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SUBJECT: # 3: Favorite boat & favorite motor

Submitted by Survey from VIRGINIA on 9/21/1999 12:17:00 PM

Cast a vote for your prefered rig.

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Current statistics for # 3: Favorite boat & favorite motor

Favorite Boat
1019 total

1082 total

What is a reasonable price range for a boat/motor/trailer
$10,000 to $14,999
$15,000 to $19,999
$20,000 to $24,999
$25,000 to $30,000
985 total

  1. 10/5/1999 8:29:00 PM Brian ( from ILLINOIS says Champion all the way
    Champion 203 with a 225 yammie.for all the triton bashing they are beating ranger and champion?25 to 30 thousand is fair.
  2. 10/10/1999 5:06:00 AM Bill From Omaha ( from NEBRASKA says Favorite rig is Ranger w/ OMC Intruder cause its Mine :)
    Why? Cause its mine.
  3. 10/5/1999 2:54:00 PM Virginia Pierce ( from TEXAS says Favorite Boat/Motor
    Skeeter Boat, Yamaha engine, price range $25,00-$35,000
  4. 12/2/1999 12:39:00 AM Mark ( from NEW MEXICO says Survey
    Ranger Boat with Merc, Nothing I have owned previous can come close, Period.
  5. 12/7/1999 10:36:00 PM James howard ( from TEXAS says obviously you dont own a champion
    If half of you knew a boat or how to operate a boat you would know that CHAMPION is the only way to fly. Get a life and quit wasting your time contesting the best. By the way it is not the boat that does the fish catching and from all i can see it not yall either. LATER LOSERS
  6. 12/9/1999 11:02:00 PM Terry ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Survey
    Stratos pro with a Evinrude; Quailty and performance. PS. Glad to be in N.C. Wouldn't know how to act around the best.
  7. 2/25/2000 12:36:00 AM Bass Cat Charlie ( from TEXAS says Best Boat
    Everyone has their right to their opionion. I guess that is why they take these surveys. For my money it wil be a Bass Cat with a Merc. bolted on. Been there done that, rode in most all of them. The proof is in the pudding and while you can't please all of the folks generally speaking, once a Bass Cat Owner, always a Bass Cat Owner. Built for fishermen by fishermen. Family, not corporate conglomerate, owned since day one some 28 years ago. Proof is in the pudding guys, take a ride in a Cat. Good Luck, Good Fishing and God Bless.
  8. 3/16/2000 11:02:00 AM Chris Childers ( from MISSOURI says best boat
    I enjoy MY boat. nothing special or fast it's just mine. paid for. as for the champion doing a 180 at 60 mph I can do 1 better. 21 ft Viper at 60 doing a 360 with me slowly sliding towards the drivers seat. WOW. didn't know that was possible. I'm impressed with the new boats but you still can't fish at 60+ mph, and the boats don't win tournies people do.
  9. 3/31/2000 10:07:00 AM Johnny M ( from MARYLAND says Best Rig
    I just took the survey for best rig. Is there any other boat besides a CHAMPION. I have been on many different brand boats and nothing performs like a CHAMPION.

    jOHNNY M.

    open for discussion and different viewpoints

  10. 4/30/2000 7:17:00 PM BobF from TEXAS says favortie
    Skeeter zx202 with 225 vmax or a champion 203 elite with 225 v max. Just woundering when do you ever have to do a 180 or 360 at 60 mph in a tournament.
  11. 5/21/2000 2:47:00 PM Carplips ( from MISSOURI says Best boat is in your driveway
    What good is a boat if you don't have it. Look out front and see what you have. Its the person in it that catches the fish. We all have opinions but no room for arrogance. I have respect for all your choices,hope they do what you want them to. Mine does, just wish I could afford another.
  12. 6/19/2000 9:15:00 AM Bill Gibson ( from TEXAS says Hydra-Sports w/Evenrude 150
    My favorite boat/motor is a Hydra-Sports 175 with a 150 Evenrude Intruder. Why? For several reasons, the most important of which is it is mine and paid for. I also love the ride, the handling, and the dependability. For the price it was the most boat I could get for my money while still getting a good quality boat, it may not do 70+ MPH (it will do 63 by GPS) but it gets me there and it catches fish behind the ones who got there first.
  13. 7/11/2000 3:25:00 PM ( from VIRGINIA says Cajun
    I have rode in many of boats and will continue to, but my boat is a '97 Ragin' Cajun. They don't make this boat anymore and I don't know why. This boat performs great for me and like most, it was affordable. If I had $36,000 or more to spend on a Triton TR-22, I probably would, but most fall in love with a boat that they have right now and can afford.

