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    Boiling batteries
from NealO. (  
3/20/1999 2:17:00 AM


 I've got a new boat with "Pro-Guide Striker" batteries and a DualPro Charger. With the weather like it is, I've only had the boat out 3 times (~5 hours) and have run the trolling motor about 30 minutes total. I always "plug-in" as soon as I get home. Since this last trip, I've noticed the charger running a lot. It will charge the batteries, shut off, then a couple hours later be charging one or both of them again. During a "charge" cycle, the water in the batteries is boiling. This has me concerned, so I'm unplugging the charger when I'm not home. All the switches are off and trolling motor unplugged. My questions are as follows:

Who makes these batteries?

Are they "cheap" and need to be replaced before leaving me stranded?

Is my charger defective causing the batteries to boil?

Or, is everything OK and I'm just being paranoid?

TIA, NealO.

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   Boiling batteries?????? from Charlie (  3/20/1999 7:23:00 AM
 Two things make a battery boil---fast charging rate or fast discharge rate. we recently had the same problem on our trolling motor batteries which are set up in series for twentyfour volt operation. we noticed the trolling motor was a little sluggish on our last trip and thought maybe we didn't get a full charge before our trip? when we got back first thing after washing the boat down---- put the charger "on". about an hour latter we heard a noise and discovered one of the trolling motor batteries boiling and creeking??? as it turned out, one battery had a cell shorted out and we were actually getting about 22 volts to the trolling motor. we then charged the (now 10 volt battery) battery with a 12 volt charger. this causes a high charging rate and causes the boiling of the electrolyte. you need to check your batteries with a load checker. as far as getting stranded---- always have separate systems for auxillary power and engine starting power. batteries are like fishin reels--- none of them "cheap" just more expensive than others. bass pro has some they call "light weight" for $283.00 but i can't get them off the shelf or maybe in the back of my head i see myself buying a $58.00 deep cycle marine battery with 850 amp hour rating and then back to bass pro with the left over money for maybe another chronarch baitcaster?????? good luck and good fishing
   batteries from Stephen (  3/20/1999 7:45:00 AM
 To convert water into an energy storage media the two atoms of hydrogen must be released into the atmosphere. The bubbling you hear (some people think it's boiling) is the two hydrogen atoms being released. This is a normal occurence however when the batteries are charged the unit should shut off. I suggest buying a specific gravity tester from Walmart for $1.00 and check each cell. I suspect you have one bad cell so your charger sees the battery as needing a charger however really only one cell is bad which causes all the other cells to be overcharged. I hope this helps. Take Care and see ya on the water.
   Just A Safety Concern from Thom (  3/20/1999 9:20:00 AM

Those two atoms of hydrogen that Stephen mentions would be more than happy to recombine with an oxygen atom and all the introduction they need to do it is the spark from a switch kicking in, or some static electricity, or something similar and when they do they will announce that they have by making a large boom sort of sound which may well leave you with a battery with a big hole in its side and a lot of sulpheric acid all over the place. Ventilate! Be very careful of exploding batterys when they boil. Oh, boiling a battery real good (and heating it up substantially in the process) is the quick ticket to a worthless hunk of lead.


   Thanks from NealO. (  3/20/1999 11:07:00 PM
 Thanks guys. I'm glad to know that the "boiling" is OK. Does anyone know who makes these batteries? I've searched the net, but can't find any reference to this brand by any of the 'major' companies.

Thanks again, NealO.



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