)
  • Snake River, Washington From Daniel (ip on 6/12/2006
  • Whatcom, Washington From Borderbuck (ip on 5/31/2006 (2 remarks)
  • <((((>< Silver Lake (cowlitz co.), Washington From Roger EX-Bass Guide (ip on 5/31/2006 (3 remarks)

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