    The best boat that I have been in, is a 16' AluminiCraft Jon Boat, powered by 2 Minnkota Trolling motors at 40lb and 36lb thrust. No in- or outboard motor. Fished many tourneys in them with my partner (dad) and have won against many with those big bad boats, to include my own.

    Many of us on this survey have said, its not the boat nor the motor (speed) that wins tourneys or catches fish, its the fisherman.

  14. 7/18/2000 11:32:00 PM KeithinAL ( from ALABAMA says Allison
    have owned one and have to well made craft.
  15. 7/24/2000 10:31:00 PM Fishing Fool from GEORGIA says Triton - The only way to go ...
    Been fishing for 30 years. Fished many circuts, Won many tournaments. I have owned: Trackers, Procraft, Champions, Skeeters, Javlins, Stratos, Johns, Canoes ... You name it, damn near ive fished em. I can tell you from personal experience that NONE of them come close to the features of the triton. (The ride, performance, durability, tow, options, features, performance flotation) - Nothing compares. Although, duly noted, the Triton is MORE money than any of the others. For a specific reason. You get what you pay for. AND it seperates the men from the boys. But hey - if your happy getting wet in your wood built, wave gelcoat cracking tug, more power to ya. --Fishin Fool
  16. 8/20/2000 9:12:00 PM Scott W ( from KENTUCKY says Champion w/ Mercury
    My favorite boat and motor combo is one I don't even own a 203 Champion and a 225 Optimax. I'd love to own one but I think I'll keep my Bass Master w/ 200 Merc it's paid for.
  17. 8/28/2000 1:17:00 AM Chad Heitman ( from TEXAS says My Triton TX-21
    TX-21 with Merc 200 EFI Offshore. Fishes both bay and lakes. Two boats in one. That's the best boat.
  18. 9/29/2000 8:54:00 PM joe.e ( from GEORGIA says best or worst boats
    i bought a triton 180 sc in june of 1999 the snap pulled out of the aft platform seat the staples are coming out of the bulstering on the drivers seat to say the least I'm not impressed with triton the hull seams sound and the merc on the back has been fairly good eccept for a loose bolt on the starter.
  19. 1/24/2001 11:37:00 AM OrigBassAckwards from NORTH CAROLINA says Best one... IS the boat YOU own!!!!
    Have owned Ranger & Winner over the last 30+ years but the best boat is the one you own. It gets you there and that's what it's supposed to do.. If it didn't work you'd get a different boat and/or motor... Someone said that the Champion handled so well.. They really do turn flat but they weigh more than other boats of the same size... The Cajun was a great boat but Irwin Jacobs..Genmar Boats didn't keep it going through the thin times, and Cajun has has quuite a few thin times since the mid 80's... PS. Genmar owns Ranger too... Sprint are good boats also and value priced.... Take a look.... It depends on where and how you fish which boats are the best.. BUT I still say "THE ONE YOU OWN IS THE BEST" 2CENTS worth
  20. 12/30/1999 11:10:00 AM Joe Bush ( from TEXAS says obviously you dont own a TRITON!!!
    Had a stratos and ridden in rabgers and champions, by far my Triton beats them hands down for value and quality. the BEST boat i ever owned, eevn though I'm in Korea right now and unable to fish :(
  21. 1/1/2000 10:11:00 PM jeff ( from COLORADO says any rig you own yourself
    dont be a window shopper if you already have one be happy and enjoy what you gets you to the fish and from the fish.....
  22. 1/5/2000 4:54:00 PM Triton Marty ( from LOUISIANA says Triton & Yamaha....of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is there anything else????????????????
  23. 1/12/2000 5:08:00 PM JuneBug ( from VIRGINIA says Best Boat
    The one I have cuz the wife wont let me get another!!!
  24. 1/22/2000 9:41:00 PM Scott Gilmore ( from MICHIGAN says The ONLY way to fly !
    Allison/Mercury.........James Howard ?? EAT MY WAKE LOSER !! Scott
  25. 1/24/2000 2:00:00 AM Master Striper Fisher ( from MARYLAND says Triton TR-22 with a 300 Mercury Pro Max and a Minn Kota 101 Monster Max
  26. 1/25/2000 8:28:00 PM Scott L. ( from MAINE says Don't try this at home!
    I have personally been a passenger while a Champion owner with a Yamaha 150 did a 180 degree turn at 60+ mph! The boat turned like it was on rails. No skidding or steep tipping. I almost broke my wrists hanging on. That my friends is convincing! If anyone knows of another boat that can do that. Let me know. Scott-
  27. 2/12/2000 7:33:00 PM cobra ( from ARKANSAS says cobras by viper
    cobra boats will make the same hard turns as the champions.
  28. 5/23/2000 7:54:00 PM Paul Legros ( from WISCONSIN says Buy a 21'or bigger!!!! TRITON!!!!!
    I dont care what you think or own,but buy a 21' or bigger if you can afford it.I had a 19'peter sketer never again.I can take on the big waves and never fell them.Also if your looking for xtra cash sell me your old fishing lures paying top dollar!!!!
  29. 2/1/2001 3:55:00 PM bass23 ( from California says 17 foot fiberglass johnboat with 40hp(boats rated for 7hp)
    you wanna talk bout speed and turning on a dime.I got all you sparkly paint job boys whipped!My boat does 47 mph with a full load livewell full and all big fish in it.Not to mention the boat a.k.a.- The blue bomb gets better gas mileage than any of you. 6 gallon tank will last me 2 or 3 trips and then some.Now mind you the boat is rated for a 7 hp and I don't recommend this to any of you unless your dad is an engineer as mine is.Some minor structoral improvements,not to mention the slab of steel to keep the transom from all that flexing. Yep that's me all you stare at while I leave a 10 foot roostertail in your face!
  30. 3/18/2001 8:10:00 PM BassinMan ( from VIRGINIA says The Best Boat is the One You Own
    I have a relatively rare boat. A Fisher FIBERGLASS bass boat. It does 60 mph with a 150. 18 feet long. I personally had never heard of a fiberglass Fisher until I got mine. It runs great and gets me there so thats all that matters.
  31. 7/26/2001 5:41:00 PM speedy ( from ALABAMA says love my bullet
    I've owned a champ,stratos,ranger and,a bullet all but the stratos was powered by a merc. My bullet and merc combination is by far better than anything else I've owned.
  32. 10/31/2001 11:45:00 AM bigmar175 ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Champion boats
    I have rode in them all and I havent seen a 20 footer of any brand ride any better than my 19 foot Champion.Last year I fished the Northern Regionals on Kerr Lake and out of 250 boats only two went out of nutbush because it was so rough.I was one of the two boats and the other was a triton.In 5ft swells me and my partner stayed dry,never punched a wave,and got to our spot in one piece.The triton took several waves and overheated because he couldnt keep his outboard out of the waves.I have absolutley tried to break my boat in half for the last 7 years and do not have a single crack in the gelcoat.There is nobody who is more demanding of their equipment and if it lasts me this long it should last most 3 lifetimes.
  33. 10/15/2002 8:32:00 PM HookChucker ( from TENNESSEE says Best Boat Motor Trailer
    Best boats are Lunds and Alumnacrafts! Best motors are Yamaha and Mercury! Best trailer is one setting in a ramp parking lot waiting for the fisherman to get back!
  34. 12/7/2002 5:35:00 PM Ibhuffy1 ( from TEXAS says Best Boat
    ALLISON XB2003T WITH 225PROMAX SS....first to the fishing hole and last to leave...wave as I pass you by...LOL
  35. 6/1/2003 7:28:00 PM Mark ( from TEXAS says ?? 1st Boat.. opionions
    looking for advice on how to approach a first boat? Triton, Ranger, Skeeter, champion? Evenrude, Honda, Mercury,Yamaha?

    Last boat in 1984 18 charger.yikes huh I dont care what I spend but savings is always good. I plan to keep this boat awhile at least 7 years, so i want to be happy!

    Im leaning towards a used decked out 2001 R91 Ranger for $20000, w 200 merc..I have not been it yet..

    its very hot already here in North Texas.. I saw a triton 21pd bass special with a honda 225 that i kinda liked.. Champion is the same is stratos isnt it? I also liked a Champion on a webpage not sure the price it had a yamaha 200 on it..

    I would be entering tourniments! Also I am in texas flat windy choppy lakes.

    appreciate the help fellows! Best Wishes and God Bless Mark

  36. 5/10/2005 3:49:00 PM Norb ( from PENNSYLVANIA says Best Boat Monark
    I just purchased a 17 1/2' Monark Tracer with a 90 Merc and it is a fantastic boat. I'm able to hit the 50 MPH and that's plenty fast for me. It does great on gas also. Very roomy and plenty of storage (2 rod lockers and 2 live wells ) Also handles very well and the ride is smooth.
  37. 1/6/2006 11:18:00 PM NCchampion ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Campion - The Name Says it All
    Best riding boat on the water. Takes the rough water great and is one sweet ride to get you to those sweet spots on the lake. I have a 19 foot with a 200 mercury and I'll be a Champion owner for life.
  38. 2/6/2001 4:27:00 PM championoh from OHIO says My second Champion Boat and Mercury Motor
    My first Champion, and Mercury I owned for 13yrs. It was a 16foot 8inch model with a Mercury XR-2 150hp, It would run with most the 200hp boats. For a small boat it would run well in rough water. After 13yrs I figured I couldn't go wrong with buying another Champion and Mercury. I bought a 203 Champion and a 225 EFI Mercury. After fishing out of it for one year I know I did the right thing. It is a very smooth ride, and handles great, also very fast. P.S Im not a Champion,Mercury dealer just a very satisfied Champion,Mercury owner.
  39. 1/26/2006 9:34:00 PM icatchlargebass ( from TEXAS says Ranger/Merc still the best combo!
    Most of the state of Texas has been in a burn ban due to no rain and high sustained winds. Is it coincidental that most boats seen on the water at Lake Fork are Rangers? I think not. Maybe Ranger owners are the only serious hardcore anglers or others simply cannot trust their flimsy assets. Based on the frequency of repeat queries by the same people, how can you be fishing anyway? I do believe that the Basscat and Champion are a very close second! Gotta go now, you can see me at Lake Fork tomorrow morning in the upper end of Birch Creek even though rain and wind is in the forecast!
  40. 7/4/2006 1:49:00 PM Ragin cajun ( from MICHIGAN says Cajun owns
    1994 cajun 20' 200hp johnson venom bored out .40 over wiesco pistons and many more goodies 78 mph rides like a cadillac at full speed. Spanks all tritons, champions, skeeters, rangers, you name it ill blow it out of the water. Seperates men from boys...... lol keep your $35,000 dollar triton buddie ill see you at the fishin hole while your starin at my rooster tail ;) peace
  41. 1/27/2008 3:07:00 PM Champion135 #10737 from ARKANSAS says Baot, Motor ,Price
    Champion Boats , Mercury Motors , and good used prices under $15000.00
  42. 9/29/2010 4:02:00 PM KENNETH1920 from NORTH CAROLINA says Best boat
    2000 stratos 22 ex/stream 2009 e-tec 250 ho cant beat the ride nor speed pound for pound ........

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